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15 August 2022

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Lang AE, Siderowf AD, Macklin EA, Poewe W, et al.
    Trial of Cinpanemab in Early Parkinson's Disease.
    N Engl J Med 2022;387:408-420.

  1. Pagano G, Taylor KI, Anzures-Cabrera J, Marchesi M, et al.
    Trial of Prasinezumab in Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease.
    N Engl J Med 2022;387:421-432.

  2. Daily JP, Minuti A, Khan N.
    Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Malaria in the US: A Review.
    JAMA 2022;328:460-471.

  3. Bolliri C, Fontana A, Cereda E, Barichella M, et al.
    Gut Microbiota in Monozygotic Twins Discordant for Parkinson's Disease.
    Ann Neurol 2022.

  4. Perinan MT, Brolin K, Bandres-Ciga S, Blauwendraat C, et al.
    Effect modification between genes and environment, and Parkinson's disease risk.
    Ann Neurol 2022.

  1. Shin JW, He Q, Suk YJ, Kim SH, et al.
    Comparison of the efficacy between sequential therapy with teriparatide and denosumab and denosumab monotherapy in suppressing fragility fracture risk.
    Osteoporos Int 2022.

  2. Cohen J.
    Antibiotic after sex could help curb infections.
    Science 2022;377:459.

  3. Chiu WT, Campozano V, Schiefecker A, Rodriguez DR, et al.
    Management Of Refractory Status Epilepticus: An International COhort stuDy (MORSE CODe) Analysis of Patients Managed in the ICU.
    Neurology 2022.

  4. Handa S, Lee JO, Derkach A, Stone RM, et al.
    Long Term Outcomes in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Hairy Cell Leukemia Treated with Vemurafenib Monotherapy.
    Blood 2022.

  5. Stone MB, Yaseen ZS, Miller BJ, Richardville K, et al.
    Response to acute monotherapy for major depressive disorder in randomized, placebo controlled trials submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration: individual participant data analysis.
    BMJ 2022;378:e067606.

  1. Kumar M, Shaikh S, Sinha B, Upadhyay RP, et al.
    Enteral Vitamin D Supplementation in Preterm or Low Birth Weight Infants: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Pediatrics 2022;150.

  2. Rimola J, Torres J, Kumar S, Taylor SA, et al.
    Recent advances in clinical practice: advances in cross-sectional imaging in inflammatory bowel disease.
    Gut 2022.

  3. Salih M, Enriquez-Marulanda A, Khorasanizadeh M, Moore J, et al.
    Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunting for Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Implications for a Modern Management Protocol.
    Neurosurgery 2022.

  4. Choi JH, Lee JK, Kim W, Yu HW, et al.
    Prevalence of Postoperatively-Detected High-Risk Features in 2-4cm Papillary Thyroid Cancers.
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2022.

  5. Rakovec M, Khalafallah AM, Wei O, Day D, et al.
    A consensus definition of supratotal resection for anatomically distinct primary glioblastoma: an AANS/CNS Section on Tumors survey of neurosurgical oncologists.
    J Neurooncol 2022.

  1. Kearns N, Williams M, Bruce P, Black M, et al.
    Single dose of budesonide/formoterol turbuhaler compared to salbutamol pMDI for speed of bronchodilator onset in asthma: a randomised cross-over trial.
    Thorax 2022.

  2. Cedres N, Ferreira D, Nemy M, Machado A, et al.
    Association of Cerebrovascular and Alzheimer Disease Biomarkers With Cholinergic White Matter Degeneration in Cognitively Unimpaired Individuals.
    Neurology 2022.

  3. Klinge PM, McElroy A, Leary OP, Donahue JE, et al.
    Not Just an Anchor: The Human Filum Terminale Contains Stretch Sensitive and Nociceptive Nerve Endings and Responds to Electrical Stimulation With Paraspinal Muscle Activation.
    Neurosurgery 2022.

  4. Manapurath RM, Kumar M, Pathak BG, Chowdhury R, et al.
    Enteral Low-Dose Vitamin A Supplementation in Preterm or Low Birth Weight Infants to Prevent Morbidity and Mortality: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Pediatrics 2022;150.

  5. Mueller BR, Robinson-Papp J.
    Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and migraine: A narrative review.
    Headache 2022.


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