13 May 2024

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13 May 2024 | n=46

  1. Kuitunen I, Rasanen K.
    Non-invasive neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NIV-NAVA) reduces extubation failures in preterm neonates-A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Acta Paediatr 2024.

  2. Slesnick L, Nienow-Birch MN, Holmgren C, Harrison R, et al.
    Preterm Preeclampsia as an Independent Risk Factor for Thromboembolism in a Large National Cohort.
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 2024.

  3. Wallace LS, Okito O, Mellin K, Soghier L, et al.
    Associations between Parental Engagement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Neighborhood-level Socioeconomic Status.
    Am J Perinatol 2024.

  4. Leandro DMK, Variane GFT, Dahlen A, Pietrobom RFR, et al.
    Therapeutic Hypothermia for Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: Reducing Variability in Practice through a Collaborative Telemedicine Initiative.
    Am J Perinatol 2024.

  5. Getahun D, Sacks DA, Shi J, Xie F, et al.
    Management, Utilization, and Outcomes of Preterm Labor in an Integrated Health Care System.
    Am J Perinatol 2024.

  6. Kmietowicz Z.
    Whooping cough: Five infants die in England this year as cases continue to rise.
    BMJ 2024;385:q1059.

  7. Ward VC, Lee AC, Hawken S, Otieno NA, et al.
    Overview of the Global and US Burden of Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:301-311.

  8. Ward VC, Hawken S, Chakraborty P, Darmstadt GL, et al.
    Estimating Gestational Age and Prediction of Preterm Birth Using Metabolomics Biomarkers.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:411-424.

  9. Jain L.
    The Complex Puzzle of Preterm Births.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:xxi-xxiii.

  10. Mirzaei A, Hiller BC, Stelzer IA, Thiele K, et al.
    Computational Approaches for Connecting Maternal Stress to Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:345-360.

  11. Seong D, Espinosa C, Aghaeepour N.
    Computational Approaches for Predicting Preterm Birth and Newborn Outcomes.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:461-473.

  12. Stevenson DK, Winn VD, Shaw GM, England SK, et al.
    Solving the Puzzle of Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:291-300.

  13. Maric I, Stevenson DK, Aghaeepour N, Gaudilliere B, et al.
    Predicting Preterm Birth Using Proteomics.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:391-409.

  14. Burke W, Trinidad SB, Blacksher E.
    Ethics of Predicting and Preventing Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:511-519.

  15. Matoba N, Kim C, Branche T, Collins JW Jr, et al.
    Social Determinants of Premature Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:331-343.

  16. Feyaerts D, Maric I, Arck PC, Prins JR, et al.
    Predicting Spontaneous Preterm Birth Using the Immunome.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:441-459.

  17. Cowan AD, Rasmussen M, Jain M, Tribe RM, et al.
    Predicting Preterm Birth Using Cell-Free Ribonucleic Acid.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:379-389.

  18. Habelrih T, Ferri B, Cote F, Sevigny J, et al.
    Preventing Preterm Birth: Exploring Innovative Solutions.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:497-510.

  19. Srivastava AK, Monangi N, Ravichandran V, Sole-Navais P, et al.
    Recent Advances in Genomic Studies of Gestational Duration and Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:313-329.

  20. Powell AM, Ali Khan FZ, Ravel J, Elovitz MA, et al.
    Untangling Associations of Microbiomes of Pregnancy and Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:425-439.

  21. Wong RJ, Shaw GM, Stevenson DK.
    Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:xxv-xxvi.

  22. Shaw GM, Gonzalez DJX, Goin DE, Weber KA, et al.
    Ambient Environment and the Epidemiology of Preterm Birth.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:361-377.

  23. Villar J, Cavoretto PI, Barros FC, Romero R, et al.
    Etiologically Based Functional Taxonomy of the Preterm Birth Syndrome.
    Clin Perinatol 2024;51:475-495.

  24. Pfurtscheller D, Schwaberger B, Holler N, Baik-Schneditz N, et al.
    Cardiac output calculation using the Liljestrand and Zander formula: is this method applicable during immediate transition after birth? - A post hoc analysis.
    Eur J Pediatr 2024.

  25. Farag MM, Hassan MAA, Fasseeh NAEM, Ghazal HAER, et al.
    The effect of NHFOV on hemodynamics in mild and moderately preterm neonates: a randomized clinical trial.
    Eur J Pediatr 2024.

  26. Faingold R, Prempunpong C, Garfinkle J, St Martin C, et al.
    Association between Early Basal Ganglia and Thalami Perfusion Assessed by Color Doppler Ultrasonography and Brain Injury in Infants with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: A Prospective Cohort Study.
    J Pediatr 2024.

