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    August 2021
  1. HIPPISLEY-COX J, Patone M, Mei XW, Saatci D, et al
    Risk of thrombocytopenia and thromboembolism after covid-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 positive testing: self-controlled case series study.
    BMJ. 2021;374:n1931.
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    June 2021
  2. BURNS TC, Quinones-Hinojosa A
    Regenerative medicine for neurological diseases-will regenerative neurosurgery deliver?
    BMJ. 2021;373:n955.
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  3. VALGIMIGLI M, Gragnano F, Branca M, Franzone A, et al
    P2Y12 inhibitor monotherapy or dual antiplatelet therapy after coronary revascularisation: individual patient level meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n1332.
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  4. KOVACS MJ, Wells PS, Anderson DR, Lazo-Langner A, et al
    Postoperative low molecular weight heparin bridging treatment for patients at high risk of arterial thromboembolism (PERIOP2): double blind randomised controlled trial.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n1205.
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    May 2021
  5. PERRY M, Kemmis Betty S, Downes N, Andrews N, et al
    Atrial fibrillation: diagnosis and management-summary of NICE guidance.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n1150.
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  6. KIM D, Yang PS, You SC, Sung JH, et al
    Treatment timing and the effects of rhythm control strategy in patients with atrial fibrillation: nationwide cohort study.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n991.
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    April 2021
  7. PONAMGI SP, Siontis KC, Rushlow DR, Graff-Radford J, et al
    Screening and management of atrial fibrillation in primary care.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n379.
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  8. WOOD A, Denholm R, Hollings S, Cooper J, et al
    Linked electronic health records for research on a nationwide cohort of more than 54 million people in England: data resource.
    BMJ. 2021;373:n826.
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    February 2021

  9. Prospective validation of Canadian TIA Score and comparison with ABCD2 and ABCD2i for subsequent stroke risk after transient ischaemic attack: multicentre prospective cohort study.
    BMJ. 2021;372:n453.
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  10. PERRY JJ, Sivilotti MLA, Emond M, Stiell IG, et al
    Prospective validation of Canadian TIA Score and comparison with ABCD2 and ABCD2i for subsequent stroke risk after transient ischaemic attack: multicentre prospective cohort study.
    BMJ. 2021;372:n49.
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    October 2020
  11. WANG DZ, Schwamm LH, Qian T, Dai Q, et al
    Decoding the brain through research-the future of brain health.
    BMJ. 2020;371:m3735.
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    September 2020
  12. FILION KB, Lix LM, Yu OH, Dell'Aniello S, et al
    Sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors and risk of major adverse cardiovascular events: multi-database retrospective cohort study.
    BMJ. 2020;370:m3342.
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    July 2020
  13. CAI X, Zhang Y, Li M, Wu JH, et al
    Association between prediabetes and risk of all cause mortality and cardiovascular disease: updated meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2020;370:m2297.
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    April 2020
  14. MARKLUND M, Singh G, Greer R, Cudhea F, et al
    Estimated population wide benefits and risks in China of lowering sodium through potassium enriched salt substitution: modelling study.
    BMJ. 2020;369:m824.
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    March 2020
  15. COOK R, Davidson P, Martin R
    Computerised speech and language therapy can help people with aphasia find words following a stroke.
    BMJ. 2020;368:m520.
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    February 2020
  16. PHIPPS MS, Cronin CA
    Management of acute ischemic stroke.
    BMJ. 2020;368:l6983.
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    December 2019
  17. TIAN Y, Liu H, Wu Y, Si Y, et al
    Association between ambient fine particulate pollution and hospital admissions for cause specific cardiovascular disease: time series study in 184 major Chinese cities.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l6572.
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  18. HUANG K, Liang F, Yang X, Liu F, et al
    Long term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter and incidence of stroke: prospective cohort study from the China-PAR project.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l6720.
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    November 2019
  19. PAPANICOLAS I, Mossialos E, Gundersen A, Woskie L, et al
    Performance of UK National Health Service compared with other high income countries: observational study.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l6326.
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    Studies on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease should stratify by disease severity.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l6495.
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  21. SATTAR N, Alazawi W
    Authors' reply to McKenna-Barry and Ryan.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l6549.
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    October 2019
  22. ALEXANDER M, Loomis AK, van der Lei J, Duarte-Salles T, et al
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and risk of incident acute myocardial infarction and stroke: findings from matched cohort study of 18 million European adults.
