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    Helen Salisbury: Blood bottles, vaccines, and freight.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n2184.
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  2. Effectiveness of the CoronaVac vaccine in older adults during a gamma variant associated epidemic of covid-19 in Brazil: test negative case-control study.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n2091.
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    Covid-19: JCVI opts not to recommend universal vaccination of 12-15 year olds.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n2180.
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    Sixty seconds on . . . covid booster vaccines.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n2179.
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    Why Taiwan approved its own vaccine before phase III trials.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n2104.
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    Clin Infect Dis

  6. TO KK, Li X, Lung DC, Ip JD, et al
    False COVID-19 cases due to contamination by inactivated virus vaccine.
    Clin Infect Dis. 2021 Sep 9. pii: 6367446. doi: 10.1093.
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  7. PAWASKAR M, Burgess C, Pillsbury M, Kanibir MN, et al
    Modeling Cost-Effectiveness of Universal Varicella Vaccination With Different Varicella Vaccines in the United Kingdom.
    Clin Infect Dis. 2021;73:935-936.
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    Indian Pediatr

  8. APTE A, Shrivastava R, Sanghavi S, Mitra M, et al
    Multicentric Hospital-Based Surveillance of Pertussis Amongst Infants Admitted in Tertiary Care Facilities in India.
    Indian Pediatr. 2021;58:709-717.
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    J Infect

  9. KWOK KO, McNeil EB, Tsoi MTF, Wei VWI, et al
    Will achieving herd immunity be a road to success to end the COVID-19 pandemic?
    J Infect. 2021 Jun 9. pii: S0163-4453(21)00287.
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    J Infect Dis

  10. MATTHIAS KA, Connolly KL, Begum AA, Jerse AE, et al
    Meningococcal Detoxified Outer Membrane Vesicle Vaccines Enhance Gonococcal Clearance in a Murine Infection Model.
    J Infect Dis. 2021 Sep 8. pii: 6366578. doi: 10.1093.
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  11. KIM SS, Chung JR, Belongia EA, McLean HQ, et al
    mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness against COVID-19 among Symptomatic Outpatients Aged >/=16 Years in the United States, February - May 2021.
    J Infect Dis. 2021 Sep 8. pii: 6366365. doi: 10.1093.
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  12. MCMILLAN M, Koehler AP, Lawrence A, Sullivan TR, et al
    'B Part of It' School Leaver study: a repeat cross-sectional study to assess the impact of increasing coverage with meningococcal B (4CMenB) vaccine on carriage of Neisseria meningitidis.
    J Infect Dis. 2021 Sep 6. pii: 6364883. doi: 10.1093.
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  13. RICHMOND PC, Hatchuel L, Pacciarini F, Hu B, et al
    Persistence of the immune responses and cross-neutralizing activity with Variants of Concern following two doses of adjuvanted SCB-2019 COVID-19 vaccine.
    J Infect Dis. 2021 Sep 4. pii: 6364149. doi: 10.1093.
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  14. KASEKE C, Tano-Menka R, Senjobe F, Gaiha GD, et al
    The Emerging Role for CTL Epitope Specificity in HIV Cure Efforts.
    J Infect Dis. 2021;223.
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  15. ENDY TP, Wang D, Polhemus ME, Jarman RG, et al
    A Phase 1, Open-Label Assessment of a Dengue Virus-1 Live Virus Human Challenge Strain.
    J Infect Dis. 2021;223:258-267.
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    J Virol

  16. ZHONG C, Liu F, Hajnik RJ, Yao L, et al
    Type-I IFN promotes humoral immunity in viral vector vaccination.
    J Virol. 2021 Sep 8:JVI0092521. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00925.
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  17. WANG Z, Yuan Y, Chen C, Zhang C, et al
    Colloidal manganese salt improves the efficacy of rabies vaccines in mice, cats, and dogs.
    J Virol. 2021 Sep 8:JVI0141421. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01414.
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  18. KHARBANDA EO, Haapala J, DeSilva M, Vazquez-Benitez G, et al
    Spontaneous Abortion Following COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy.
    JAMA. 2021 Sep 8. pii: 2784193. doi: 10.1001/jama.2021.15494.
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  19. KASEJE N, Walcott D
    Global youth advocating for COVID-19 vaccines for all.
    Lancet. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0140-6736(21)01994.
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    Longer intervals and extra doses of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine.
    Lancet. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0140-6736(21)01817.
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    The long road ahead for COVID-19 vaccination in Africa.
    Lancet. 2021;398:827-828.
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    The race to make a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Lancet. 2021;398:832-833.
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    N Engl J Med