  27. Soriano-Ramos M, Pedrero-Tome R, Gimenez Quiles E, Albert Vicent E, et al.
    T-Cell Immune Responses in Newborns and Long-Term Sequelae in Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection (CYTRIC Study).
    J Pediatr 2024.

  28. Manabu S, Nawa N, Noguchi Y, Taki A, et al.
    Stage III Chorioamnionitis Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Severe Retinopathy of Prematurity.
    J Pediatr 2024.

  29. Wynter Z, Gorham JA, Thompson AB, Mundy C, et al.
    Immediate fortification of human milk with a bovine milk-derived human milk fortifier in very low birth weight infants: a randomized clinical trial.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  30. Parker LA, Varma D, Bendixen MM, Sullivan S, et al.
    Biomarker-based text messages to promote lactation success in mothers of critically Ill infants: a randomized controlled pilot study.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  31. Duncan SD, Lakshminrusimha S.
    Neonatology consultation program coding.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  32. Prial J, El-Shibiny H, El-Dib M, Benjamin J, et al.
    Growth trajectories and need for oral feeding support among infants with neonatal encephalopathy treated with therapeutic hypothermia.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  33. Yildiz Atar H, Ryan RM, Ricciardi S, Nauman C, et al.
    Introduction of oral feeding in premature infants on high flow nasal cannula in a level IV neonatal intensive care unit: a quality improvement initiative.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  34. Hagan JL.
    Estimation of the causal effect of sex on neonatal intensive care unit outcomes among very low birth weight infants.
    J Perinatol 2024.

  35. Geraghty LE, Dunne EA, Ni Chathasaigh CM, Vellinga A, et al.
    Video versus Direct Laryngoscopy for Urgent Intubation of Newborn Infants.
    N Engl J Med 2024.

  36. Crump C, Sundquist J, Sundquist K.
    Long-Term Risk of Type 2 Diabetes After Preterm Delivery or Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.
    Obstet Gynecol 2024.

  37. de Medeiros Cavalcante Meneghe, Aragon DC, Calixto C, Ferreira CHF, et al.
    Personalized lung care: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia risk prediction tool tailored for neonates born in resource-limited settings.
    Pediatr Pulmonol 2024.

  38. Bullon-Gonzalez I, Cabeza-Arce N, Andres-Porras P, Ferrer-Ortiz I, et al.
    Lessons from Covid: Effect of community mask use on infant hospitalizations for respiratory infections.
    Pediatr Pulmonol 2024.

  39. Dowse G, Tingay DG, Charlton J.
    Neonatal past catches up when COVID-19 comes to town.
    Pediatr Res 2024.

  40. Garg PM, South AM, Inder T, Shenberger JS, et al.
    Hypotension: a modifiable risk factor impacting surgical NEC-associated AKI and brain injury in preterm infants.
    Pediatr Res 2024.

  41. Santoro D, Zibulsky DA, Roehr CC, Langhammer F, et al.
    Meeting the need for effective and standardized neonatology training: a pan-European Master's Curriculum.
    Pediatr Res 2024.

  42. Verd S, Porta R, Ginovart G.
    Habits that might seriously damage preterm infants' kidneys.
    Pediatr Res 2024.

  43. Osborne AD, Worsley D, Cullen C, Martin A, et al.
    Enhancing NICU Care and Communication: Perspectives of Moderately Preterm Infant Parents.
    Pediatrics 2024.

  44. Lautatzis ME, Keya FK, Al Mahmud A, Tariq U, et al.
    Maternal Vitamin D Supplementation and Infantile Rickets: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial.
    Pediatrics 2024.

  45. Tayyab H, Choudhary RA, Jabbar H, Motiwala MA, et al.
    Validation of postnatal growth and retinopathy of prematurity (G-ROP) screening guidelines in a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan: A report from low-middle income country.
    PLoS One 2024;19:e0302534.

  46. Craymah JP, Tuoyire DA, Adjei-Ofori P, Ekor OE, et al.
    Neonatal sepsis in a tertiary health facility in Cape Coast, Ghana.
    PLoS One 2024;19:e0302533.

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    Zombie malaria parasites.
    Science. 2024;384:513-514.

  2. Kim J, Cho J, Lee MH, Yoon SE, et al.
    Comparison of CAR T-cell vs. bispecific antibody as third- or later-line large B-cell lymphoma therapy: A Meta-analysis.
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