21 November 2022

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21 November 2022 | n=54

  1. Bellini C, Gente M, Battaglini M, Ammattatelli R, et al.
    Neonatal transport study underlines the need to improve the regionalisation of perinatal care in Italy.
    Acta Paediatr 2022.

  2. Mullaly R, McCallion N, El-Khuffash A.
    Inhaled nitric oxide in preterm neonates with preterm prelabour rupture of membranes, a systematic review.
    Acta Paediatr 2022.

  3. Wackerberg D, Nystrom A, Haargaard B, Rosensvard A, et al.
    Analysis of age at detection and outcomes of dense unilateral congenital cataract surgery for children on the paediatric cataract register.
    Acta Paediatr 2022.

  4. Van Beukering MDM, Van Melick MJGJ, Duijnhoven RG, Schuit E, et al.
    Working Conditions In Women With Multiple Pregnancy, The Impact On Preterm Birth And Adherence To Guidelines - A Prospective Cohort Study.
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  5. Nakao M, Nanba Y, Okumura A, Hasegawa J, et al.
    Fetal heart rate evolution and brain imaging findings in preterm infants with severe cerebral palsy.
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  6. Eick SM, Geiger SD, Alshawabkeh A, Aung M, et al.
    Urinary oxidative stress biomarkers are associated with preterm birth: an ECHO program study.
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  7. Lai Z, Gong F.
    Protective Effects of Lactobacillus reuteri on Intestinal Barrier Function in a Mouse Model of Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  8. Wang C, Zhang S, Zhu L, Duan J, et al.
    Integrated MicroRNA-mRNA Analyses of Distinct Expression Profiles in Hyperoxia-Induced Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Neonatal Mice.
    Am J Perinatol 2022;39:1702-1710.

  9. Hirata K, Nishikawa M, Nozaki M, Kitajima H, et al.
    Urine desmosine as a novel biomarker for bronchopulmonary dysplasia and post-prematurity respiratory disease in extremely preterm or low-birth-weight infants.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  10. Titchiner D, Hornik C, Benjamin R, Tolia VN, et al.
    Insulin for treatment of neonatal hyperglycemia in premature infants : Prevalence over time and association with outcomes.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  11. Balasubramanian H, Sakharkar S, Majarikar S, Srinivasan L, et al.
    Efficacy and Safety of Two Different Flow Rates of Nasal High-Flow Therapy in Preterm Neonates >/=28 Weeks of Gestation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
    Am J Perinatol 2022;39:1693-1701.

  12. Carneiro L, Sarout S, Jeanneaud C, Clenet N, et al.
    Skin-to-skin contact for transferring preterm infants from the delivery room to the neonatal intensive care unit is promising despite moderate heat loss during the procedure.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  13. De Luca D, Vauloup-Fellous C, Benachi A, Masturzo B, et al.
    The Essentials about Neonatal Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection and Coronavirus Disease: A Narrative Review.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  14. Unal S, Demirel N, Arslan Z, Tokgoz-Cuni B, et al.
    Umbilical Cord Separation Time and Influencing Factors in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Preterm Neonates.
    Am J Perinatol 2022;39:1682-1687.

  15. Sartorius V, Tellier M, Jouvette I, De Luca D, et al.
    Intranasal Midazolam Premedication for Digital Image-Assisted Fundus Examination in Preterm Neonates.
    Am J Perinatol 2022.

  16. Yurttutan S, Gullu UU.
    The Effect of Dual (Combined) Treatment in Late Preterm Infants with Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
    Am J Perinatol 2022;39:1633.

  17. Mitchell I, Li A, Bjornson CL, Lanctot KL, et al.
    Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immunoprophylaxis with Palivizumab: 12-Year Observational Study of Usage and Outcomes in Canada.
    Am J Perinatol 2022;39:1668-1677.

  18. Mahase E.
    Skin to skin care can start before small and preterm babies are clinically stable, WHO says.
    BMJ 2022;379:o2752.

