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Eur J Epidemiol
    March 2024
    The public-health mindset : Review of "The public health approach - population thinking from the black death to COVID-19" by Alfredo Morabia, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2024;39:323-324.
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    February 2024
  2. YANG L, Chen W, Chen D, He J, et al
    Cohort profile: the China surgery and anesthesia cohort (CSAC).
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2024;39:207-218.
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  3. NORSTROM T, Ramstedt M
    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mortality in Sweden-Did it differ across socioeconomic groups?
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2024;39:137-145.
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    December 2023
    Losing the Public, for Better or for Worse: A Lesson from John Everett Gordon (1890-1983) and John Rodman Paul (1893-1971).
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1213-1217.
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  5. CHIOLERO A, Tancredi S, Ioannidis JPA
    Slow data public health.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1219-1225.
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    November 2023
    Measuring mortality arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of vaccination.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1119-1123.
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  7. JIA KM, Hanage WP, Lipsitch M, Johnson AG, et al
    Estimated preventable COVID-19-associated deaths due to non-vaccination in the United States.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1125-1128.
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  8. LEVITT M, Zonta F, Ioannidis JPA
    Excess death estimates from multiverse analysis in 2009-2021.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1129-1139.
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  9. ALICANDRO G, La Vecchia C, Islam N, Pizzato M, et al
    A comprehensive analysis of all-cause and cause-specific excess deaths in 30 countries during 2020.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:1153-1164.
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    August 2023
  10. LIN S, Gao X, Degenhardt F, Qian Y, et al
    Genome-wide epistasis study highlights genetic interactions influencing severity of COVID-19.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:883-889.
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  11. NORREDAM M, Islamoska S, Petersen JH, Benfield T, et al
    COVID-19 mortality and use of intensive care among ethnic minorities - a national register-based Danish population study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:891-899.
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    May 2023
  12. ANDERSEN MP, Mills EHA, Meddis A, Sorensen KK, et al
    All-cause mortality among Danish nursing home residents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide cohort study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:523-531.
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    April 2023
  13. BUTTIA C, Llanaj E, Raeisi-Dehkordi H, Kastrati L, et al
    Prognostic models in COVID-19 infection that predict severity: a systematic review.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:355-372.
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    March 2023
  14. POZO-MARTIN F, Beltran Sanchez MA, Muller SA, Diaconu V, et al
    Comparative effectiveness of contact tracing interventions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:243-266.
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  15. BEUKENHORST AL, Koch CM, Hadjichrysanthou C, Alter G, et al
    SARS-CoV-2 elicits non-sterilizing immunity and evades vaccine-induced immunity: implications for future vaccination strategies.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:237-242.
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  16. BELL M, Ekbom A, Linder M
    COVID-19 and comedications in atrial fibrillation-a case-control study in Stockholm.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:301-311.
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    February 2023
  17. BOWYER RCE, Huggins C, Toms R, Shaw RJ, et al
    Characterising patterns of COVID-19 and long COVID symptoms: evidence from nine UK longitudinal studies.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:199-210.
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    January 2023
  18. RODIAH I, Vanella P, Kuhlmann A, Jaeger VK, et al
    Age-specific contribution of contacts to transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Germany.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:39-58.
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  19. ANGELINI M, Teglia F, Astolfi L, Casolari G, et al
    Decrease of cancer diagnosis during COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2023;38:31-38.
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    December 2022
  20. JOYAL-DESMARAIS K, Stojanovic J, Kennedy EB, Enticott JC, et al
    How well do covariates perform when adjusting for sampling bias in online COVID-19 research? Insights from multiverse analyses.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1233-1250.
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    November 2022
  21. SIEURIN J, Branden G, Magnusson C, Hergens MP, et al
    A population-based cohort study of sex and risk of severe outcomes in covid-19.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1159-1169.
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    October 2022
  22. SAMUEL A
    Re: Carrat et al. Evidence of early circulation of SARS-CoV-2 in France: findings from the population-based "CONSTANCES" cohort.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1083-1084.
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  23. BERGHOFER A, Rotter G, Pankert J, Icke K, et al
    SARS-CoV-2 infections in professional orchestra and choir musicians-a prospective cohort study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1061-1070.
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  24. BANHOLZER N, Lison A, Ozcelik D, Stadler T, et al
    The methodologies to assess the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions during COVID-19: a systematic review.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1003-1024.
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  25. MATHIEU C, Pambrun E, Benard-Laribiere A, Noize P, et al
    Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its control measures on cardiovascular and antidiabetic drugs use in France in 2020: a nationwide repeated cohort study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1049-1059.
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  26. EBELING M, Acosta E, Caswell H, Meyer AC, et al
    Years of life lost during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden considering variation in life expectancy by level of geriatric care.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1025-1034.
