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Articles published in
    April 2022
  1. TAKEDA T, Yanagi N, Fukasawa N, Mori E, et al
    Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma with nasal polyps affects dupilumab efficacy.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:148-151.
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  2. HAXEL BR, Fischer L, Pade J, Reden J, et al
    Nasal polyp load determines the recovery of olfaction after surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:102-108.
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  3. ARANCIBIA C, Langdon C, Mullol J, Alobid I, et al
    Twelve-year long-term postoperative outcomes in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:109-117.
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  4. LEE DDH, Cardinale D, Saman Y, Hirst RA, et al
    COVID-19: Extensive epithelial damage and ciliary dyskinesia in hospitalised patients.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:155-158.
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  5. PAN L, Liu Z
    Classification of eCRS: Based on disease outcome or normal range?: Comment on Toro et al.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:159-160.
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  6. HOANG MP, Samuthpongtorn J, Seresirikachorn K, Snidvongs K, et al
    Prolonged breastfeeding and protective effects against the development of allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:82-91.
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  7. DOWNIE L, Kubba H
    Why is there such variation in nasal cautery rates for childhood epistaxis: deprivation or clinician behaviour? National data from Scotland 2000-2019.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:152-154.
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    February 2022
  8. BACKER V, Aanaes K, Hansen S, Petersen J, et al
    Global airways aeuro" a novel Standard Tests for Asthma, allergic Rhinitis, and chronic Rhinosinusitis (STARR-15).
    Rhinology. 2022;60:63-72.
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  9. JEON YJ, Lee TH, Joo YH, Cho HJ, et al
    Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis: a longitudinal follow-up study using a national health screening cohort.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:29-38.
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  10. RHA MS, Kim CH, Yoon JH, Cho HJ, et al
    Association of the human papillomavirus infection with the recurrence of sinonasal inverted papilloma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:2-10.
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  11. RHA MS, Cho HJ, Yoon JH, Kim CH, et al
    Association between the use of electronic cigarettes and the prevalence of chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis: a nationwide cross-sectional study.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:20-28.
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  12. LYGEROS S, Danielides G, Kyriakopoulos GC, Grafanaki K, et al
    Evaluation of MMP-12 expression in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:39-46.
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  13. THORSTENSEN WM, Oie MR, Dahlslett SB, Sue-Chu M, et al
    Olfaction in COPD.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:47-55.
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  14. HOANG MP, Samuthpongtorn J, Chitsuthipakorn W, Seresirikachorn K, et al
    Allergen-specific immunotherapy for local allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2022;60:11-19.
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    December 2021
  15. FOKKENS WJ, Landis BN, Hopkins C, Reitsma S, et al
    Rhinology in review: from COVID-19 to biologicals.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:490-500.
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  16. PHILLIPS KM, Houssein FA, Singerman K, Boeckermann LM, et al
    Patient-reported chronic rhinosinusitis disease control is a valid measure of disease burden.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:545-551.
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  17. PAGELLA F, Maiorano E, Ugolini S, Lizzio R, et al
    Epidemiological, clinical and endoscopic features of epistaxis severity and quality of life in Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia: a cross-sectional study.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:577-584.
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  18. TSABOURI S, Ntritsos G, Koskeridis F, Evangelou E, et al
    Omalizumab for the treatment of allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:501-510.
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  19. PHILLIPS KM, Houssein FA, Boeckermann LM, Singerman KW, et al
    Multi-institutional minimal clinically important difference of the 22-item Sinonasal Outcome Test in medically managed chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:552-559.
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  20. SILVEIRA MLC, Tamashiro E, Santos ARD, Martins RB, et al
    miRNA-205-5p can be related to T2-polarity in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:567-576.
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    October 2021
  21. CHEN X, Dang H, Chen Q, Chen Z, et al
    Endoscopic sinus surgery improves Eustachian tube function in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis: a multicenter prospective study.
    Rhinology. 2021 Oct 5. pii: 2931. doi: 10.4193.
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  22. MELTZER EO, Wallace D, Friedman HS, Navaratnam P, et al
    Meta-analyses of the efficacy of pharmacotherapies and sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablets for allergic rhinitis in adults and children.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:422-432.
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  23. LICCARDI G, Bilo MB, Milanese M, Martini M, et al
    Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and self-reported seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:481-484.
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  24. MALAGUTTI N, Fancello V, Cariani A, Battistini F, et al
    Ion concentrations in nasal airway surface liquid: a prediction model for the identification of cystic fibrosis carriers.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:470-474.