    BMJ. 2019;367:l5367.
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    September 2019
  23. KIM NH, Han KH, Choi J, Lee J, et al
    Use of fenofibrate on cardiovascular outcomes in statin users with metabolic syndrome: propensity matched cohort study.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l5125.
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  24. NAVE AH, Rackoll T, Grittner U, Blasing H, et al
    Physical Fitness Training in Patients with Subacute Stroke (PHYS-STROKE): multicentre, randomised controlled, endpoint blinded trial.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l5101.
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  25. KASKI D, Agarwal K, Murdin L
    Acute vertigo.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l5215.
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  26. TONG TYN, Appleby PN, Bradbury KE, Perez-Cornago A, et al
    Risks of ischaemic heart disease and stroke in meat eaters, fish eaters, and vegetarians over 18 years of follow-up: results from the prospective EPIC-Oxford study.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l4897.
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  27. LAWRENCE MA, McNaughton SA
    Vegetarian diets and health.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l5272.
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    August 2019
  28. PASTERNAK B, Ueda P, Eliasson B, Svensson AM, et al
    Use of sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors and risk of major cardiovascular events and heart failure: Scandinavian register based cohort study.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l4772.
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    July 2019

  29. Determinants of the decline in mortality from acute stroke in England: linked national database study of 795 869 adults.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l4934.
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    June 2019
  30. ROY MP
    Stroke burden in India and strategies for mitigation.
    BMJ. 2019;365:l4243.
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  31. WANG Y, Chen W, Lin Y, Meng X, et al
    Ticagrelor plus aspirin versus clopidogrel plus aspirin for platelet reactivity in patients with minor stroke or transient ischaemic attack: open label, blinded endpoint, randomised controlled phase II trial.
    BMJ. 2019;365:l2211.
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    May 2019
  32. SEMINOG OO, Scarborough P, Wright FL, Rayner M, et al
    Determinants of the decline in mortality from acute stroke in England: linked national database study of 795 869 adults.
    BMJ. 2019;365:l1778.
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  33. MA H, Li X, Sun D, Zhou T, et al
    Association of habitual glucosamine use with risk of cardiovascular disease: prospective study in UK Biobank.
    BMJ. 2019;365:l1628.
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    April 2019

  34. Endovascular treatment versus medical care alone for ischaemic stroke: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2019;365:l1658.
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    February 2019
  35. WANG Y, Johnston SC, Bath PM, Grotta JC, et al
    Acute dual antiplatelet therapy for minor ischaemic stroke or transient ischaemic attack.
    BMJ. 2019;364:l895.
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  36. LI Z, Jiang Y, Li H, Xian Y, et al
    China's response to the rising stroke burden.
    BMJ. 2019;364:l879.
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  37. LOWN M, Moran P
    Should we screen for atrial fibrillation?
    BMJ. 2019;364:l43.
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  38. AGARWAL A, Ioannidis JPA
    PREDIMED trial of Mediterranean diet: retracted, republished, still trusted?
    BMJ. 2019;364:l341.
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    January 2019
  39. MORRIS S, Ramsay AIG, Boaden RJ, Hunter RM, et al
    Impact and sustainability of centralising acute stroke services in English metropolitan areas: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics and stroke national audit data.
    BMJ. 2019;364:l1.
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  40. Dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel for acute high risk transient ischaemic attack and minor ischaemic stroke: a clinical practice guideline.
    BMJ. 2019;364:l103.
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    December 2018
  41. PRASAD K, Siemieniuk R, Hao Q, Guyatt G, et al
    Dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel for acute high risk transient ischaemic attack and minor ischaemic stroke: a clinical practice guideline.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k5130.
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  42. HAO Q, Tampi M, O'Donnell M, Foroutan F, et al
    Clopidogrel plus aspirin versus aspirin alone for acute minor ischaemic stroke or high risk transient ischaemic attack: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k5108.
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    November 2018
  43. MAYOR S
    Thrombectomy can be considered up to 24 hours after onset of stroke, says NICE.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k4995.
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    October 2018
  44. CHEN R, Yin P, Wang L, Liu C, et al
    Association between ambient temperature and mortality risk and burden: time series study in 272 main Chinese cities.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k4306.