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  27. BUCYIBARUTA G, Blangiardo M, Konstantinoudis G
    Community-level characteristics of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in England: A nationwide cross-sectional study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1071-1081.
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  28. MCDONALD SA, Lagerweij GR, de Boer P, de Melker HE, et al
    The estimated disease burden of acute COVID-19 in the Netherlands in 2020, in disability-adjusted life-years.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:1035-1047.
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    September 2022
    Estimating conditional vaccine effectiveness.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:885-890.
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  30. JOLLANT F, Blanc-Brisset I, Cellier M, Ambar Akkaoui M, et al
    Temporal trends in calls for suicide attempts to poison control centers in France during the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:901-913.
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    August 2022
  31. GARCIA-ALBENIZ X, Del Amo J, Polo R, Morales-Asencio JM, et al
    Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials of hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:789-796.
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  32. SCHONS M, Pilgram L, Reese JP, Stecher M, et al
    The German National Pandemic Cohort Network (NAPKON): rationale, study design and baseline characteristics.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:849-870.
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  33. GELDSETZER P, Mukama T, Jawad NK, Riffe T, et al
    Sex differences in the mortality rate for coronavirus disease 2019 compared to other causes of death: an analysis of population-wide data from 63 countries.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:797-806.
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    June 2022
  34. NARRES M, Claessen H, Kvitkina T, Rosenbauer J, et al
    Hospitalisation rate and mortality among people with and without diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic year 2020.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:587-590.
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    May 2022
  35. VERBERK JDM, de Hoog MLA, Westerhof I, van Goethem S, et al
    Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 within households: a remote prospective cohort study in European countries.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:549-561.
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  36. CASPERSEN IH, Magnus P, Trogstad L
    Excess risk and clusters of symptoms after COVID-19 in a large Norwegian cohort.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:539-548.
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    March 2022
  37. LEVIN AT, Jylhava J, Religa D, Shallcross L, et al
    COVID-19 prevalence and mortality in longer-term care facilities.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:227-234.
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  38. AXFORS C, Ioannidis JPA
    Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in community-dwelling elderly populations.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:235-249.
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    February 2022
  39. HERGENS MP, Bell M, Haglund P, Sundstrom J, et al
    Risk factors for COVID-19-related death, hospitalization and intensive care: a population-wide study of all inhabitants in Stockholm.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:157-165.
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  40. HVIDE HK, Johnsen J
    COVID-19 and mental health: a longitudinal population study from Norway.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2022;37:167-172.
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    December 2021
  41. COLEMAN T, Sarian A, Grad S
    Re: Subramanian and Kumar. Vaccination rates and COVID-19 cases.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1245-1246.
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  42. MULOT M, Segalas C, Leyrat C, Besancon L, et al
    Re: Subramanian and Kumar. Vaccination rates and COVID-19 cases.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1243-1244.
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    The Authors' Reply: Need for a multi-pronged population-level strategy to manage SARS-CoV-2 infection.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1247-1251.
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  44. GIANICOLO E, Wollschlager D, Blettner M
    Re: Subramanian and Kumar. Vaccination rates and COVID-19 cases.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1241-1242.
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  45. BJORK J, Modig K, Kahn F, Ahlbom A, et al
    Revival of ecological studies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1225-1229.
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  46. WOLLSCHLAGER D, Gianicolo E, Blettner M, Hamann R, et al
    Association of COVID-19 mortality with COVID-19 vaccination rates in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) from calendar week 1 to 20 in the year 2021: a registry-based analysis.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1231-1236.
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    Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1237-1240.
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    July 2021
  48. ESPENHAIN L, Tribler S, Svaerke Jorgensen C, Holm Hansen C, et al
    Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Denmark: nationwide, population-based seroepidemiological study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:715-725.
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  49. BELLUCO S, Mancin M, Marzoli F, Bortolami A, et al
    Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA on inanimate surfaces: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:685-707.
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  50. GOUDSMIT J, van den Biggelaar AHJ, Koudstaal W, Hofman A, et al
    Immune age and biological age as determinants of vaccine responsiveness among elderly populations: the Human Immunomics Initiative research program.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:753-762.
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  51. MCDONALD SA, Miura F, Vos ERA, van Boven M, et al
    Estimating the asymptomatic proportion of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the general population: Analysis of nationwide serosurvey data in the Netherlands.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:735-739.
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  52. TELLE K, Jorgensen SB, Hart R, Greve-Isdahl M, et al
    Secondary attack rates of COVID-19 in Norwegian families: a nation-wide register-based study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:741-748.
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  53. REICHER S, Ratzon R, Ben-Sahar S, Hermoni-Alon S, et al
    Nationwide seroprevalence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in Israel.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:727-734.
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    June 2021
    Over- and under-estimation of COVID-19 deaths.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:581-588.
