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    August 2021
  1. DESAI RV, Chen X, Martin B, Chaturvedi S, et al
    A DNA repair pathway can regulate transcriptional noise to promote cell fate transitions.
    Science. 2021;373.
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    July 2021
  2. BRUSKO TM, Russ HA, Stabler CL
    Strategies for durable beta cell replacement in type 1 diabetes.
    Science. 2021;373:516-522.
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  3. YOSHINO T, Suzuki T, Nagamatsu G, Yabukami H, et al
    Generation of ovarian follicles from mouse pluripotent stem cells.
    Science. 2021;373.
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    Boosting stem cell immunity to viruses.
    Science. 2021;373:160-161.
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  5. POIRIER EZ, Buck MD, Chakravarty P, Carvalho J, et al
    An isoform of Dicer protects mammalian stem cells against multiple RNA viruses.
    Science. 2021;373:231-236.
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  6. WAGENBLAST E, Araujo J, Gan OI, Cutting SK, et al
    Mapping the cellular origin and early evolution of leukemia in Down syndrome.
    Science. 2021;373.
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    June 2021
  7. IBRAHIM A, Papin C, Mohideen-Abdul K, Le Gras S, et al
    MeCP2 is a microsatellite binding protein that protects CA repeats from nucleosome invasion.
    Science. 2021;372.
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  8. DELGADO AC, Maldonado-Soto AR, Silva-Vargas V, Mizrak D, et al
    Release of stem cells from quiescence reveals gliogenic domains in the adult mouse brain.
    Science. 2021;372:1205-1209.
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  9. BALDWIN KT, Silver DL
    Expanding gliogenesis.
    Science. 2021;372:1151-1152.
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  10. RODERMUND L, Coker H, Oldenkamp R, Wei G, et al
    Time-resolved structured illumination microscopy reveals key principles of Xist RNA spreading.
    Science. 2021;372.
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    April 2021
  11. TANIGUCHI S, Elhance A, Van Duzer A, Kumar S, et al
    Response to Comment on "Tumor-initiating cells establish an IL-33-TGF-beta niche signaling loop to promote cancer progression".
    Science. 2021;372.
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  12. KAMPHUIS JBJ, Worrall WPM, Stackowicz J, Mougel A, et al
    Comment on "Tumor-initiating cells establish an IL-33-TGF-beta niche signaling loop to promote cancer progression".
    Science. 2021;372.
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  13. CHOW KK, Budde MW, Granados AA, Cabrera M, et al
    Imaging cell lineage with a synthetic digital recording system.
    Science. 2021;372.
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  14. DIXON G, Pan H, Yang D, Rosen BP, et al
    QSER1 protects DNA methylation valleys from de novo methylation.
    Science. 2021;372.
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  15. REID DA, Reed PJ, Schlachetzki JCM, Nitulescu II, et al
    Incorporation of a nucleoside analog maps genome repair sites in postmitotic human neurons.
    Science. 2021;372:91-94.
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    March 2021
  16. BAI L, Vienne M, Tang L, Kerdiles Y, et al
    Liver type 1 innate lymphoid cells develop locally via an interferon-gamma-dependent loop.
    Science. 2021;371.
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  17. BIZZOTTO S, Dou Y, Ganz J, Doan RN, et al
    Landmarks of human embryonic development inscribed in somatic mutations.
    Science. 2021;371:1249-1253.
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  18. FASCHING L, Jang Y, Tomasi S, Schreiner J, et al
    Early developmental asymmetries in cell lineage trees in living individuals.
    Science. 2021;371:1245-1248.
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  19. LESLIE M
    Key human embryo stage mimicked in the lab.
    Science. 2021;371:1189.
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  20. SONG Y, Shan L, Gbyli R, Liu W, et al
    Combined liver-cytokine humanization comes to the rescue of circulating human red blood cells.
    Science. 2021;371:1019-1025.
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  21. TYSER RCV, Ibarra-Soria X, McDole K, Arcot Jayaram S, et al
    Characterization of a common progenitor pool of the epicardium and myocardium.
    Science. 2021;371.
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    February 2021
  22. SHIVDASANI RA, Clevers H, de Sauvage FJ
    Tissue regeneration: Reserve or reverse?
    Science. 2021;371:784-786.
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  23. TRUJILLO CA, Rice ES, Schaefer NK, Chaim IA, et al
    Reintroduction of the archaic variant of NOVA1 in cortical organoids alters neurodevelopment.