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  25. HONG SN, Kim JK, Kim JA, Cha H, et al
    Viral stimulation modulates endotype-related ACE2 expression in eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:460-469.
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  26. DE VIRGILIO A, Costantino A, Sebastiani D, Russo E, et al
    Elective neck irradiation in the management of esthesioneuroblastoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:433-440.
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  27. WEE JH, Min C, Jung HJ, Park MW, et al
    Association between air pollution and chronic rhinosinusitis: a nested case-control study using meteorological data and national health screening cohort data.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:451-459.
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    In search of the allergen-driven chronic rhinosinusitis endotype.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:409.
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    August 2021
  29. TITIRUNGRUANG CK, Charakorn N, Chaitusaney B, Hirunwiwatkul P, et al
    Is postoperative nasal packing after septoplasty safe? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:340-351.
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  30. TORO MDC, Antonio MA, Alves Dos Reis MG, de Assumpcao MS, et al
    Achieving the best method to classify Eosinophilic Chronic Rhinosinusitis: a systematic review.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:330-339.
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  31. ARREENICH P, Saonanon P, Aeumjaturapat S, Snidvongs K, et al
    Efficacy and safety of retrobulbar amphotericin B injection in invasive fungal rhinosinusitis with orbital invasion patients.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:387-392.
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  32. DIETZ DE LOOS DAE, Ronsmans S, Cornet ME, Hellings PW, et al
    Occupational exposure influences control of disease in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:380-386.
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  33. RODRIGUES J, Franco-Pego F, Sousa-Pinto B, Bousquet J, et al
    Anxiety and depression risk in patients with allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:360-373.
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  34. ERIKSEN PRG, Jakobsen KK, Backer V, von Buchwald C, et al
    The potential role of biological treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps: a nationwide cohort study.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:374-379.
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  35. KIM JY, Hwang D, Jang M, Rhee CS, et al
    Clinical effectiveness of house dust mite immunotherapy in mono- versus poly-sensitised patients with allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:352-359.
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  36. LEE K, Kim K, Lee SH, Kim TH, et al
    Association between body composition indices and prevalence of chronic rhinosinusitis in Koreans.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:405-408.
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    June 2021
  37. WANG LF, Lee CH, Liang SS, Hung CC, et al
    Mucin 5AC is significantly upregulated in exosomes from the nasal lavage fluid and may promote the expression of COX-2, VEGF and MMP-9: an implication in nasal polyp pathogenesis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:328-336.
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  38. AVDEEVA KS, Fokkens WJ, Reitsma S
    Towards a new epidemiological definition of chronic rhinitis: prevalence of nasal complaints in the general population.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:258-266.
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  39. ALEKSEENKO S, Karpischenko S, Artyushkin S, Barashkova S, et al
    Ciliary function and sinonasal mucosal cytology in pediatric patients with chronic rhinosinusitis during a year after functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:319-327.
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  40. HOPKINS C, Lund V
    Does time from previous surgery predict subsequent treatment failure in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps?
    Rhinology. 2021;59:277-283.
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  41. MIGNEAULT-BOUCHARD C, Boselie FJM, Hugentobler M, Landis BN, et al
    Trigeminal impairment in treatment-refractory chronic nasal obstruction.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:312-318.
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  42. DESROSIERS M, Mannent LP, Amin N, Canonica GW, et al
    Dupilumab reduces systemic corticosteroid use and sinonasal surgery rate in CRSwNP.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:301-311.
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  43. SERESIRIKACHORN K, Kerr SJ, Aeumjaturapat S, Chusakul S, et al
    Predictive factors for identifying macrolide responder in treating chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:284-291.
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  44. LYGEROS S, Danielides G, Grafanaki K, Riga M, et al
    Matrix metalloproteinases and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis. Unravelling a puzzle through a systematic review.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:245-257.
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  45. KIM SK, Park MW, Min C, Park IS, et al
    Increased risk of chronic otitis media in chronic rhinosinusitis patients: a longitudinal follow-up study using a national health screening cohort.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:292-300.
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    April 2021
  46. JORGENSEN OJ, Steineger J, Bachmann-Harildstad G, Dheyauldeen S, et al
    A comparative study of two grading systems for epistaxis in hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:212-218.
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  47. TAHA MS, Nocera A, Workman A, Amiji MM, et al
    P-glycoprotein inhibition with verapamil overcomes mometasone resistance in Chronic Sinusitis with Nasal Polyps.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:205-211.
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  48. HELLINGS PW, Verhoeven E, Fokkens WJ
    State-of-the-art overview on biological treatment for CRSwNP.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:151-163.