  19. Maternal hypertensive disorder of pregnancy and mortality in offspring from birth to young adulthood: national population based cohort study.
    BMJ 2022;379:o2726.

  20. Gietel-Basten S, Rotkirch A, Sobotka T.
    Changing the perspective on low birth rates: why simplistic solutions won't work.
    BMJ 2022;379:e072670.

  21. Salome S, Cambriglia MD, Scarano SM, Capone E, et al.
    Congenital syphilis in the twenty-first century: an area-based study.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  22. Su YT, Chen YS, Yeh LR, Chen SW, et al.
    Unnecessary radiation exposure during diagnostic radiography in infants in a neonatal intensive care unit: a retrospective cohort study.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  23. Bourgeois-Nicolaos N, Raynor A, Shankar-Aguilera S, Schwartz E, et al.
    Breast milk in neonate oral care: oropharyngeal effects in extremely preterm infants.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  24. Xu J, Chu X, Zhang W, Sun Y, et al.
    Analysis of risk factors for death in 59 cases of critically ill neonates receiving continuous renal replacement therapy: a two-centered retrospective study.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  25. Manzanares A, Prieto-Tato LM, Escosa-Garcia L, Navarro M, et al.
    Increased risk of group B streptococcal sepsis and meningitis in HIV-exposed uninfected infants in a high-income country.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  26. Abdellatif M, Tawfik GM, Makram AM, Abdelsattar MK, et al.
    Association between neonatal phototherapy and future cancer: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Eur J Pediatr 2022.

  27. Kahn M, Barnett N, Gradisar M.
    Implementation of Behavioral Interventions for Infant Sleep Problems in Real-world Settings.
    J Pediatr 2022.

  28. Prybyloski A, Howland J, Rankin KM, Collins JW Jr, et al.
    The first-year mortality rates of singleton term infants of US-born and foreign-born women: the effect of paternal acknowledgment.
    J Pediatr 2022.

  29. Cortes-Morales A, Espinosa-Tamez M.
    50 Years Ago in TheJournalofPediatrics: Spot Diagnosis of Neonatal Dermatoses.
    J Pediatr 2022;250:53.

  30. Yee AK, Siriwardhana LS, Nixon GM, Walter LM, et al.
    Duration and consequences of periodic breathing in preterm infants before and after hospital discharge.
    J Pediatr 2022.

  31. Villarreal EG, Ramirez-Lara M, Araujo-Meza A.
    50 Years Ago in TheJournalofPediatrics: The Evolution of Thyroid Function Tests in Infants.
    J Pediatr 2022;250:99.

  32. Cohen WR, Robson MS, Bedrick AD.
    Disquiet concerning cesarean birth.
    J Perinat Med 2022.

  33. Ozdemir O, Aksoy F, Sen C.
    Fetal autopsy for the diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia and comparison with prenatal ultrasound findings over a 16-year period.
    J Perinat Med 2022;50:1239-1247.

  34. Kotsopoulou I, Vyas AK, Cory MJ, Chan CS, et al.
    Developmental changes of the fetal and neonatal thyroid gland and functional consequences on the cardiovascular system.
    J Perinatol 2022.

  35. Cordova-Ramos EG, Brochier A, Tripodis Y, Garg A, et al.
    Beyond income: material hardship and the health and healthcare of premature children.
    J Perinatol 2022.

  36. Salcido C, Shahidi SA, Poeltler DM, Gollin Y, et al.
    Maternal bleeding complications and neonatal outcomes following early versus delayed umbilical cord clamping in cesarean deliveries for very low birthweight infants.
    J Perinatol 2022.

  37. El-Khuffash A, McNamara PJ, Breatnach C, Bussmann N, et al.
    The use of milrinone in neonates with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn - a randomised controlled trial pilot study (MINT 1).
    J Perinatol 2022.