    Science. 2021;371.
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  24. THEODORIS CV, Zhou P, Liu L, Zhang Y, et al
    Network-based screen in iPSC-derived cells reveals therapeutic candidate for heart valve disease.
    Science. 2021;371.
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  25. ZALC A, Sinha R, Gulati GS, Wesche DJ, et al
    Reactivation of the pluripotency program precedes formation of the cranial neural crest.
    Science. 2021;371.
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    January 2021
  26. GOLDSTEIN LSB, Klein RN 2nd
    Stem cells on the ballot.
    Science. 2021;371:215.
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  27. STADLER T, Pybus OG, Stumpf MPH
    Phylodynamics for cell biologists.
    Science. 2021;371.
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  28. LI X, Mizsei R, Tan K, Mallis RJ, et al
    Pre-T cell receptors topologically sample self-ligands during thymocyte beta-selection.
    Science. 2021;371:181-185.
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  29. SHIVARAJU M, Chitta UK, Grange RMH, Jain IH, et al
    Airway stem cells sense hypoxia and differentiate into protective solitary neuroendocrine cells.
    Science. 2021;371:52-57.
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    Detecting oxygen changes in the lungs.
    Science. 2021;371:32-33.
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    December 2020
  31. VEENVLIET JV, Bolondi A, Kretzmer H, Haut L, et al
    Mouse embryonic stem cells self-organize into trunk-like structures with neural tube and somites.
    Science. 2020;370.
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  32. KASPER DM, Hintzen J, Wu Y, Ghersi JJ, et al
    The N-glycome regulates the endothelial-to-hematopoietic transition.
    Science. 2020;370:1186-1191.
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    October 2020
  33. WU H, Qu X, Dong Z, Luo L, et al
    WUSCHEL triggers innate antiviral immunity in plant stem cells.
    Science. 2020;370:227-231.
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  34. BECKER CG, Becker T
    Coaxing stem cells to repair the spinal cord.
    Science. 2020;370:36-37.
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    Stem cell studies probe origins of the placenta.
    Science. 2020;370:19-20.
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  36. LLORENS-BOBADILLA E, Chell JM, Le Merre P, Wu Y, et al
    A latent lineage potential in resident neural stem cells enables spinal cord repair.
    Science. 2020;370.
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  37. TSAI TY, Sikora M, Xia P, Colak-Champollion T, et al
    An adhesion code ensures robust pattern formation during tissue morphogenesis.
    Science. 2020;370:113-116.
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    September 2020
  38. WENDT G, Zhao L, Chen R, Liu C, et al
    A single-cell RNA-seq atlas of Schistosoma mansoni identifies a key regulator of blood feeding.
    Science. 2020;369:1644-1649.
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  39. RAYON T, Stamataki D, Perez-Carrasco R, Garcia-Perez L, et al
    Species-specific pace of development is associated with differences in protein stability.
    Science. 2020;369.
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    August 2020
  40. IWATA R, Casimir P, Vanderhaeghen P
    Mitochondrial dynamics in postmitotic cells regulate neurogenesis.
    Science. 2020;369:858-862.
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  41. DONOVAN PJ, Zaret KS
    John D. Gearhart (1943-2020).
    Science. 2020;369:628.
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    July 2020
  42. ZHANG S, Zhang H, Zhou Y, Qiao M, et al
    Allele-specific open chromatin in human iPSC neurons elucidates functional disease variants.
    Science. 2020;369:561-565.
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    Altered DNA base could play key role in pregnancy.
    Science. 2020;369:495.
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  44. HEIDE M, Haffner C, Murayama A, Kurotaki Y, et al
    Human-specific ARHGAP11B increases size and folding of primate neocortex in the fetal marmoset.
    Science. 2020;369:546-550.
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  45. BORSA M, Simon AK
    Fine-tuning stemness.
    Science. 2020;369:373-374.
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  46. XU Y, Zhang Y, Garcia-Canaveras JC, Guo L, et al
    Chaperone-mediated autophagy regulates the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells.
    Science. 2020;369:397-403.
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  47. TANIGUCHI S, Elhance A, Van Duzer A, Kumar S, et al
    Tumor-initiating cells establish an IL-33-TGF-beta niche signaling loop to promote cancer progression.
    Science. 2020;369.
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    June 2020
  48. MICHAEL AK, Grand RS, Isbel L, Cavadini S, et al
    Mechanisms of OCT4-SOX2 motif readout on nucleosomes.
