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1 Acta Neurol Scand
1 BMC Neurol
1 Brain Res
1 Hypertension
1 J Neurol
1 J Vasc Surg
3 Lancet Neurol
7 N Engl J Med
5 Neurol Clin Pract
10 Neurologia (Engl Ed)
2 PLoS Biol
1 PLoS One
7 Stroke

    Acta Neurol Scand

  1. BARRA M, Faiz KW, Dahl FA, Naess H, et al
    Stroke Mimics on the Stroke Unit - Temporal trends 2008-2017 at a large Norwegian university hospital.
    Acta Neurol Scand. 2021 Sep 9. doi: 10.1111/ane.13527.
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    BMC Neurol

  2. WANG Y, Huang H, He W, Zhang S, et al
    Association between serum NLRP3 and malignant brain edema in patients with acute ischemic stroke.
    BMC Neurol. 2021;21:341.
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    Brain Res

  3. HAPP DF, Wegener G, Andrew Tasker R
    Behavioral and histopathological consequences of transient ischemic stroke in the Flinders Sensitive Line rat, a genetic animal model of depression.
    Brain Res. 2021 Sep 4:147648. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2021.147648.
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  4. PARCHA V, Malla G, Kalra R, Li P, et al
    Coronary Artery Calcium Score for Personalization of Antihypertensive Therapy: A Pooled Cohort Analysis.
    Hypertension. 2021 Mar 1:HYPERTENSIONAHA12016689.
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    J Neurol

  5. MATOS-RIBEIRO J, Castro-Chaves P, Oliveira-Ferreira M, Fonseca L, et al
    Early anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation-related acute ischaemic stroke: efficacy and safety profile.
    J Neurol. 2021 Sep 9. pii: 10.1007/s00415-021-10788.
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    J Vasc Surg

  6. MALAS MB, Elsayed N, Naazie I, Dakour-Aridi H, et al
    Propensity Score-Matched Analysis of 1-Year Outcomes of Transcarotid Revascularization with Dynamic Flow Reversal, Carotid Endarterectomy, and Transfemoral Carotid Artery Stenting.
    J Vasc Surg. 2021 Sep 6. pii: S0741-5214(21)01986.
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    Lancet Neurol

  7. CASO V, Mosconi MG
    Lessons to be learned in intracerebral haemorrhage research.
    Lancet Neurol. 2021 Sep 2. pii: S1474-4422(21)00296.
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  8. Global, regional, and national burden of stroke and its risk factors, 1990-2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.
    Lancet Neurol. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S1474-4422(21)00252.
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  9. PANDIAN JD, Sebastian IA
    Integrated approach to stroke burden: are we doing enough?
    Lancet Neurol. 2021 Sep 3. pii: S1474-4422(21)00287.
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    N Engl J Med

  10. BELLEY-COTE EP, Connolly SJ, Whitlock RP
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion during Cardiac Surgery to Prevent Stroke. Reply.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1054-1055.
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  11. CALISKAN E, Falk V, Emmert MY
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion during Cardiac Surgery to Prevent Stroke.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1054.
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  12. AUER J, Lamm G
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion during Cardiac Surgery to Prevent Stroke.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1053.
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  13. LEES KR
    Does My District Need a Mobile Stroke Unit?
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1043-1044.
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  14. CHOUDHURY S, Gatherer R, Anwar S
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion during Cardiac Surgery to Prevent Stroke.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1054.
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  15. GROTTA JC, Yamal JM, Parker SA, Rajan SS, et al
    Prospective, Multicenter, Controlled Trial of Mobile Stroke Units.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:971-981.
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  16. COSTA F, Bella GD, Micari A
    Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion during Cardiac Surgery to Prevent Stroke.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;385:1053.
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    Neurol Clin Pract

  17. JABEEN S, Saini J, Mishra T, Mailankody P, et al
    Neuromelioidosis Presenting as a Stroke-like Syndrome.
    Neurol Clin Pract. 2021;11:e589-e591.
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  18. FORD CD, Gray MS, Crowther MR, Wadley VG, et al
    Depressive Symptoms and Risk of Stroke in a National Cohort of Black and White Participants From REGARDS.
    Neurol Clin Pract. 2021;11:e454-e461.
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  19. TOLLA AS, Farooq MU, Haveman-Gould B, Naisan G, et al
    Cerebral Vasoconstriction After Carotid Endarterectomy and the Role of Conventional Cerebral Angiography.
    Neurol Clin Pract. 2021;11:e594-e597.
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  20. DE HAVENON A, Tirschwell DL, Heitsch L, Cramer SC, et al
    Variability of the Modified Rankin Scale Score Between Day 90 and 1 Year After Ischemic Stroke.
    Neurol Clin Pract. 2021;11:e239-e244.
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  21. GHANNAM M, Alshaer Q, Ukatu H, Alkuwaiti M, et al
    Acute Amnestic Syndrome and Ischemic Stroke: A Case Series.
    Neurol Clin Pract. 2021;11:263-267.
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    Neurologia (Engl Ed)

