06 February 2023

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06 February 2023 | n=4

  1. Vidaeff AC, Belfort MA, Kemp MW, Saade GR, et al.
    Updating the balance between benefits and harms of antenatal corticosteroids.
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 2023;228:129-132.

  2. Shteinberg M, Kassem S, Adir Y, Livnat G, et al.
    An imaging pitfall: misdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism in a patient with advanced cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.
    Lancet 2023;401:303.

  3. Tibebu EA, Desta KW, Ashagre FM, Jemberu AA, et al.
    Prevalence of birth injuries and associated factors among newborns delivered in public hospitals Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2021. Crossectional study.
    PLoS One 2023;18:e0281066.

  4. Kim YJ, Lim G, Lee R, Chung S, et al.
    Association between vitamin D level and respiratory distress syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    PLoS One 2023;18:e0279064.

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  1. Porsbjerg C, Melen E, Lehtimaki L, Shaw D, et al.
    Lancet. 2023 Jan 19:S0140-6736(22)02125-0. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(22)02125.

  2. Reinecke H, Engelbertz C, Bauersachs R, Breithardt G, et al.
    A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Apixaban to the Vitamin K-antagonist Phenprocoumon in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis: The AXADIA-AFNET 8 study.
    Circulation. 2022 Nov 6. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.122.062779.

  3. Shapiro NI, Douglas IS, Brower RG, Brown SM, et al.
    Early Restrictive or Liberal Fluid Management for Sepsis-Induced Hypotension.
    N Engl J Med. 2023 Jan 21. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa2212663.

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