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14 Vaccine

    Ann Intern Med

    mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were linked to myocarditis at 28 d (0.15 to 10 excess events/100 000 vaccinated persons).
    Ann Intern Med. 2022 Aug 2. doi: 10.7326/J22-0057.
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    In persons at risk for poor vaccination response or COVID-19 exposure, tixagevimab + cilgavimab reduced COVID-19.
    Ann Intern Med. 2022 Aug 2. doi: 10.7326/J22-0056.
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  3. KECHAGIAS KS, Kalliala I, Bowden SJ, Athanasiou A, et al
    Role of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination on HPV infection and recurrence of HPV related disease after local surgical treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2022;378:e070135.
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    Clin Infect Dis

  4. ZAMBRANO LD, Newhams MM, Olson SM, Halasa NB, et al
    BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination Against COVID-19 is Associated with Decreased Likelihood of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in U.S. Children Ages 5-18 Years.
    Clin Infect Dis. 2022 Aug 4. pii: 6655523. doi: 10.1093.
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  5. ARASHIRO T, Arima Y, Muraoka H, Sato A, et al
    COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection during Delta-dominant and Omicron-dominant periods in Japan: a multi-center prospective case-control study (FASCINATE study).
    Clin Infect Dis. 2022 Aug 3. pii: 6653543. doi: 10.1093.
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    J Immunol

  6. COHEN KW, Tian Y, Thayer C, Seese A, et al
    Th2-Biased Transcriptional Profile Predicts HIV Envelope-Specific Polyfunctional CD4(+) T Cells That Correlated with Reduced Risk of Infection in RV144 Trial.
    J Immunol. 2022 Jul 8. pii: jimmunol.2101211. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.2101211.
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  7. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN S, Pryor R, Plumlee C, Cohen SB, et al
    TOLLIP Optimizes Dendritic Cell Maturation to Lipopolysaccharide and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    J Immunol. 2022 Jul 8. pii: jimmunol.2200030. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.2200030.
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    J Infect

  8. NOH JY, Cheong HJ, Kim WJ, Choi JY, et al
    Robust neutralizing antibody responses after single-dose BNT162b2 vaccination at long intervals from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection and ceiling effect with repeated vaccination: Running title: Optimal vaccination interval and ceiling effect.
    J Infect. 2022 Jul 31. pii: S0163-4453(22)00456.
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    J Infect Dis

  9. LEROUX-ROELS I, Davis MG, Steenackers K, Essink B, et al
    Safety and immunogenicity of a respiratory syncytial virus prefusion F (RSVPreF3) candidate vaccine in older adults: phase I/II randomized clinical trial.
    J Infect Dis. 2022 Jul 29. pii: 6651941. doi: 10.1093.
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  10. VIVALDI G, Jolliffe DA, Faustini S, Shields AM, et al
    Correlation between post-vaccination anti-Spike antibody titres and protection against breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infection: a population-based longitudinal study.
    J Infect Dis. 2022 Jul 30. pii: 6652292. doi: 10.1093.
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  11. GREBE E, Yu EA, Bravo MD, Welte A, et al
    COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection in the United States prior to the Delta and Omicron-associated surges: a retrospective cohort study of repeat blood donors.
    J Infect Dis. 2022 Aug 3. pii: 6654836. doi: 10.1093.
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    J Virol