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  49. KIM DK, Lim HS, Eun KM, Seo Y, et al
    Subepithelial neutrophil infiltration as a predictor of the surgical outcome of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:173-180.
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  50. SCHLOSSER RJ, Smith TL, Mace JC, Alt JA, et al
    The Olfactory Cleft Endoscopy Scale: a multi-institutional validation study in chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:181-190.
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  51. RUNGGALDIER D, Schindler V, Luo Y, Kleinjung T, et al
    Novel oral anticoagulation treatment is not associated with recurrent or severe epistaxis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:219-221.
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    February 2021
  52. GUO CL, Liao B, Liu JX, Pan L, et al
    Predicting difficult-to-treat chronic rhinosinusitis by noninvasive biological markers.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:81-90.
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  53. MAKINEN LK, Rentola-Back H, Valimaa H, Wuokko-Landen A, et al
    Microbial aetiology of acute rhinosinusitis during pregnancy.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:98-104.
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  54. HO J, Li W, Grayson JW, Alvarado R, et al
    Systemic medication requirement in post-surgical patients with eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:59-65.
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  55. SERESIRIKACHORN K, Mullol J, Limitlaohaphan K, Asvapoositkul V, et al
    Leukotriene receptor antagonist addition to intranasal steroid: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:2-9.
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  56. CHUNG JM, Lee SG, Nam JS, Ha JG, et al
    Compressive stress induces collective migration through cytoskeletal remodelling in nasal polyp epithelium.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:49-58.
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  57. KASSEM F, Cohen-Confino R, Meir-Shafrir K, Lachover-Roth I, et al
    Mepolizumab for eosinophilic chronic sinusitis with nasal polyposis: real-life experience.
    Rhinology. 2021;59:110-112.
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    December 2020
  58. CHERIAN LM, Bassiouni A, Cooksley CM, Vreugde S, et al
    The clinical outcomes of medical therapies in chronic rhinosinusitis are independent of microbiomic outcomes: a double-blinded, randomised placebo-controlled trial.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:559-567.
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  59. LIN CF, Wang MC, Merton AT, Ho NH, et al
    Add-on effect of clarithromycin to oral steroids as post- operative therapy for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps: a randomised controlled trial.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:550-558.
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  60. HELLINGS PW, Scadding G, Bachert C, Bjermer L, et al
    EUFOREA treatment algorithm for allergic rhinitis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:618-622.
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  61. DE OLIVEIRA IS, Guimaraes AF, Arantes Pegas GF, Machado CJ, et al
    Azithromycin for chronic eosinophilic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyp: a placebo-controlled trial.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:610-617.
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  62. BALL SL, Cockell SJ, Wilson JA, Mann DA, et al
    Microarray analysis of primary epithelial and fibroblast cells in chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:581-587.
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  63. CHENG Y, Peng H, Lu XQ, Liang CQ, et al
    Role of lncRNA-ENST00000412010 in regulating nasopharyngeal cancer cell survival.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:588-596.
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  64. REITSMA S, Adriaensen GFJPM, Cornet ME, van Haastert RM, et al
    The Amsterdam Classification of Completeness of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ACCESS): a new CT-based scoring system grading the extent of surgery.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:538-543.
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  65. STEINER UC, Bischoff S, Valaperti A, Ikenberg K, et al
    Endotypes of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps with and without NSAID aeuro" intolerance.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:544-549.
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  66. MIRZA AA, Alandejani TA, Shawli HY, Alsamel MS, et al
    Outcomes of microdebrider-assisted versus radiofrequency-assisted inferior turbinate reduction surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of interventional randomised studies.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:530-537.
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  67. CLARHED UKE, Johansson H, Veel Svendsen M, Toren K, et al
    Occupational exposure and the risk of new-onset chronic rhinosinusitis aeuro" a prospective study 2013-2018.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:597-604.
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  68. RANFORD D, Tornari C, Takhar A, Amin N, et al
    Co-morbid anxiety and depression impacts on the correlation between symptom and radiological severity in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:568-573.
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    October 2020
  69. KLIMEK L, Hagemann J, Alali A, Spielhaupter M, et al
    The toll of noninfected CRS patients to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:522-523.
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    Rhinology on the move despite Covid-19!
    Rhinology. 2020;58:417.
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  71. PAGELLA F, Maiorano E, Matti E, Tinelli C, et al
    FID Score: an effective tool in Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia - related epistaxis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:516-521.
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  72. SUZUKI M, Ramezanpour M, Cooksley C, Lee TJ, et al
    Zinc-depletion associates with tissue eosinophilia and collagen depletion in chronic rhinosinusitis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:451-459.
