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    September 2023
  1. PIALOT B, Augeul L, Petrusca L, Varray F, et al
    A simplified and accelerated implementation of SVD for filtering ultrafast power Doppler images.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107099.
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  2. CORTELA G, Pereira WCA, Negreira C, Benech N, et al
    Quadratic versus linear models to estimate the mean scattering spacing as a function of temperature in ex-vivo tissue.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107077.
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    August 2023
  3. HSIEH ZH, Fan CH, Lin YC, Yeh CK, et al
    Electrowetting-driven liquid lens for ultrasound: Enabling controllable focal length and flexible beam steering.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107147.
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  4. DELIBAS B, Koc B
    Single crystal piezoelectric motor operating with both inertia and ultrasonic resonance drives.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;136:107140.
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  5. PARK SH, Chung J, Yi K, Sohn H, et al
    Full-range stress-strain curve estimation of aluminum alloys using machine learning-aided ultrasound.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107146.
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  6. DU P, Chen W, Deng J, Zhang S, et al
    A critical review of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers for ultrasonic-assisted precision machining.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107145.
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  7. MENTO F, Perini M, Malacarne C, Demi L, et al
    Ultrasound multifrequency strategy to estimate the lung surface roughness, in silico and in vitro results.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107143.
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  8. HONG S, Son G
    Numerical investigation of ultrasound focusing and bubble collapse.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107133.
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  9. ISHII Y, Biwa S
    Ultrasonic evaluation of ply and interleaf layer properties of interleaved composite laminates.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107135.
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  10. ZHANG C, Chen B, Li H, Liu X, et al
    Propagation characteristics of ultrasonic in SLM manufactured AlSi10Mg.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107134.
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  11. HE J, Zhu Y, Wu C, Wu J, et al
    Transcranial ultrasound neuromodulation facilitates isoflurane-induced general anesthesia recovery and improves cognition in mice.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107132.
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  12. PREMANAND A, Balle F
    Stress and strain calculation method for orthotropic polymer composites under axial and bending ultrasonic fatigue loads.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107130.
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  13. SUN YJ, Gong H, Gui SY, Yuan SM, et al
    Towards understanding the cutting temperature in ultrasonic vibration-assisted drilling based on the dynamic contact characteristics between the cutting edge and workpiece.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107131.
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  14. VERMA B, Belanger P
    An alternative Rayleigh wave excitation method using an ultrasonic phased array.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107121.
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  15. WEI S, Zou P, Fang L, Duan J, et al
    Microstructure evolution of medium carbon steel during heat-assisted 3D ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107129.
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  16. LIM WTH, Ooi EH, Foo JJ, Ng KH, et al
    The role of shear viscosity as a biomarker for improving chronic kidney disease detection using shear wave elastography: A computational study using a validated finite element model.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107046.
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  17. ROSNITSKIY PB, Tsysar SA, Karzova MM, Buravkov SV, et al
    Pilot ex vivo study on non-thermal ablation of human prostate adenocarcinoma tissue using boiling histotripsy.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107029.
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  18. MULLER JW, Schwab HM, Wu M, Rutten MCM, et al
    Enabling strain imaging in realistic Eulerian ultrasound simulation methods.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107127.
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    July 2023
  19. PHILLIPS N, Remedios SW, Nikolaidou A, Baracskai Z, et al
    No ultrasounds detected from fungi when dehydrated.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107111.
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  20. JIANG C, Li B, Xie L, Liu C, et al
    Ray theory-based compounded plane wave ultrasound imaging for aberration corrected transcranial imaging: Phantom experiments and simulations.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107124.
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  21. COLOM M, Ricci P, Duocastella M
    Rapid quantification of 3D ultrasound fields with wavefront sensing and Schlieren tomography.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107115.
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  22. YAO G, Wu F, Lucas M, Zheng L, et al
    Effect of longitudinal-bending elliptical ultrasonic vibration assistance on electrosurgical cutting and hemostasis.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107113.
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  23. BAI L, Guo C, Ye T, Xu J, et al
    Ultrasonic array imaging of porosity defects with contrast enhancement based on dominant response subtraction.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107109.
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  24. PEREZ N, Matuda MY, Buiochi F, Adamowski JC, et al
    Self-compensation methodology for ultrasonic thickness gauges.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107105.
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  25. XU C, Gao G, Deng M
    Lamb wave based damage imaging under nonlinear chirp excitation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107108.
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  26. LU Y, Fan K, Yuan J, Chen Y, et al
    Free scan real time 3D ultrasound imaging with shading artefacts removal.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107091.
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  27. LAUX D, Chabanol G, Sapey G, Ferrandis JY, et al
