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Articles published in
PLoS Biol
    September 2021
  1. WANG J, Farkas C, Benyoucef A, Carmichael C, et al
    Interplay between the EMT transcription factors ZEB1 and ZEB2 regulates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell differentiation and hematopoietic lineage fidelity.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001394.
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  2. LI J, Chen Y, Tiwari M, Bansal V, et al
    Regulation of integrin and extracellular matrix genes by HNRNPL is necessary for epidermal renewal.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001378.
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    June 2021
  3. LIN K, Bieri G, Gontier G, Muller S, et al
    MHC class I H2-Kb negatively regulates neural progenitor cell proliferation by inhibiting FGFR signaling.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001311.
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    April 2021
  4. PERUZZOTTI-JAMETTI L, Bernstock JD, Willis CM, Manferrari G, et al
    Neural stem cells traffic functional mitochondria via extracellular vesicles.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001166.
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    March 2021
  5. BECKER-HERMAN S, Rozenberg M, Hillel-Karniel C, Gil-Yarom N, et al
    CD74 is a regulator of hematopoietic stem cell maintenance.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001121.
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    December 2020
  6. FAN X, Tang D, Liao Y, Li P, et al
    Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of mouse preimplantation embryos by third-generation sequencing.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3001017.
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  7. STELLING E, Ricke-Hoch M, Erschow S, Hoffmann S, et al
    Increased prostaglandin-D2 in male STAT3-deficient hearts shifts cardiac progenitor cells from endothelial to white adipocyte differentiation.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000739.
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  8. LEE J, Park J, Kim JH, Lee G, et al
    LSM12-EPAC1 defines a neuroprotective pathway that sustains the nucleocytoplasmic RAN gradient.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3001002.
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  9. HERNANDEZ ALVAREZ B, Skokowa J, Coles M, Mir P, et al
    Design of novel granulopoietic proteins by topological rescaffolding.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000919.
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  10. LADYZHETS S, Antel M, Simao T, Gasek N, et al
    Self-limiting stem-cell niche signaling through degradation of a stem-cell receptor.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3001003.
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  11. BRUGGER MD, Valenta T, Fazilaty H, Hausmann G, et al
    Distinct populations of crypt-associated fibroblasts act as signaling hubs to control colon homeostasis.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3001032.
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  12. LUPPERGER V, Marr C, Chapouton P
    Reoccurring neural stem cell divisions in the adult zebrafish telencephalon are sufficient for the emergence of aggregated spatiotemporal patterns.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000708.
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    November 2020
  13. LV Y, Wang X, Li X, Xu G, et al
    Nucleotide de novo synthesis increases breast cancer stemness and metastasis via cGMP-PKG-MAPK signaling pathway.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000872.
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  14. LI R, Xia X, Wang X, Sun X, et al
    Generation and validation of versatile inducible CRISPRi embryonic stem cell and mouse model.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000749.
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  15. AKEF A, McGraw K, Cappell SD, Larson DR, et al
    Ribosome biogenesis is a downstream effector of the oncogenic U2AF1-S34F mutation.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000920.
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    October 2020
  16. KOBIA FM, Preusse K, Dai Q, Weaver N, et al
    Notch dimerization and gene dosage are important for normal heart development, intestinal stem cell maintenance, and splenic marginal zone B-cell homeostasis during mite infestation.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000850.
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    September 2020
  17. CHING K, Stearns T
    Centrioles are amplified in cycling progenitors of olfactory sensory neurons.
    PLoS Biol. 2020;18:e3000852.
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