    Science. 2020;368:1460-1465.
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  49. MIN M, Rong Y, Tian C, Spencer SL, et al
    Temporal integration of mitogen history in mother cells controls proliferation of daughter cells.
    Science. 2020;368:1261-1265.
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    The specifics of innate immune memory.
    Science. 2020;368:1052-1053.
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    May 2020
  51. KNUDSEN NH, Stanya KJ, Hyde AL, Chalom MM, et al
    Interleukin-13 drives metabolic conditioning of muscle to endurance exercise.
    Science. 2020;368.
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  52. KARTHAUS WR, Hofree M, Choi D, Linton EL, et al
    Regenerative potential of prostate luminal cells revealed by single-cell analysis.
    Science. 2020;368:497-505.
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    April 2020
  53. DELGADO RN, Mansky B, Ahanger SH, Lu C, et al
    Maintenance of neural stem cell positional identity by mixed-lineage leukemia 1.
    Science. 2020;368:48-53.
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    March 2020
  54. WATSON CJ, Papula AL, Poon GYP, Wong WH, et al
    The evolutionary dynamics and fitness landscape of clonal hematopoiesis.
    Science. 2020;367:1449-1454.
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  55. SHARMA A
    Stem cells to help the heart.
    Science. 2020;367:1206.
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    Hope for hematological diseases.
    Science. 2020;367:1206.
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    February 2020
  57. MURRY CE, MacLellan WR
    Stem cells and the heart-the road ahead.
    Science. 2020;367:854-855.
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  58. DUBUC TQ, Schnitzler CE, Chrysostomou E, McMahon ET, et al
    Transcription factor AP2 controls cnidarian germ cell induction.
    Science. 2020;367:757-762.
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    January 2020
  59. UCKELMANN HJ, Kim SM, Wong EM, Hatton C, et al
    Therapeutic targeting of preleukemia cells in a mouse model of NPM1 mutant acute myeloid leukemia.
    Science. 2020;367:586-590.
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  60. LIU J, Dou X, Chen C, Chen C, et al
    N (6)-methyladenosine of chromosome-associated regulatory RNA regulates chromatin state and transcription.
    Science. 2020;367:580-586.
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  61. TREVINO AE, Sinnott-Armstrong N, Andersen J, Yoon SJ, et al
    Chromatin accessibility dynamics in a model of human forebrain development.
    Science. 2020;367.
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    December 2019
  62. HEITMAN N, Sennett R, Mok KW, Saxena N, et al
    Dermal sheath contraction powers stem cell niche relocation during hair cycle regression.
    Science. 2019 Dec 19. pii: science.aax9131. doi: 10.1126/science.aax9131.
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    Lymphatic vessels as a stem cell niche.
    Science. 2019;366:1193-1194.
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    November 2019
  64. STEIN-THOERINGER CK, Nichols KB, Lazrak A, Docampo MD, et al
    Lactose drives Enterococcus expansion to promote graft-versus-host disease.
    Science. 2019;366:1143-1149.
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  65. XI H, Pyle A
    Beyond the genome: RNA control of stem cells.
    Science. 2019;366:684-685.
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  66. DE MORREE A, Klein JDD, Gan Q, Farup J, et al
    Alternative polyadenylation of Pax3 controls muscle stem cell fate and muscle function.
    Science. 2019;366:734-738.
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    October 2019
  67. GUR-COHEN S, Yang H, Baksh SC, Miao Y, et al
    Stem cell-driven lymphatic remodeling coordinates tissue regeneration.
    Science. 2019 Oct 31. pii: science.aay4509. doi: 10.1126/science.aay4509.
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  68. STEICHEN JM, Lin YC, Havenar-Daughton C, Pecetta S, et al
    A generalized HIV vaccine design strategy for priming of broadly neutralizing antibody responses.
    Science. 2019 Oct 31. pii: science.aax4380. doi: 10.1126/science.aax4380.
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    September 2019
  69. CAMP JG, Platt R, Treutlein B
    Mapping human cell phenotypes to genotypes with single-cell genomics.
    Science. 2019;365:1401-1405.
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    July 2019
  70. SIEBERT S, Farrell JA, Cazet JF, Abeykoon Y, et al
    Stem cell differentiation trajectories in Hydra resolved at single-cell resolution.
    Science. 2019;365.