  12. ABBADI N, Nagashima K, Pena-Briseno A, Ross TM, et al
    Differential Recognition of Computationally Optimized H3 Hemagglutinin Influenza Vaccine Candidates by Human Antibodies.
    J Virol. 2022 Aug 2:e0089622. doi: 10.1128/jvi.00896.
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  13. DING M, Dang W, Liu H, Xu F, et al
    Combinational Deletions of MGF360-9L and MGF505-7R Attenuated Highly Virulent African Swine Fever Virus and Conferred Protection against Homologous Challenge.
    J Virol. 2022;96:e0032922.
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  14. VUONO E, Ramirez-Medina E, Silva E, Rai A, et al
    Deletion of the H108R Gene Reduces Virulence of the Pandemic Eurasia Strain of African Swine Fever Virus with Surviving Animals Being Protected against Virulent Challenge.
    J Virol. 2022;96:e0054522.
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  15. VAN DE VEN K, van Dijken H, Du W, de Heij F, et al
    Varying Viral Replication and Disease Profiles of H2N2 Influenza in Ferrets Is Associated with Virus Isolate and Inoculation Route.
    J Virol. 2022 Jul 11:e0073222. doi: 10.1128/jvi.00732.
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  16. WANG M, Bohorquez JA, Munoz-Gonzalez S, Gerber M, et al
    Removal of the E(rns) RNase Activity and of the 3' Untranslated Region Polyuridine Insertion in a Low-Virulence Classical Swine Fever Virus Triggers a Cytokine Storm and Lethal Disease.
    J Virol. 2022;96:e0043822.
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    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep

  17. KHETSURIANI N, Lesi O, Desai S, Armstrong PA, et al
    Progress Toward the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus - Worldwide, 2016-2021.
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2022;71:958-963.
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  18. TWENTYMAN E, Wallace M, Roper LE, Anderson TC, et al
    Interim Recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for Use of the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine in Persons Aged >/=18 years - United States, July 2022.
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2022;71:988-992.
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    N Engl J Med

  19. KOHANE I, Omenn GS
    Understanding Covid Vaccine Efficacy over Time - Bridging a Gap Between Public Health and Health Care.
    N Engl J Med. 2022 Aug 6. doi: 10.1056/NEJMp2201084.
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  20. RUBIN EJ, Baden LR, Morrissey S
    Audio Interview: Updated Covid-19 Vaccines and a Look at Monkeypox.
    N Engl J Med. 2022;387:e16.
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    Nat Immunol

  21. HERATI RS, Knorr DA, Vella LA, Silva LV, et al
    PD-1 directed immunotherapy alters Tfh and humoral immune responses to seasonal influenza vaccine.
    Nat Immunol. 2022 Jul 28. pii: 10.1038/s41590-022-01274.
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  22. KEDZIERSKA K, Nguyen THO
    PD-1 blockade unblocks immune responses to vaccination.
    Nat Immunol. 2022 Jul 28. pii: 10.1038/s41590-022-01254.
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  23. WOODRUFF RC, Campbell AP, Taylor CA, Chai SJ, et al
    Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 in Children.
    Pediatrics. 2022;149.
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  24. DROGALIS-KIM D, Kramer C, Duran S
    Ongoing Dizziness Following Acute COVID-19 Infection: A Single Center Pediatric Case Series.
    Pediatrics. 2022;150.
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    PLoS One

  25. SABZIAN-MOLAEI F, Nasiri Khalili MA, Sabzian-Molaei M, Shahsavarani H, et al
    Urtica dioica Agglutinin: A plant protein candidate for inhibition of SARS-COV-2 receptor-binding domain for control of Covid19 Infection.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0268156.
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  26. NAKAMANYA S, Kawuma R, Kibuuka D, Kusemererwa S, et al
    Assessing acceptability of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among participants in an HIV vaccine preparedness study in southwestern Uganda.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0271104.
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  27. LEE HW, Leng CH, Chan TC
    Determinants of personal vaccination hesitancy before and after the mid-2021 COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0270349.
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    Analysis of multi-strain infection of vaccinated and recovered population through epidemic model: Application to COVID-19.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0271446.
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  29. SUMALI B, Mitsukura Y, Nishimura T
    Contactless continuous heart rate monitoring system using ballistocardiography.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0272072.
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  30. KAN Y, Asada M, Uesawa Y
    Trends in reporting embolic and thrombotic events after COVID-19 vaccination: A retrospective, pharmacovigilance study.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0269268.
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  31. FACCIN M, Gargiulo F, Atlani-Duault L, Ward JK, et al
    Assessing the influence of French vaccine critics during the two first years of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0271157.
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  32. THORPE A, Fagerlin A, Butler J, Stevens V, et al
    Communicating about COVID-19 vaccine development and safety.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0272426.
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  33. AL-OBAYDI S, Hennrikus E, Mohammad N, Lehman EB, et al
    Hesitancy and reactogenicity to mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines-Early experience with vaccine rollout in a multi-site healthcare system.
    PLoS One. 2022;17:e0272691.
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    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

