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Am Fam Physician
    March 2024
  1. MAHARTY DC, Hines SC, Brown RB
    Chronic Low Back Pain in Adults: Evaluation and Management.
    Am Fam Physician. 2024;109:233-244.
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    February 2024
  2. HOURSTON S, Bertsche B, Vukelic B, Ose D, et al
    Exercise for Depression in Older Adults.
    Am Fam Physician. 2024;109:177-178.
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    December 2023
  3. NELSON B, Haynie D, Leggit JC
    Spinal Cord Stimulation for Low Back Pain.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;108:542-543.
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    November 2023
  4. WETTERER L, Shenko C, Prine L
    Medical Assessment After Self-Managed Abortion.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;108:519-522.
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    September 2023
    Tailored Exercise Program Improves Function and Reduces Pain Due to Knee Osteoarthritis.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;108:Online.
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    August 2023
  6. ANCIRO SA, Milliren A
    Inspiratory Muscle Training for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;108:136-137.
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    July 2023
  7. REY JB, Bevan JR, Haskell H
    Urinary Incontinence in Women: Conservative Interventions for Treatment.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;108:25-26.
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    February 2023

  8. Information for Patients Living With Fibromyalgia.
    Am Fam Physician. 2023;107:Online.
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    December 2022
  9. GAWRYS BL, Trang DT
    Music Therapy for Autistic People.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:622A-622B.
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    October 2022
  10. AMICO J, Shipkin R, Solanki S
    Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:448-449.
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  11. LINDBERG B, Leggit JC
    Effectiveness of Exercise Therapy in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:380-381.
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    September 2022
  12. SCHOONOVER J, Rubin SE
    Incorporating Music Therapy Into Primary Care.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:Online.
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    August 2022
    Exercise Training for Adults Undergoing Maintenance Dialysis.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:135-136.
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    July 2022
  14. WOJNOWICH K MD, Dhani R MD
    Care of the Active Female.
    Am Fam Physician. 2022;106:52-60.
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    November 2021

  15. Vocal Cord Dysfunction.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;104:Online.
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  16. MALATY J, Wu V
    Vocal Cord Dysfunction: Rapid Evidence Review.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;104:471-475.
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    Acute Treatments for Episodic Migraine in Adults.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;104:509-512.
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    June 2021
  18. CHOI HYJ
    Flash Continuous Glucose Monitoring (FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System) for Self-Management of Diabetes Mellitus.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;103:688-690.
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  19. BARRY HC
    Exercise Is the Only Intervention to Provide Long-Term Improvement in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;103:696-697.
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    May 2021
  20. SEALES P, Seales S, Ho G
    Exercise for Dysmenorrhea.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;103:525-526.
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    March 2021
  21. ISAACS B
    Long-term Benefits of Manipulation for Neck Pain.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;103:261-262.
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  22. HOOKS BY
    Enhancing Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support in Clinical Practice.
    Am Fam Physician. 2021;103:265-266.
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