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  71. KAISER J
    California's stem cell research fund dries up.
    Science. 2019;365:107-108.
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    June 2019
  72. STROBER BJ, Elorbany R, Rhodes K, Krishnan N, et al
    Dynamic genetic regulation of gene expression during cellular differentiation.
    Science. 2019;364:1287-1290.
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  73. SHAHBAZI MN, Siggia ED, Zernicka-Goetz M
    Self-organization of stem cells into embryos: A window on early mammalian development.
    Science. 2019;364:948-951.
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  74. TUVESON D, Clevers H
    Cancer modeling meets human organoid technology.
    Science. 2019;364:952-955.
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  75. SOLDATOV R, Kaucka M, Kastriti ME, Petersen J, et al
    Spatiotemporal structure of cell fate decisions in murine neural crest.
    Science. 2019;364.
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    May 2019
  76. GIFFORD CA, Ranade SS, Samarakoon R, Salunga HT, et al
    Oligogenic inheritance of a human heart disease involving a genetic modifier.
    Science. 2019;364:865-870.
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  77. GAGE FH
    Adult neurogenesis in mammals.
    Science. 2019;364:827-828.
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  78. TELLEY L, Agirman G, Prados J, Amberg N, et al
    Temporal patterning of apical progenitors and their daughter neurons in the developing neocortex.
    Science. 2019;364.
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    April 2019
  79. CHAU YY, Cawthorn WP
    Fat cell progenitors get singled out.
    Science. 2019;364:328-329.
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    Lab-grown tissue patch could fix ailing hearts.
    Science. 2019;364:321.
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  81. MERRICK D, Sakers A, Irgebay Z, Okada C, et al
    Identification of a mesenchymal progenitor cell hierarchy in adipose tissue.
    Science. 2019;364.
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  82. SHAKIBA N, Fahmy A, Jayakumaran G, McGibbon S, et al
    Cell competition during reprogramming gives rise to dominant clones.
    Science. 2019;364.
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  83. WOLFF SC, Purvis JE
    Reprogramming favors the elite.
    Science. 2019;364:330-331.
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  84. WIENERT B, Wyman SK, Richardson CD, Yeh CD, et al
    Unbiased detection of CRISPR off-targets in vivo using DISCOVER-Seq.
    Science. 2019;364:286-289.
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  85. ZUO E, Sun Y, Wei W, Yuan T, et al
    Cytosine base editor generates substantial off-target single-nucleotide variants in mouse embryos.
    Science. 2019;364:289-292.
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    March 2019
  86. VODNALA SK, Eil R, Kishton RJ, Sukumar M, et al
    T cell stemness and dysfunction in tumors are triggered by a common mechanism.
    Science. 2019;363.
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  87. NEUHAUS N, Schlatt S
    Stem cell-based options to preserve male fertility.
    Science. 2019;363:1283-1284.
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  88. RAJAN V, Berman JN
    Fats enhance stem cell emergence.
    Science. 2019;363:1041-1042.
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    Best supporting actors.
    Science. 2019;363:1051.
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  90. FUCHS Y
    The therapeutic promise of apoptosis.
    Science. 2019;363:1050-1051.
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  91. GU Q, Yang X, Lv J, Zhang J, et al
    AIBP-mediated cholesterol efflux instructs hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell fate.
    Science. 2019;363:1085-1088.
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    January 2019
    B cells, CMV, and stem cell transplant.
    Science. 2019;363:232-233.
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  93. NICETTO D, Donahue G, Jain T, Peng T, et al
    H3K9me3-heterochromatin loss at protein-coding genes enables developmental lineage specification.
    Science. 2019;363:294-297.
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  94. PASCA SP
    Assembling human brain organoids.
    Science. 2019;363:126-127.
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    December 2018
  95. AMIRI A, Coppola G, Scuderi S, Wu F, et al
    Transcriptome and epigenome landscape of human cortical development modeled in organoids.
    Science. 2018;362.
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  96. RAJARAJAN P, Borrman T, Liao W, Schrode N, et al
    Neuron-specific signatures in the chromosomal connectome associated with schizophrenia risk.
    Science. 2018;362.
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    November 2018
  97. YAMAMOTO R, Wilkinson AC, Nakauchi H
    Changing concepts in hematopoietic stem cells.
    Science. 2018;362:895-896.
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  98. SHOOK BA, Wasko RR, Rivera-Gonzalez GC, Salazar-Gatzimas E, et al
    Myofibroblast proliferation and heterogeneity are supported by macrophages during skin repair.