  34. BACKLUND CM, Holden RL, Moynihan KD, Garafola D, et al
    Cell-penetrating peptides enhance peptide vaccine accumulation and persistence in lymph nodes to drive immunogenicity.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022;119:e2204078119.
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  35. COHEN J
    Making broader coronavirus vaccines is a struggle.
    Science. 2022;377:566-567.
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  36. GODDARD K, Lewis N, Fireman B, Weintraub E, et al
    Risk of myocarditis and pericarditis following BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccination.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 12. pii: S0264-410X(22)00860.
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  37. VASUDEVAN L, Bruening R, Hung A, Woolson S, et al
    COVID-19 vaccination intention and activation among health care system employees: A mixed methods study.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 13. pii: S0264-410X(22)00884.
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  38. MIMURA W, Ishiguro C, Fukuda H
    Influenza vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization during the 2018/2019 season among older persons aged>/=75years in Japan: The LIFE-VENUS Study.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 15. pii: S0264-410X(22)00852.
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  39. O'KENNEDY MM, Coetzee P, Koekemoer O, du Plessis L, et al
    Protective immunity of plant-produced African horse sickness virus serotype 5 chimaeric virus-like particles (VLPs) and viral protein 2 (VP2) vaccines in IFNAR(-/-) mice.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 25. pii: S0264-410X(22)00848.
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  40. QUIAMBAO B, Montalban C, Minutello AM, Guinet-Morlot F, et al
    Serum-free purified Vero rabies vaccine is safe and immunogenic in children: Results of a randomized phaseII pre-exposure prophylaxis regimen study.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 26. pii: S0264-410X(22)00830.
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  41. RAMMAURO F, Carrion F, Olivero-Deibe N, Flo M, et al
    Humoral immune response characterization of heterologous prime-boost vaccination with CoronaVac and BNT162b2.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 27. pii: S0264-410X(22)00911.
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  42. BYRNE C, Coombs D, Gantt S
    Modestly protective cytomegalovirus vaccination of young children effectively prevents congenital infection at the population level.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 27. pii: S0264-410X(22)00913.
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  43. MARIN-LOPEZ A, Wang Y, Jiang J, Ledizet M, et al
    Erratum to "AgBR1 and NeSt1 antisera protect mice from Aedes aegypti-borne Zika infection" [Vaccine 39(12) (2021) 1675-1679].
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 27. pii: S0264-410X(22)00608.
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  44. BOTTCHER J, Bauer BU, Ambros C, Alex M, et al
    Long-term control of Coxiellosis in sheep by annual primary vaccination of gimmers.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 29. pii: S0264-410X(22)00917.
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  45. FISHMAN J, Salmon MK, Scheitrum D, Aleks Schaefer K, et al
    Comparative effectiveness of mandates and financial policies targeting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: A randomized, controlled survey experiment.
    Vaccine. 2022 May 30. pii: S0264-410X(22)00702.
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  46. ROSE O, Erzkamp S, Schobel W, Grajeda M, et al
    COVID-19 vaccinations in German pharmacies: A survey on patient and provider satisfaction.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 28. pii: S0264-410X(22)00925.
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  47. LIU Z, Hosomi K, Kunisawa J
    Utilization of gut environment-mediated control system of host immunity in the development of vaccine adjuvants.
    Vaccine. 2022 Jul 30. pii: S0264-410X(22)00918.
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  48. NARSINGAM S, Munson J, Drescher F
    Comparative effectiveness of individual pneumococcal vaccines with dual pneumococcal vaccination in older United States Veterans.
    Vaccine. 2022 Aug 1. pii: S0264-410X(22)00922.
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  49. DE MUNTER AC, Hautvast JLA, Ruijs WLM, Henri Spaan D, et al
    Deciding about maternal pertussis vaccination: associations between intention, and needs and values in a vaccine-hesitant religious group.
    Vaccine. 2022 Aug 1. pii: S0264-410X(22)00924.
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