  38. Sisman J, Leon RL, Payton BW, Brown LS, et al.
    Placental pathology associated with lenticulostriate vasculopathy (LSV) in preterm infants.
    J Perinatol 2022.

  39. Provencio A, Gil MAC.
    Smartwatch electrocardiogram records ST depression, premature ventricular complexes, and ventricular fibrillation.
    Lancet 2022;400:e12.

  40. New WHO recommendations for the care of preterm or low birthweight infants have the potential to transform maternal and newborn health-care delivery.
    Lancet 2022.

  41. Jorgensen K, Nitecki R, Nichols HB, Fu S, et al.
    Obstetric and Neonatal Outcomes 1 or More Years After a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.
    Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  42. Loussert L, Schmitz T, Korb D, Seco A, et al.
    Risk of Severe Postpartum Hemorrhage in Twin Pregnancies According to the Sum of Birth Weights.
    Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  43. Metz TD, Clifton RG, Hughes BL, Sandoval GJ, et al.
    Association Between Giving Birth During the Early Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic and Serious Maternal Morbidity.
    Obstet Gynecol 2022.

  44. Akangire G, Lachica C, Noel-MacDonnell J, Begley A, et al.
    Outcomes of Infants with Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Who Received Tracheostomy and Home Ventilation.
    Pediatr Pulmonol 2022.

  45. Wang K, Zhou X, Gao S, Li F, et al.
    Non-invasive high-frequency oscillatory ventilation vs nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation for preterm infants as an extubation support: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Pediatr Pulmonol 2022.

  46. Le Ray I, Kuhn P, Letouzey M, Roue JM, et al.
    Early skin-to-skin contact and risk of late-onset-sepsis in very and extremely preterm infants.
    Pediatr Res 2022.

  47. Iyer KK, Leitner U, Giordano V, Roberts JA, et al.
    Bedside tracking of functional autonomic age in preterm infants.
    Pediatr Res 2022.

  48. Ramirez CB, McCoy KL, Jacob R, Lavender E, et al.
    Effects of human milk on body composition and growth in very low birthweight infants.
    Pediatr Res 2022.

  49. Bischoff AR, Stanford AH, Aldoss O, Rios DR, et al.
    Left ventricular function before and after percutaneous patent ductus arteriosus closure in preterm infants.
    Pediatr Res 2022.

  50. Sabroske EM, Iglesias MAS, Rench M, Moore T, et al.
    Evolving antibiotic resistance in Group B Streptococci causing invasive infant disease: 1970-2021.
    Pediatr Res 2022.

  51. Aronson PL, Kerns E, Jennings B, Magee S, et al.
    Trends in Prevalence of Bacterial Infections in Febrile Infants During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
    Pediatrics 2022.

  52. Saha S, Pal P, Mukherjee D.
    Neonatal MIS-C: Managing the Cytokine Storm.
    Pediatrics 2021;148.

  53. Bachmann CS, Risnes K, Bjorngaard JH, Schei J, et al.
    Relative Age and Psychotropic Drug Use in Preterm and Term-Born Children and Young Adults.
    Pediatrics 2022.

  54. Flannery DD, Edwards EM, Coggins SA, Horbar JD, et al.
    Late-Onset Sepsis Among Very Preterm Infants.
    Pediatrics 2022.

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  1. Herrington WG, Staplin N, Wanner C, Green JB, et al.
    Empagliflozin in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.
    N Engl J Med. 2022 Nov 4. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa2204233.

  2. Hawkey C, Avery A, Coupland CAC, Crooks C, et al.
    Helicobacter pylori eradication for primary prevention of peptic ulcer bleeding in older patients prescribed aspirin in primary care (HEAT): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
    Lancet. 2022;400:1597-1606.

  3. Yuen MF, Lim SG, Plesniak R, Tsuji K, et al.
    Efficacy and Safety of Bepirovirsen in Chronic Hepatitis B Infection.
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