    Shear and longitudinal attenuations and quality factors of poly(methyl metacrylate) (PMMA) from 20 kHz to 12 MHz investigation with ultrasonic spectroscopy.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107104.
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  28. SEO K, Zhang Y, Toyota T, Hayashi H, et al
    Release of liposomally formulated near-infrared fluorescent probes included in giant cluster vesicles by ultrasound irradiation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107102.
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  29. ZHANG Q, Liu X, Chang J, Lu M, et al
    Ultrasound image segmentation using Gamma combined with Bayesian model for focused-ultrasound-surgery lesion recognition.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107103.
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    Real-time monitoring of focused ultrasound therapy using intelligence-based thermography: A feasibility study.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107100.
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    June 2023
  31. NGUON LS, Park S
    Extended aperture image reconstruction for plane-wave imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107096.
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  32. JI F, Qin X, Ni M, Hu Z, et al
    Effect of ultrasonic intensity on microstructure and mechanical properties of steel alloy in direct energy deposition-Arc.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107090.
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  33. NGUYEN M, Zhao N, Xu Y, Tavakkoli JJ, et al
    Decorrelated compounding of synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging to detect low contrast thermal lesions induced by focused ultrasound.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107098.
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  34. RAO J, Zeng L, Liu M, Fu H, et al
    Ultrasonic defect detection of high-density polyethylene pipe materials using FIR filtering and block-wise singular value decomposition.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107088.
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  35. SUN Z, Geng D, Meng F, Zhou L, et al
    High performance drilling of T800 CFRP composites by combining ultrasonic vibration and optimized drill structure.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107097.
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  36. WANG Q, Lai MW, Bin G, Ding Q, et al
    MBR-Net: A multi-branch residual network based on ultrasound backscattered signals for characterizing pediatric hepatic steatosis.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;135:107093.
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  37. HERBISON S, Dubey P, Declercq NF
    Ultrasonic examination of a thin, textured metal plate with Penrose tile structure consisting of pitched indentations.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107094.
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  38. RAHMATI M, Toufigh V, Keyvan K
    Monitoring of crack healing in geopolymer concrete using a nonlinear ultrasound approach in phase-space domain.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107095.
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  39. AFSHARI M, Arezoo B
    Study of modal properties of a typical ultrasonic stack with numerical and experimental modal analysis.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107083.
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  40. ADUSEI S, Ternifi R, Fatemi M, Alizad A, et al
    Custom-made flow phantoms for quantitative ultrasound microvessel imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107092.
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  41. BILODEAU M, Amyot FA, Masson P, Quaegebeur N, et al
    Real-time ultrasound phase imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107086.
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  42. WANG P, Chen J, Shen Y, Li Q, et al
    Low complexity adaptive ultrasound image beamformer combined with improved multiphase apodization with cross-correlation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107084.
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  43. XU Q, Wang H, Tian G, Ma X, et al
    Compressive sensing of ultrasonic array data with full matrix capture in nozzle welds inspection.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107085.
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  44. SINGH RANA R, Singh I, Kumar Sharma A
    Ultrasonic welding of printed/molded sustainable polymer specimens with energy directors.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107078.
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  45. LUO W, Pi J, Jiang T, Shen Z, et al
    Radial-torsional vibration conversion ultrasonic transducer based on radial chute disc.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107079.
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  46. LIANG S, Wang L
    A study of wide unfocused wavefront for convex-array ultrasound imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107080.
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  47. BINPENG Z, Yan L, Jie G, Guorong S, et al
    Ultrasonic characterization of multi-layered porous lithium-ion battery structure for state of charge.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107060.
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  48. REN X, Zhou Q, Huang J, Xu Z, et al
    Holographic generation of arbitrary ultrasonic fields by simultaneous modulation of amplitude and phase.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107074.
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  49. SHIN EJ, Park S, Kang S, Kim J, et al
    Improving the quality of ultrasound images acquired using a therapeutic transducer.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107063.
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  50. LI Y, Li H, Wu F, Luo J, et al
    Semi-supervised learning improves the performance of cardiac event detection in echocardiography.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107058.
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  51. OZKAN A, Esmeli K
    Use of ultrasonic treatment as a pre-phase in the shear flocculation process.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107052.
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  52. LI F, Zou F, Rao J
    A multi-GPU and CUDA-aware MPI-based spectral element formulation for ultrasonic wave propagation in solid media.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107049.
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  53. CHANDRA MALLICK B, Chang HY, Chen GS
    A new method for characterizing piezoelectric properties of hexagonal boron nitride nanoflakes activated by focused ultrasound.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107048.