  23. Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMx210016.
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  24. mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines in Pregnant Women.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMx210017.
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  25. THOMPSON MG, Stenehjem E, Grannis S, Ball SW, et al
    Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines in Ambulatory and Inpatient Care Settings.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa2110362.
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  26. DEAN NE, Hogan JW, Schnitzer ME
    Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness and the Test-Negative Design.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMe2113151.
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  27. ZAUCHE LH, Wallace B, Smoots AN, Olson CK, et al
    Receipt of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines and Risk of Spontaneous Abortion.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc2113891.
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  28. SUN H
    On Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. pii: 10.1056/NEJMc2113516.
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  29. MEANEY-DELMAN DM, Ellington SR, Shimabukuro TT
    On Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons. Reply.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. pii: 10.1056/NEJMc2113516.
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  30. SHAH ASV, Gribben C, Bishop J, Hanlon P, et al
    Effect of Vaccination on Transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
    N Engl J Med. 2021 Sep 8. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc2106757.
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    Nat Immunol

  31. YAO Y, Chen Z, Zhang H, Chen C, et al
    Selenium-GPX4 axis protects follicular helper T cells from ferroptosis.
    Nat Immunol. 2021;22:1127-1139.
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    Nat Med

  32. SAVULESCU J, Pugh J, Wilkinson D
    Balancing incentives and disincentives for vaccination in a pandemic.
    Nat Med. 2021 Sep 6. pii: 10.1038/s41591-021-01466.
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  33. DAGAN N, Barda N, Biron-Shental T, Makov-Assif M, et al
    Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy.
    Nat Med. 2021 Sep 7. pii: 10.1038/s41591-021-01490.
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    PLoS Med

  34. KROGSGAARD LW, Petersen I, Plana-Ripoll O, Bech BH, et al
    Infections in temporal proximity to HPV vaccination and adverse effects following vaccination in Denmark: A nationwide register-based cohort study and case-crossover analysis.
    PLoS Med. 2021;18:e1003768.
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    PLoS One