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  55. LICHER S, Terzikhan N, Splinter MJ, Velek P, et al
    Design, implementation and initial findings of COVID-19 research in the Rotterdam Study: leveraging existing infrastructure for population-based investigations on an emerging disease.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:649-654.
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  56. LUNDBERG JO, Zeberg H
    Longitudinal variability in mortality predicts COVID-19 deaths.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:599-603.
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  57. NAFILYAN V, Islam N, Mathur R, Ayoubkhani D, et al
    Ethnic differences in COVID-19 mortality during the first two waves of the Coronavirus Pandemic: a nationwide cohort study of 29 million adults in England.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:605-617.
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  58. POZO-MARTIN F, Weishaar H, Cristea F, Hanefeld J, et al
    The impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 epidemic growth in the 37 OECD member states.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:629-640.
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    Different approaches to quantify years of life lost from COVID-19.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:589-597.
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  60. SCHMITZ T, Meisinger C, Kirchberger I, Thilo C, et al
    Impact of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on myocardial infarction care.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:619-627.
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    May 2021
  61. BOTTCHER L, D'Orsogna MR, Chou T
    Using excess deaths and testing statistics to determine COVID-19 mortalities.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:545-558.
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  62. BATTY GD, Deary IJ, Gale CR
    Pre-pandemic cognitive function and COVID-19 mortality: prospective cohort study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:559-564.
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    April 2021
  63. BUSHMAN M, Worby C, Chang HH, Kraemer MUG, et al
    Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 before and after symptom onset: impact of nonpharmaceutical interventions in China.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:429-439.
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  64. DE SOUZA FSH, Hojo-Souza NS, da Silva CM, Guidoni DL, et al
    Second wave of COVID-19 in Brazil: younger at higher risk.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:441-443.
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    March 2021
  65. BERGMAN J, Ballin M, Nordstrom A, Nordstrom P, et al
    Risk factors for COVID-19 diagnosis, hospitalization, and subsequent all-cause mortality in Sweden: a nationwide study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:287-298.
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  66. TERZIKHAN N, Hofman A, Goudsmit J, Ikram MA, et al
    External validity of phase III trials on vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 to a middle-aged and elderly Western European population.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:319-324.
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  67. ELLIOTT J, Bodinier B, Whitaker M, Delpierre C, et al
    COVID-19 mortality in the UK Biobank cohort: revisiting and evaluating risk factors.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:299-309.
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  68. FAN X, Yin C, Wang J, Yang M, et al
    Pre-diagnostic circulating concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-1 and risk of COVID-19 mortality: results from UK Biobank.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:311-318.
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    February 2021
  69. PEARCE N, Vandenbroucke JP
    Arguments about face masks and Covid-19 reflect broader methodologic debates within medical science.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:143-147.
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  70. SKJEFTE M, Ngirbabul M, Akeju O, Escudero D, et al
    COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among pregnant women and mothers of young children: results of a survey in 16 countries.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:197-211.
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  71. ACCORSI EK, Qiu X, Rumpler E, Kennedy-Shaffer L, et al
    How to detect and reduce potential sources of biases in studies of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:179-196.
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  72. CARRAT F, Figoni J, Henny J, Desenclos JC, et al
    Evidence of early circulation of SARS-CoV-2 in France: findings from the population-based "CONSTANCES" cohort.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:219-222.
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  73. GIANICOLO EAL, Russo A, Buchler B, Taylor K, et al
    Gender specific excess mortality in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic accounting for age.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:213-218.
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    January 2021
  74. PEARCE N, Moirano G, Maule M, Kogevinas M, et al
    Does death from Covid-19 arise from a multi-step process?
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2021;36:1-9.
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    December 2020
  75. LEVIN AT, Hanage WP, Owusu-Boaitey N, Cochran KB, et al
    Assessing the age specificity of infection fatality rates for COVID-19: systematic review, meta-analysis, and public policy implications.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:1123-1138.
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    November 2020
  76. GOMEZ-OCHOA SA, Franco OH
    COVID-19: facts and failures, a tale of two worlds.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:991-994.
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  77. CATALANO R, Casey JA, Bruckner TA, Gemmill A, et al
    Non-COVID-19 deaths after social distancing in Norway.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:1021-1024.
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  78. HANAGE WP, Testa C, Chen JT, Davis L, et al
    COVID-19: US federal accountability for entry, spread, and inequities-lessons for the future.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:995-1006.
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  79. MILLS EHA, Moller AL, Gnesin F, Zylyftari N, et al
    National all-cause mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic: a Danish registry-based study.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:1007-1019.
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  80. HUANG J, Teoh JY, Wong SH, Wong MCS, et al
    The potential impact of previous exposure to SARS or MERS on control of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:1099-1103.
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    June 2020
    Good science is good science: we need specialists, not sects.
    Eur J Epidemiol. 2020;35:519-522.
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