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    May 2023
  54. SHU YC, Lo YC, Chiu HC, Chen LR, et al
    Deep learning algorithm for predicting subacromial motion trajectory: Dynamic shoulder ultrasound analysis.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107057.
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  55. MALEKIPOUR E, Sharifi E
    Effect of high-power ultrasonic vibration on the flexible bending process of thin-walled circular tubes: Numerical and experimental research.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107059.
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  56. YANG Z, Zou P, Zhou L, Wang X, et al
    Research on the influence of stress wave on crack and chip formation mechanism in radial ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107054.
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  57. BURMEISTER M, Kerscher E
    Investigation of the stress reduction and temperature increase due to ultrasonic vibrations with different amplitudes during compression tests of steels with varying specimen sizes.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107053.
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  58. WU W, Shan Z, Qiang Y, Zhou M, et al
    Transient viscoelastic heating characteristics of polyethene under high frequency hammering during ultrasonic plasticizing.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107055.
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  59. SPATARELU CP, Jandhyala S, Luke GP
    Dual-drug loaded ultrasound-responsive nanodroplets for on-demand combination chemotherapy.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107056.
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  60. NAHAS H, Yiu BYS, Chee AJY, Au JS, et al
    Deep-learning-assisted and GPU-accelerated vector Doppler imaging with aliasing-resistant velocity estimation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107050.
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  61. NOWACKI B, Mistewicz K, Hajra S, Joon Kim H, et al
    3D printed triboelectric nanogenerator for underwater ultrasonic sensing.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107045.
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  62. UHLIG S, Alkhasli I, Schubert F, Tschope C, et al
    A review of synthetic and augmented training data for machine learning in ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;134:107041.
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  63. LUO X, Jiang J, Wu H, Li M, et al
    The influences of finite aperture size in photoacoustic computed tomography.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107042.
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  64. LEI S, Zhang C, Zhu B, Gao Z, et al
    In vivo ocular microvasculature imaging in rabbits with 3D ultrasound localization microscopy.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107022.
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  65. ZHANG G, Li X, Kundu T
    Ordinary state-based peri-ultrasound modeling to study the effects of multiple cracks on the nonlinear response of plate structures.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107028.
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  66. SVILAINIS L, Chaziachmetovas A, Kaskonas P, Gomez Alvarez-Arenas TE, et al
    Ultrasonic needle hydrophone calibration in air by a parabolic off-axis mirror focused beam using three-transducer reciprocity.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107025.
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  67. ALESHIN VV, Verma R, Truyaert K
    Modeling for nonlinear acoustic imaging of an isolated crack via standing waves in a 2D solid.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107023.
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    April 2023
  68. LIU Y, Wang X, Oliveira JP, He J, et al
    Spatial and directional characterization of wire and arc additive manufactured aluminum alloy using phased array ultrasonic backscattering method.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107024.
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  69. WANG L, Wang H, Liang L, Li J, et al
    Physics-informed neural networks for transcranial ultrasound wave propagation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107026.
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  70. YANG Z, Yang H, Tian T, Deng D, et al
    A review in guided-ultrasonic-wave-based structural health monitoring: From fundamental theory to machine learning techniques.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107014.
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  71. RAHMAN R, Alam MGR, Reza MT, Huq A, et al
    Demystifying evidential Dempster Shafer-based CNN architecture for fetal plane detection from 2D ultrasound images leveraging fuzzy-contrast enhancement and explainable AI.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107017.
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  72. YUE J, Hong X, Zhang B
    An intelligent colony optimization imaging method for composites health monitoring using ultrasonic guided wave.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107019.
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  73. JIANG W, Xie Q, Qin Y, Ye X, et al
    A novel method for spine ultrasound and X-ray radiograph registration.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107018.
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  74. LIANG M, Liu J, Guo C, Zong Y, et al
    Velocity field estimation in transcranial small vessel using super-resolution ultrasound imaging velocimetry.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107016.
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  75. MOLINIER N, Painchaud-April G, Le Duff A, Toews M, et al
    Ultrasonic imaging using conditional generative adversarial networks.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;133:107015.
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  76. ZOU K, Yue Q, Li J, Zhang W, et al
    High-performance ultrasonic transducer based on PZT piezoelectric ceramic for high-temperature NDE.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107013.
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    Retraction notice to "Guided ultrasonic wave-based investigation on the transient response in an axisymmetric viscoelastic cylindrical waveguide" [Ultrasonics 117 (2021) 106543].
    Ultrasonics. 2023 Apr 13:106990. doi: 10.1016/j.ultras.2023.106990.
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  78. KHOKHLOVA TD, Wang YN, Son H, Totten S, et al
    Chronic effects of pulsed high intensity focused ultrasound aided delivery of gemcitabine in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106993.