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  45. RUTTEN-JACOBS LC, Larsson SC, Malik R, Rannikmae K, et al
    Genetic risk, incident stroke, and the benefits of adhering to a healthy lifestyle: cohort study of 306 473 UK Biobank participants.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k4168.
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  46. SIEMIENIUK RAC, Chu DK, Kim LH, Guell-Rous MR, et al
    Oxygen therapy for acutely ill medical patients: a clinical practice guideline.
    BMJ. 2018;363:k4169.
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    September 2018
  47. NISHIKAWA G, Prasad V
    Diagnostic expansion in clinical trials: myocardial infarction, stroke, cancer recurrence, and metastases may not be the hard endpoints you thought they were.
    BMJ. 2018;362:k3783.
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  48. SCHMIDT M, Sorensen HT, Pedersen L
    Diclofenac use and cardiovascular risks: series of nationwide cohort studies.
    BMJ. 2018;362:k3426.
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    July 2018
  49. KUIJPERS T, Spencer FA, Siemieniuk RAC, Vandvik PO, et al
    Patent foramen ovale closure, antiplatelet therapy or anticoagulation therapy alone for management of cryptogenic stroke? A clinical practice guideline.
    BMJ. 2018;362:k2515.
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  50. DOUROS A, Dell'Aniello S, Yu OHY, Filion KB, et al
    Sulfonylureas as second line drugs in type 2 diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular and hypoglycaemic events: population based cohort study.
    BMJ. 2018;362:k2693.
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  51. VINOGRADOVA Y, Coupland C, Hill T, Hippisley-Cox J, et al
    Risks and benefits of direct oral anticoagulants versus warfarin in a real world setting: cohort study in primary care.
    BMJ. 2018;362:k2505.
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    May 2018
  52. RICCI C, Wood A, Muller D, Gunter MJ, et al
    Alcohol intake in relation to non-fatal and fatal coronary heart disease and stroke: EPIC-CVD case-cohort study.
    BMJ. 2018;361:k934.
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  53. ADDERLEY NJ, Nirantharakumar K, Marshall T
    Risk of stroke and transient ischaemic attack in patients with a diagnosis of resolved atrial fibrillation: retrospective cohort studies.
    BMJ. 2018;361:k1717.
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    April 2018
  54. BANERJEE G, Stone SP, Werring DJ
    Posterior circulation ischaemic stroke.
    BMJ. 2018;361:k1185.
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    March 2018
  55. JANSEN IGH, Mulder MJHL, Goldhoorn RB
    Endovascular treatment for acute ischaemic stroke in routine clinical practice: prospective, observational cohort study (MR CLEAN Registry).
    BMJ. 2018;360:k949.
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    February 2018
  56. KUMAR S, de Lusignan S, McGovern A, Correa A, et al
    Ischaemic stroke, haemorrhage, and mortality in older patients with chronic kidney disease newly started on anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation: a population based study from UK primary care.
    BMJ. 2018;360:k342.
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    January 2018
  57. ADELBORG K, Szepligeti SK, Holland-Bill L, Ehrenstein V, et al
    Migraine and risk of cardiovascular diseases: Danish population based matched cohort study.
    BMJ. 2018;360:k96.
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  58. HACKSHAW A, Morris JK, Boniface S, Tang JL, et al
    Low cigarette consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke: meta-analysis of 141 cohort studies in 55 study reports.
    BMJ. 2018;360:j5855.
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    November 2017
  59. LOPEZ-LOPEZ JA, Sterne JAC, Thom HHZ, Higgins JPT, et al
    Oral anticoagulants for prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation: systematic review, network meta-analysis, and cost effectiveness analysis.
    BMJ. 2017;359:j5058.
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  60. BALL J
    Which anticoagulant for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation?
    BMJ. 2017;359:j5399.
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    May 2017
    Selecting patients for endovascular treatment of acute stroke.
    BMJ. 2017;357:j2059.
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  62. VENEMA E, Mulder MJHL, Roozenbeek B, Broderick JP, et al
    Selection of patients for intra-arterial treatment for acute ischaemic stroke: development and validation of a clinical decision tool in two randomised trials.
    BMJ. 2017;357:j1710.
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    April 2017
    NHS thrombectomy plan needs more doctors, say stroke experts.
    BMJ. 2017;357:j1861.
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  64. MAYOR S
    Ischaemic stroke in younger adults is increasing, US study finds.
    BMJ. 2017;357:j1815.
