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Multiple Sclerosis

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    Mult Scler

  1. VAN LIEROP ZY, Noteboom S, Steenwijk MD, van Dam M, et al
    Neurofilament-light and contactin-1 association with long-term brain atrophy in natalizumab-treated relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
    Mult Scler. 2022 Sep 3:13524585221118676. doi: 10.1177/13524585221118676.
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  2. PAUWELS A, Van Schependom J, Devolder L, Van Remoortel A, et al
    Plasma glial fibrillary acidic protein and neurofilament light chain in relation to disability worsening in multiple sclerosis.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1685-1696.
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  3. FORD CC, Cohen JA, Goodman AD, Lindsey JW, et al
    Early versus delayed treatment with glatiramer acetate: Analysis of up to 27 years of continuous follow-up in a US open-label extension study.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1729-1743.
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  4. HARDY TA, Guo Y, Flanagan EP, Lucchinetti CF, et al
    The clinical spectrum of haemorrhagic CNS inflammatory demyelinating lesions.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1710-1718.
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  5. CAPANNA M, Signori A, Sormani MP
    Is the effect of drugs in progressive MS only due to an effect on inflammation? A subgroup meta-analysis of randomised trials.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1744-1751.
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  6. ZARGHAMI A, van der Mei I, Hussain MA, Claflin SB, et al
    Long-term trajectories of employment status, workhours and disability support pension status, after a first episode of CNS demyelination.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1793-1807.
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  7. GRAF J, Ng HS, Zhu F, Zhao Y, et al
    Emergency department use by persons with MS: A population-based descriptive study with a focus on infection-related visits.
    Mult Scler. 2022;28:1825-1828.
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    Neurologia (Engl Ed)

  8. MARTIN-AGUILAR L, Presas-Rodriguez S, Rovira A, Capellades J, et al
    Gadolinium-enhanced brain lesions in multiple sclerosis relapse.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2022;37:557-563.
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