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  79. WU X, Li Y, Su C, Li P, et al
    Ultrasound computed tomography based on full waveform inversion with source directivity calibration.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107004.
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  80. RAN QY, Miao J, Zhou SP, Hua SH, et al
    Automatic 3-D spine curve measurement in freehand ultrasound via structure-aware reinforcement learning spinous process localization.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107012.
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  81. KIM H, Song I, Kang J, Yoo Y, et al
    Phase aberration correction for ultrasound imaging guided extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT): Feasibility study.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107011.
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  82. GUO X, Ta D, Xu K
    Frame rate effects and their compensation on super-resolution microvessel imaging using ultrasound localization microscopy.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107009.
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  83. SASMAL S, Basu S, Himakar CVV, Kundu T, et al
    Detection of interface flaws in Concrete-FRP composite structures using linear and nonlinear ultrasonics based techniques.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107007.
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  84. JAFARZADEH E, Demore CE, Burns PN, Goertz DE, et al
    Spatially segmented SVD clutter filtering in cardiac blood flow imaging with diverging waves.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107006.
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  85. XIE L, Zhang S, Wang L, Cheng C, et al
    Modeling ultrasonic wave fields scattered by flaws using a quasi-Monte Carlo method: Theoretical method and experimental verification.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107002.
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  86. LIANG S, Lu M
    Advanced Fourier migration for Plane-Wave vector flow imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:107001.
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    March 2023
  87. LI F, Huang C, Zhang X, Wang C, et al
    Structure of bubble cluster adjacent to the water surface in the ultrasonic field.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106992.
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  88. KHAN U, Afrakhteh S, Mento F, Fatima N, et al
    Benchmark methodological approach for the application of artificial intelligence to lung ultrasound data from COVID-19 patients: From frame to prognostic-level.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106994.
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  89. PLOIX MA, Gueudre C, Corneloup G, Baque F, et al
    A new retroreflector named "quatriplan" based on the corner-cube principle, for advanced ultrasonic telemetry applications.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106999.
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  90. WANG Z, Jiang F, Guo C, Xing X, et al
    Effects of ultrasonic vibration on microstructure and mechanical properties of 1Cr12Ni3MoVN alloy fabricated by directed energy deposition.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106989.
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  91. AGHAEI H, Penkov GM, Solomoichenko DA, Toorajipour A, et al
    Density-dependent relationship between changes in ultrasonic wave velocities, effective stress, and petrophysical-elastic properties of sandstone.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106985.
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  92. WU X, Lv K, Wu S, Tai DI, et al
    Parallelized ultrasound homodyned-K imaging based on a generalized artificial neural network estimator.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106987.
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  93. CHEN Y, Sun S, Zhou X, He M, et al
    Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and parathyroid hormone improve muscle atrophy in estrogen deficiency mice.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106984.
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  94. ANTONIOU A, Spanoudes K, Damianou C
    Treatment of mammary cancer with focused ultrasound: A pilot study in canine and feline patients.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106974.
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  95. WASIH M, Ahmad S, Almekkawy M
    A robust cascaded deep neural network for image reconstruction of single plane wave ultrasound RF data.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106981.
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  96. FEUILLARD G, Achdjian H, Richard T, Vander Meulen F, et al
    Development of a flush ultrasonic probe for the measurement of the velocity and the angle of attack of an aircraft.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106969.
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  97. LV D, Chen G, Liu D, Xu H, et al
    High-frequency vibration effects on material removal mechanisms in ultrasonic transverse scratching of carbon fiber reinforced plastics.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106979.
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  98. BAKAR AHA, Legg M, Konings D, Alam F, et al
    The effects of dispersion on time-of-flight acoustic velocity measurements in a wooden rod.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;129:106912.
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  99. DENG M, Zhou L, Chen Z, Yuan G, et al
    An ex-vivo validation of the modulus-length framework to characterize passive elastic properties of skeletal muscle.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;129:106904.
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    February 2023
  100. ZHANG X, Wang Q
    Improving lateral resolution and contrast by combining coherent plane-wave compounding with adaptive weighting for medical ultrasound imaging.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106972.
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  101. ZHOU X, Sun S, Chen Y, Liu C, et al
    Pulsed frequency modulated ultrasound promotes therapeutic effects of osteoporosis induced by ovarian failure in mice.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106973.
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  102. GENG X, Zhang C, Zhou B, Zhang J, et al
    Experiment and simulation for ultrasonic wave propagation in multiple-particle reinforced composites.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106971.
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  103. JORGENSEN LT, Stuart MB, Jensen JA
    Transverse oscillation tensor velocity imaging using a row-column addressed array: Experimental validation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106962.