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  73. KAO SS, Bassiouni A, Ramezanpour M, Chegeni N, et al
    Scoping review of chronic rhinosinusitis proteomics.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:418-429.
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  74. BISCHOFF S, Poletti SC, Kunz S, Kiessling SY, et al
    Trigeminal endonasal perception - an outcome predictor for septoplasty.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:437-443.
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  75. MIN HJ, Choe JW, Kim KS, Yoon JH, et al
    High-mobility group box 1 protein induces epithelialmesenchymal transition in upper airway epithelial cells.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:495-505.
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  76. PIROMCHAI P, Kasemsiri P, Reechaipichitkul W
    Squeeze bottle versus syringe nasal saline irrigation for persistent allergic rhinitis - a randomized controlled trial.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:460-464.
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  77. LOURES CN, Castro TC, Luz-Matsumoto GR, Siebert VS, et al
    Systematic endoscopic assessment of bleeding sites in severe epistaxis: the role of the S-point and the superior epistaxis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:477-481.
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  78. MORTUAIRE G, Gengler I, Carpentier C, Szymanski C, et al
    T helper 2 inflammatory markers are associated with recurrence in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps after endoscopic sinus surgery.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:444-450.
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  79. OTTAVIANO G, Pendolino AL, Nardello E, Pollis M, et al
    The role of peak nasal and oral inspiratory flow in the evaluation of patients with sleep-related breathing disorders.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:465-470.
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    August 2020
  80. ROWAN NR, Soler ZM, Mace JC, Camilon MP, et al
    Lack of impact of radiologic septal measurements upon patient symptoms and performance of septoplasty during endoscopic sinus surgery.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:323-332.
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  81. LEE EJ, Gawel DR, Lilja S, Li X, et al
    Analysis of expression profiling data suggests explanation for difficulties in finding biomarkers for nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:360-367.
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  82. TRAN LV, Le LT, Wormald PJ
    How I do it: Surgical management of maxillary sinus hemangiomas via prelacrimal approach.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:413-415.
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  83. SIU J, Inthavong K, Shang Y, Vahaji S, et al
    Aerodynamic impact of total inferior turbinectomy versus inferior turbinoplasty - a computational fluid dynamics study.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:349-359.
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  84. ZHU Z, Wang W, Zhang X, Wang X, et al
    Nasal fluid cytology and cytokine profiles of eosinophilic and non-eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:314-322.
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    June 2020
  85. SEDAGHAT A, Hopkins C
    Chronic rhinosinusitis disease control as a metric for guiding treatment.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:193.
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  86. DELARESTAGHI MM, Rajaeih S, Firouzabadi FD, Jamali M, et al
    Evaluation of the effect of endoscopic partial middleturbinectomy surgery on the quality of life of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:208-212.
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  87. ZHAO K, Kim K, Craig JR, Palmer JN, et al
    Using 3D printed sinonasal models to visualize and optimize personalized sinonasal sinus irrigation strategies.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:266-272.
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  88. ZHANG L, Fang G, Yu W, Yang B, et al
    Prediction of malignant sinonasal inverted papilloma transformation by preoperative computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:248-256.
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  89. LOURIJSEN ES, Fokkens WJ, Reitsma S
    Direct and indirect costs of adult patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:213-217.
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  90. SIU J, Dong J, Inthavong K, Shang Y, et al
    Quantification of airflow in the sinuses following functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:257-265.
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  91. BASSIOUNI A, Ou J, Schreiber A, Geoghegan J, et al
    The global transcriptomic signature in sinonasal tissues reveals roles for tissue type and chronic rhinosinusitis disease phenotype.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:273-283.
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  92. TERADA T, Omura S, Kikuoka Y, Suzuki M, et al
    Sustained effects of intralymphatic pollen-specific immunotherapy on Japanese cedar pollinosis.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:241-247.
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  93. FORSTER-RUHRMANN U, Stergioudi D, Pierchalla G, Fluhr JW, et al
    Omalizumab in patients with NSAIDs-exacerbated respiratory disease.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:226-232.
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  94. PHILLIPS KM, Speth MM, Shu ET, Talat R, et al
    Validity of systemic antibiotics and systemic corticosteroid usage for chronic rhinosinusitis as metrics of disease burden.
    Rhinology. 2020;58:194-199.
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  95. DE CORSO E, Mastrapasqua RF, Tricarico L, Settimi S, et al
    Predisposing factors of rhinitis medicamentosa: what can influence drug discontinuation?
    Rhinology. 2020;58:233-240.
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