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19 February 2024

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Albers GW, Jumaa M, Purdon B, Zaidi SF, et al.
    Tenecteplase for Stroke at 4.5 to 24 Hours with Perfusion-Imaging Selection.
    N Engl J Med 2024.

  1. Yang Q, Guo C, Yue C, Song J, et al.
    Methylprednisolone as Adjunct to Endovascular Thrombectomy for Large-Vessel Occlusion Stroke: The MARVEL Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA 2024.

  2. Wei X, Hicks JP, Zhang Z, Haldane V, et al.
    Effectiveness of a comprehensive package based on electronic medication monitors at improving treatment outcomes among tuberculosis patients in Tibet: a multicentre randomised controlled trial.
    Lancet 2024.

  3. Adesuyan M, Jani YH, Alsugeir D, Howard R, et al.
    Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors in Men With Erectile Dysfunction and the Risk of Alzheimer Disease: A Cohort Study.
    Neurology 2024;102:e209131.

  4. Kamel H, Longstreth WT Jr, Tirschwell DL, Kronmal RA, et al.
    Apixaban to Prevent Recurrence After Cryptogenic Stroke in Patients With Atrial Cardiopathy: The ARCADIA Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA 2024.

  1. Ainsworth NJ, Marawi T, Maslej MM, Blumberger DM, et al.
    Cognitive Outcomes After Antidepressant Pharmacotherapy for Late-Life Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Am J Psychiatry 2024.

  2. Bednarska K, Chowdhury R, Tobin JWD, Swain F, et al.
    Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphomas decoded.
    Br J Haematol 2024;204:415-433.

  3. Pivetta de Araujo RC, Martinez L, da Silva Santos A, Ferreira Lemos E, et al.
    Serial Mass Screening for Tuberculosis among Incarcerated Persons in Brazil.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  4. Thyregod HGH, Jorgensen TH, Ihlemann N, Steinbruchel DA, et al.
    Transcatheter or surgical aortic valve implantation: 10-year outcomes of the NOTION trial.
    Eur Heart J 2024.

  5. Remon J, Besse B, Aix SP, Callejo A, et al.
    Overall Survival From the EORTC LCG-163 APPLE Trial of Osimertinib Versus Gefitinib Followed by Osimertinib in Advanced EGFR-Mutant Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
    J Clin Oncol 2024.

  1. Mittleman MR, Mostofsky E, Vgontzas A, Bertisch SM, et al.
    Habitual caffeinated beverage consumption and headaches among adults with episodic migraine: A prospective cohort study.
    Headache 2024.

  2. Khan SS, Matsushita K, Sang Y, Ballew SH, et al.
    Development and Validation of the American Heart Association Predicting Risk of Cardiovascular Disease EVENTs (PREVENT) Equations.
    Circulation 2023.

  3. Marild K, Soderling J, Stephansson O, Axelrad J, et al.
    Histological remission in inflammatory bowel disease and female fertility: A nationwide study.
    Gastroenterology 2024.

  4. Hutchison RM, Fraser K, Yang M, Fox T, et al.
    Cinpanemab in Early Parkinson Disease: Evaluation of Biomarker Results From the Phase 2 SPARK Clinical Trial.
    Neurology 2024;102:e209137.

  5. Kimberlin DW, Aban I, Peri K, Nishikawa JK, et al.
    Oral Valganciclovir Initiated beyond One Month of Age as Treatment of Sensorineural Hearing Loss Caused by Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    J Pediatr 2024.

  1. Elsheikh S, Alobaida M, Bucci T, Buckley BJR, et al.
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Versus Direct Oral Anticoagulants in the Prevention of Ischaemic Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.
    Cerebrovasc Dis 2024.

  2. Keric N, Krenzlin H, Kalasauskas D, Freyschlag CF, et al.
    Treatment outcome of IDH1/2 wildtype CNS WHO grade 4 glioma histologically diagnosed as WHO grade II or III astrocytomas.
    J Neurooncol 2024.

  3. Flores JM, Vertosick E, Jenkins LC, Cooper J, et al.
    Do Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors Increase the Risk of Biochemical Recurrence After Radical Prostatectomy?
    J Urol 2024;211:400-406.

  4. Stavropoulou E, Guery B, Tzimas G, Guex-Crosier Y, et al.
    Eyes wide shut: A cohort study questioning the role of fundoscopy in infective endocarditis diagnosis.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  5. Ventura J, Subotnik KL, Han S, Hellemann GS, et al.
    The relationship between sex and functional outcome in first-episode schizophrenia: the role of premorbid adjustment and insight.
    Psychol Med 2023;53:6878-6887.


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