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  104. LIU Z, Fu Q, Yang P, Dong Z, et al
    Design and performance evaluation of a miniature I-shaped linear ultrasonic motor with two vibrators.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106965.
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  105. THON SH, Austeng A, Hansen RE
    Point detection in textured ultrasound images.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106968.
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  106. ANTONIOU A, Nikolaou A, Georgiou A, Evripidou N, et al
    Development of an US, MRI, and CT imaging compatible realistic mouse phantom for thermal ablation and focused ultrasound evaluation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106955.
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  107. SOLODOV I, Kornely M, Philipp J, Stammen E, et al
    Linear vs nonlinear ultrasonic testing of kissing bonds in adhesive joints.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106967.
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  108. TITOV SA, Burlakov AB, Zinin PV, Bogachenkov AN, et al
    Measurement of ultrasound velocity in yolk and blastula of fish embryo in vivo.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;132:106963.
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  109. ZHANG S, Chen Z, Wu H, Li G, et al
    Bone cutting processes and removal behaviors in orthopedic surgery with an ultrasonic orthopedic scalpel.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106966.
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  110. LI H, Deng J, Liu Y
    Experimental research on the evolution characteristics of a bending hybrid ultrasonic motor during long-time operation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106957.
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  111. WANG J, He Y, Zhang C, Gu L, et al
    A unified model for large-scale thickness measurement of lubricating film based on ultrasonic lag phase slope.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106956.
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  112. NOWROTH C, Grajczak J, Schmelt A, Nothdurft S, et al
    Feasibility study on multifrequency excitation of the melt pool during ultrasonic-assisted laser beam welding.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106954.
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  113. JIANG Y, Yuan M, Ji X, Zhang Y, et al
    Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of the bonding strength of polyurethane coatings based on feedforward comb filtering effect.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106960.
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  114. HAN Y, Yang K, Chen J, Wu E, et al
    Ultrasonic imaging through reverberation media.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106959.
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  115. JALILIAN H, Afrakhteh S, Iacca G, Demi L, et al
    Increasing frame rate of echocardiography based on a novel 2D spatio-temporal meshless interpolation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106953.
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  116. SCHLUNK S, Hsi R, Byram B
    Enhancing sizing accuracy in ultrasound images with an alternative ADMIRE model and dynamic range considerations.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106952.
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  117. GATTIN M, Bochud N, Rosi G, Grossman Q, et al
    Ultrasonic bandgaps in viscoelastic 1D-periodic media: Mechanical modeling and experimental validation.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106951.
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  118. YU H, Chen S, Liu J, Wang L, et al
    Development of a novel radial-torsional hollow ultrasonic motor and contact interface coating test.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106950.
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  119. MEE-INTA O, Hsieh CF, Chen DQ, Fan CH, et al
    High-frequency ultrasound imaging for monitoring the function of meningeal lymphatic system in mice.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106949.
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  120. VAN HAL VHJ, Muller JW, van Sambeek MRHM, Lopata RGP, et al
    An aberration correction approach for single and dual aperture ultrasound imaging of the abdomen.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106936.
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  121. RAO J, Tao Y, Sun Y, Miao C, et al
    Detection of defects in highly attenuating materials using ultrasonic least-squares reverse time migration with preconditioned stochastic gradient descent.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106930.
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  122. TENG D, Liu L, Xiang Y, Xuan FZ, et al
    An optimized total focusing method based on delay-multiply-and-sum for nondestructive testing.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;128:106881.
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  123. CHEN Y, Xiong Z, Kong Q, Ma X, et al
    Circular statistics vector for improving coherent plane wave compounding image in Fourier domain.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;128:106856.
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  124. SEONI S, Matrone G, Meiburger KM
    Texture analysis of ultrasound images obtained with different beamforming techniques and dynamic ranges - A robustness study.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106940.
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    January 2023
  125. TANG Y, Lin S
    Analysis on electric impedance-controlled active ultrasonic horn in radial vibration.
    Ultrasonics. 2023;131:106938.
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    >> Share

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    >> Share

    December 2021
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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

    November 2021
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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

    October 2021
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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

    September 2021
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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

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    >> Share

    August 2021
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    >> Share

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    Non-contact imaging of subsurface defects using a scanning laser source.
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    >> Share

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