    Science. 2018;362.
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  99. REAL R, Peter M, Trabalza A, Khan S, et al
    In vivo modeling of human neuron dynamics and Down syndrome.
    Science. 2018;362.
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  100. KAISER J
    Suspect science leads to pause in stem cell trial.
    Science. 2018;362:513.
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    October 2018
  101. GERBER T, Murawala P, Knapp D, Masselink W, et al
    Single-cell analysis uncovers convergence of cell identities during axolotl limb regeneration.
    Science. 2018;362.
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  102. SHELLARD A, Szabo A, Trepat X, Mayor R, et al
    Supracellular contraction at the rear of neural crest cell groups drives collective chemotaxis.
    Science. 2018;362:339-343.
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  103. HOLGUERA I, Desplan C
    Neuronal specification in space and time.
    Science. 2018;362:176-180.
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  104. ELDRED KC, Hadyniak SE, Hussey KA, Brenerman B, et al
    Thyroid hormone signaling specifies cone subtypes in human retinal organoids.
    Science. 2018;362.
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    September 2018
  105. PETRYK N, Dalby M, Wenger A, Stromme CB, et al
    MCM2 promotes symmetric inheritance of modified histones during DNA replication.
    Science. 2018;361:1389-1392.
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  106. YADAV T, Quivy JP, Almouzni G
    Chromatin plasticity: A versatile landscape that underlies cell fate and identity.
    Science. 2018;361:1332-1336.
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  107. YAMASHIRO C, Sasaki K, Yabuta Y, Kojima Y, et al
    Generation of human oogonia from induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro.
    Science. 2018 Sep 20. pii: science.aat1674. doi: 10.1126/science.aat1674.
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    August 2018
  108. KALHOR R, Kalhor K, Mejia L, Leeper K, et al
    Developmental barcoding of whole mouse via homing CRISPR.
    Science. 2018;361.
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    July 2018
  109. CHO WK, Spille JH, Hecht M, Lee C, et al
    Mediator and RNA polymerase II clusters associate in transcription-dependent condensates.
    Science. 2018;361:412-415.
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  110. SABARI BR, Dall'Agnese A, Boija A, Klein IA, et al
    Coactivator condensation at super-enhancers links phase separation and gene control.
    Science. 2018;361.
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  111. REICHMANN J, Nijmeijer B, Hossain MJ, Eguren M, et al
    Dual-spindle formation in zygotes keeps parental genomes apart in early mammalian embryos.
    Science. 2018;361:189-193.
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    June 2018
  112. KANNAN N, Eaves CJ
    Macrophages stimulate mammary stem cells.
    Science. 2018;360:1401-1402.
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  113. SIPP D, Munsie M, Sugarman J
    Emerging stem cell ethics.
    Science. 2018;360:1275.
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  114. ROSSANT J, Tam PPL
    Exploring early human embryo development.
    Science. 2018;360:1075-1076.
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  115. BRIGGS JA, Weinreb C, Wagner DE, Megason S, et al
    The dynamics of gene expression in vertebrate embryogenesis at single-cell resolution.
    Science. 2018;360.
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    May 2018
  116. PLASS M, Solana J, Wolf FA, Ayoub S, et al
    Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics.
    Science. 2018;360.
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  117. FINCHER CT, Wurtzel O, de Hoog T, Kravarik KM, et al
    Cell type transcriptome atlas for the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea.
    Science. 2018;360.
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  118. CHAKRABARTI R, Celia-Terrassa T, Kumar S, Hang X, et al
    Notch ligand Dll1 mediates cross-talk between mammary stem cells and the macrophageal niche.
    Science. 2018 May 17. pii: science.aan4153. doi: 10.1126/science.aan4153.
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    April 2018
  119. ATABAY KD, LoCascio SA, de Hoog T, Reddien PW, et al
    Self-organization and progenitor targeting generate stable patterns in planarian regeneration.
    Science. 2018;360:404-409.
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  120. DECKER M, Leslie J, Liu Q, Ding L, et al
    Hepatic thrombopoietin is required for bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell maintenance.
    Science. 2018;360:106-110.
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  121. OTSUKI L, Brand AH
    Cell cycle heterogeneity directs the timing of neural stem cell activation from quiescence.
    Science. 2018;360:99-102.