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  65. HAWKES N
    The BMJ Awards 2017: Education.
    BMJ. 2017;357:j1720.
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    March 2017
  66. BELL S, Daskalopoulou M, Rapsomaniki E, George J, et al
    Association between clinically recorded alcohol consumption and initial presentation of 12 cardiovascular diseases: population based cohort study using linked health records.
    BMJ. 2017;356:j909.
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  67. WISE J
    History of migraine may indicate risk of ischaemic stroke.
    BMJ. 2017;356:j1193.
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    February 2017
  68. NIELSEN PB, Skjoth F, Sogaard M, Kjaeldgaard JN, et al
    Effectiveness and safety of reduced dose non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants and warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation: propensity weighted nationwide cohort study.
    BMJ. 2017;356:j510.
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    January 2017
  69. TOWERS J
    Lindsey Dow.
    BMJ. 2017;356:j150.
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  70. TIMM FP, Houle TT, Grabitz SD, Lihn AL, et al
    Migraine and risk of perioperative ischemic stroke and hospital readmission: hospital based registry study.
    BMJ. 2017;356:i6635.
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    November 2016
    RCP warns over shortage of stroke physicians.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i6398.
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  72. WALLACH JD, Sullivan PG, Trepanowski JF, Steyerberg EW, et al
    Sex based subgroup differences in randomized controlled trials: empirical evidence from Cochrane meta-analyses.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i5826.
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  73. MAYOR S
    Moderate alcohol intake is linked to lower risk of ischaemic stroke, study finds.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i6339.
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  74. MAYOR S
    More than half of stroke patients were not given preventive drugs, study finds.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i6105.
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  75. SUKKAR L, Hong D, Wong MG, Badve SV, et al
    Effects of ischaemic conditioning on major clinical outcomes in people undergoing invasive procedures: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i5599.
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    October 2016

  76. Poor adherence to antihypertensive drugs.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i5606.
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    Bleeding risk higher with rivaroxaban than dabigatran for stroke prevention, head-to-head trial shows.
    BMJ. 2016;355:i5362.
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    September 2016
    Current physical activity guidance is misinterpreted.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i4811.
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    August 2016
  79. WISE J
    Most patients taking warfarin do not maintain stable INR values.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i4402.
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    June 2016
  80. DYER O
    Egyptian prosecutors investigate the death of a girl during female genital mutilation.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i3133.
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    January 2016
  81. WEILL A, Dalichampt M, Raguideau F, Ricordeau P, et al
    Low dose oestrogen combined oral contraception and risk of pulmonary embolism, stroke, and myocardial infarction in five million French women: cohort study.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i2002.
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  82. MAYOR S
    Risk of stroke after transient ischaemic attack is lower than previously thought, study finds.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i2320.
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  83. MAYOR S
    Air pollution is a leading risk factor for stroke, global study shows.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i3272.
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  84. TIMMIS A, Rapsomaniki E, Chung SC, Pujades-Rodriguez M, et al
    Prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy in stable coronary disease: comparative observational study of benefits and harms in unselected versus trial populations.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i3163.
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  85. LARSEN TB, Skjoth F, Nielsen PB, Kjaeldgaard JN, et al
    Comparative effectiveness and safety of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants and warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation: propensity weighted nationwide cohort study.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i3189.
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  86. JASPERS FOCKS J, Brouwer MA, Wojdyla DM, Thomas L, et al
    Polypharmacy and effects of apixaban versus warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation: post hoc analysis of the ARISTOTLE trial.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i2868.
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  87. LI L, Rothwell PM
    Biases in detection of apparent "weekend effect" on outcome with administrative coding data: population based study of stroke.
    BMJ. 2016;353:i2648.
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  88. MAYOR S
    Older people with anaemia have higher mortality after stroke, finds study.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i4577.
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  89. KYU HH, Bachman VF, Alexander LT, Mumford JE, et al
    Physical activity and risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and ischemic stroke events: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i3857.
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  90. ADAMSSON ERYD S, Gudbjornsdottir S, Manhem K, Rosengren A, et al
    Blood pressure and complications in individuals with type 2 diabetes and no previous cardiovascular disease: national population based cohort study.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i4070.
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  91. ODUTAYO A, Wong CX, Hsiao AJ, Hopewell S, et al
    Atrial fibrillation and risks of cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and death: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ. 2016;354:i4482.
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