  35. SKLAR MJ, Maiolatesi S, Patterson N, Sedegah M, et al
    A three-antigen Plasmodium falciparum DNA prime-Adenovirus boost malaria vaccine regimen is superior to a two-antigen regimen and protects against controlled human malaria infection in healthy malaria-naive adults.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0256980.
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  36. KULKARNI R, Chen WC, Lee Y, Kao CF, et al
    Vaccinia virus-based vaccines confer protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 virus in Syrian hamsters.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0257191.
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  37. MAHMUD S, Mohsin M, Khan IA, Mian AU, et al
    Knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and perceived risk about COVID-19 vaccine and determinants of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in Bangladesh.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0257096.
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  38. WISNEWSKI AV, Redlich CA, Liu J, Kamath K, et al
    Immunogenic amino acid motifs and linear epitopes of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0252849.
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  39. PEREZ-ARCE F, Angrisani M, Bennett D, Darling J, et al
    COVID-19 vaccines and mental distress.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0256406.
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  40. KOTLER L, Greenberg D, Givon-Lavi N, van der Beek BA, et al
    Decline in pneumococcal nasopharyngeal carriage in children 6-23 months with respiratory illnesses following pneumococcal conjugate vaccine implementation.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0264-410X(21)01130.
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  41. CLAYTON K, Finley C, Flynn DJ, Graves M, et al
    Evaluating the effects of vaccine messaging on immunization intentions and behavior: Evidence from two randomized controlled trials in Vermont.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0264-410X(21)01095.
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  42. AZAM JM, Saitta B, Bonner K, Ferrari MJ, et al
    Modelling the relative benefits of using the measles vaccine outside cold chain for outbreak response.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0264-410X(21)01101.
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  43. TROGSTAD L, Robertson AH, Mjaaland S, Magnus P, et al
    Association between ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination and bleeding episodes: Large population-based cohort study.
    Vaccine. 2021 Aug 31. pii: S0264-410X(21)01103.
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  44. CANTARELLI P, Belle N, Quattrone F
    Nudging influenza vaccination among health care workers.
    Vaccine. 2021 Aug 31. pii: S0264-410X(21)01073.
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  45. BARRY M, Temsah MH, Aljamaan F, Saddik B, et al
    COVID-19 vaccine uptake among healthcare workers in the fourth country to authorize BNT162b2 during the first month of rollout.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0264-410X(21)01131.
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  46. BHAT S, Caldera F, Farraye FA
    Standardizing shared vaccination responsibilities among specialists to improve vaccination rates of immunosuppressed patients.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 4. pii: S0264-410X(21)01121.
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  47. BROSH-NISSIMOV T, Sorek N, Yeshayahu M, Zherebovich I, et al
    Oropharyngeal shedding of herpesviruses before and after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination against COVID-19.
    Vaccine. 2021 Aug 30. pii: S0264-410X(21)01148.
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  48. RANE MS, Rohani P, Halloran ME
    Durability of protection after 5 doses of acellular pertussis vaccine among 5-9 year old children in King County, Washington.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 4. pii: S0264-410X(21)01118.
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  49. SISNOWSKI J, Vujovich-Dunn C, Gidding H, Brotherton J, et al
    Differences in school factors associated with adolescent HPV vaccination initiation and completion coverage in three Australian states.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 4. pii: S0264-410X(21)01124.
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  50. CIAPPONI A, Bardach A, Mazzoni A, Alconada T, et al
    Safety of components and platforms of COVID-19 vaccines considered for use in pregnancy: A rapid review.
    Vaccine. 2021 Aug 13. pii: S0264-410X(21)01067.
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  51. BOZORGI A, Fahimnia B
    Micro array patch (MAP) for the delivery of thermostable vaccines in Australia: A cost/benefit analysis.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S0264-410X(21)01036.
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  52. BOZORGI A, Fahimnia B
    Transforming the vaccine supply chain in Australia: Opportunities and challenges.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S0264-410X(21)01066.
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  53. SONG JY, Chang CJ, Andrews C, Diez-Domingo J, et al
    Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of V114, a 15-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, followed by sequential PPSV23 vaccination in healthy adults aged>/=50years: A randomized phase III trial (PNEU-PATH).
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S0264-410X(21)01071.
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  54. VOORMAN A, O'Reilly K, Lyons H, Goel AK, et al
    Real-time prediction model of cVDPV2 outbreaks to aid outbreak response vaccination strategies.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 2. pii: S0264-410X(21)01112.
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  55. KARAFILLAKIS E, Peretti-Watel P, Verger P, Chantler T, et al
    The role of maturity in adolescent decision-making around HPV vaccination in France.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 2. pii: S0264-410X(21)01156.
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  56. LAWRENCE J, Kitchin N, Anderson AS, Pride MW, et al
    Safety and immunogenicity of different Clostridioides (Clostridium) difficile vaccine formulations in two early phase randomized studies of healthy adults aged 50-85 years.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S0264-410X(21)00592.
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  57. ALI A, Dwyer D, Wu Q, Wang Q, et al
    Characterization of humoral response to COVID mRNA vaccines in multiple sclerosis patients on disease modifying therapies.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 2. pii: S0264-410X(21)01126.
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  58. MCCLAIN JB, Chuang A, Reid C, Moore SM, et al
    Rabies virus neutralizing activity, pharmacokinetics, and safety of the monoclonal antibody mixture SYN023 in combination with rabies vaccination: Results of a phase 2, randomized, blinded, controlled trial.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 2. pii: S0264-410X(21)01114.
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  59. ZAMAN K, Kovacs SD, Vanderende K, Aziz A, et al
    Assessing the immunogenicity of three different inactivated polio vaccine schedules for use after oral polio vaccine cessation, an open label, phase IV, randomized controlled trial.
    Vaccine. 2021 Sep 1. pii: S0264-410X(21)01113.
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    Virus Res

  60. SITARAS I, Spackman E, de Jong MCM, Parris DJ, et al
    Selection and Antigenic Characterization of Immune-Escape Mutants of H7N2 Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Using Homologous Polyclonal Sera.
    Virus Res. 2020 Oct 9:198188. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2020.198188.
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  61. WENJUN M
    Swine Influenza Virus: Current Status and Challenge.
    Virus Res. 2020 Aug 13:198118. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2020.198118.
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