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  122. MI D, Li Z, Lim L, Li M, et al
    Early emergence of cortical interneuron diversity in the mouse embryo.
    Science. 2018;360:81-85.
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    March 2018
  123. WARREN M
    U.K. trials of airway transplants are in limbo.
    Science. 2018;359:1448-1450.
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  124. LEEMAN DS, Hebestreit K, Ruetz T, Webb AE, et al
    Lysosome activation clears aggregates and enhances quiescent neural stem cell activation during aging.
    Science. 2018;359:1277-1283.
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  125. MCLEAN W
    Toward a true cure for hearing impairment.
    Science. 2018;359:1113.
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  126. NAIK S
    The healing power of painful memories.
    Science. 2018;359:1113.
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  127. NABHAN AN, Brownfield DG, Harbury PB, Krasnow MA, et al
    Single-cell Wnt signaling niches maintain stemness of alveolar type 2 cells.
    Science. 2018;359:1118-1123.
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  128. LESCROART F, Wang X, Lin X, Swedlund B, et al
    Defining the earliest step of cardiovascular lineage segregation by single-cell RNA-seq.
    Science. 2018;359:1177-1181.
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    February 2018
  129. GOTZ M
    Revising concepts about adult stem cells.
    Science. 2018;359:639-640.
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  130. PILZ GA, Bottes S, Betizeau M, Jorg DJ, et al
    Live imaging of neurogenesis in the adult mouse hippocampus.
    Science. 2018;359:658-662.
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    January 2018
  131. HENNING AN, Klebanoff CA, Restifo NP
    Silencing stemness in T cell differentiation.
    Science. 2018;359:163-164.
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    September 2017
  132. YUAN L, Huang XY, Liu ZY, Zhang F, et al
    A single mutation in the prM protein of Zika virus contributes to fetal microcephaly.
    Science. 2017 Sep 28. pii: eaam7120. doi: 10.1126/science.aam7120.
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  133. DROST J, van Boxtel R, Blokzijl F, Mizutani T, et al
    Use of CRISPR-modified human stem cell organoids to study the origin of mutational signatures in cancer.
    Science. 2017 Sep 14. pii: eaao3130. doi: 10.1126/science.aao3130.
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  134. HIROTA T, Ohta H, Powell BE, Mahadevaiah SK, et al
    Fertile offspring from sterile sex chromosome trisomic mice.
    Science. 2017;357:932-935.
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    August 2017
  135. SHYER AE, Rodrigues AR, Schroeder GG, Kassianidou E, et al
    Emergent cellular self-organization and mechanosensation initiate follicle pattern in the avian skin.
    Science. 2017;357:811-815.
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    July 2017
  136. FURLAN A, Dyachuk V, Kastriti ME, Calvo-Enrique L, et al
    Multipotent peripheral glial cells generate neuroendocrine cells of the adrenal medulla.
    Science. 2017;357.
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    June 2017
  137. ALMEIDA M, Pintacuda G, Masui O, Koseki Y, et al
    PCGF3/5-PRC1 initiates Polycomb recruitment in X chromosome inactivation.
    Science. 2017;356:1081-1084.
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  138. PURNELL BA, Hines PJ
    Repair and Regeneration.
    Science. 2017;356:1020-1021.
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  139. CHAVALI PL, Stojic L, Meredith LW, Joseph N, et al
    Neurodevelopmental protein Musashi 1 interacts with the Zika genome and promotes viral replication.
    Science. 2017 Jun 1. pii: eaam9243. doi: 10.1126/science.aam9243.
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    May 2017
  140. LASRADO R, Boesmans W, Kleinjung J, Pin C, et al
    Lineage-dependent spatial and functional organization of the mammalian enteric nervous system.
    Science. 2017;356:722-726.
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  141. KIM J, Lu C, Srinivasan S, Awe S, et al
    Blocking promiscuous activation at cryptic promoters directs cell type-specific gene expression.
    Science. 2017;356:717-721.
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    April 2017
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    Control of muscle formation by the fusogenic micropeptide myomixer.
    Science. 2017;356:323-327.
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    March 2017
  145. SERVICK K
    Circular RNAs hint at new realm of genetics.
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    Decoupling genetics, lineages, and microenvironment in IDH-mutant gliomas by single-cell RNA-seq.
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  147. NORMILE D
    iPS cell therapy reported safe.
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  148. GROSSER T, Woolf CJ, FitzGerald GA
    Time for nonaddictive relief of pain.
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