  22. MASJUAN J, Gallego J, Aguilera JM, Arenillas JF, et al
    Use of cardiovascular polypills for the secondary prevention of cerebrovascular disease.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:1-8.
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  23. GELABERT-GONZALEZ M, Doval-Rodriguez A, Roman-Pena P, Rodriguez-Botana B, et al
    Middle meningeal artery embolisation in the treatment of chronic subdural haematoma.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:476.
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  24. GALIANO BLANCART RF, Fortea G, Pampliega Perez A, Marti S, et al
    One-year prognosis of non-traumatic cortical subarachnoid haemorrhage: A prospective series of 34 patients.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:215-221.
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  25. Diagnostic and treatment recommendations from the FACME ad-hoc expert working group on the management of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis associated with COVID-19 vaccination.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:451-461.
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  26. FUENTES B, Amaro S, Alonso de Lecinana M, Arenillas JF, et al
    Stroke prevention in patients with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Recommendations from the Cerebrovascular Diseases Study Group, Spanish Society of Neurology.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:305-323.
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    Stroke and cannabis use in patients with no cardiovascular risk factors: a systematic review of case reports.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:222-228.
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  28. CABRERA NARANJO FH, Saavedra Santana P, Gonzalez Hernandez A, Fabre Pi O, et al
    Hyperuricaemia as a prognostic factor for acute ischaemic stroke.
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:279-284.
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  29. VALENTI-AZCARATE R, Irimia Sieira P, Esparragosa Vazquez I, Riverol Fernandez M, et al
    [Multiple cerebral microbleeds associated with disseminated intravascular coagulation].
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:88-89.
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  30. VEIGA CANUTO D, Carreres Polo J, Aparici Robles F, Quiroz Tejada A, et al
    [Acute cerebral haematoma in the course of herpes simplex 1 encephalitis. A rare complication].
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:80-82.
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  31. MOLINA-GIL J, Calleja-Puerta S, Rico M
    [Ischemic stroke secondary to paradoxical embolism as a consequence of superior vena cava syndrome by a displacement of a ventriculoatrial shunt].
    Neurologia (Engl Ed). 2021;36:325-327.
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    PLoS Biol

  32. USUI T, Macleod MR, McCann SK, Senior AM, et al
    Meta-analysis of variation suggests that embracing variability improves both replicability and generalizability in preclinical research.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3001009.
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  33. NAKAMURA K, Sakai S, Tsuyama J, Nakamura A, et al
    Extracellular DJ-1 induces sterile inflammation in the ischemic brain.
    PLoS Biol. 2021;19:e3000939.
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    PLoS One

  34. LIMBRICK DD, Morales DM, Shannon CN, Wellons JC, et al
    Cerebrospinal fluid NCAM-1 concentration is associated with neurodevelopmental outcome in post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus of prematurity.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0247749.
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    Eating Well to Prevent Stroke: Peanuts Are on the Plate.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA121036172. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.121.036172.
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  36. THOMALLA G, Upneja M, Camen S, Jensen M, et al
    Treatment-Relevant Findings in Transesophageal Echocardiography After Stroke: A Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA121034868. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.121.034868.
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  37. ASDAGHI N, Romano JG, Gardener H, Campo-Bustillo I, et al
    Thrombolysis in Mild Stroke: A Comparative Analysis of the PRISMS and MaRISS Studies.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA120033466. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.033466.
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  38. FUKUDA K, Matsuo R, Kamouchi M, Kiyuna F, et al
    Day-by-Day Blood Pressure Variability in the Subacute Stage of Ischemic Stroke and Long-Term Recurrence.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA120033751. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.033751.
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  39. SEXTON E, Donnelly NA, Merriman NA, Hickey A, et al
    StrokeCog Markov Model: Projected Prevalent and Incident Cases of Stroke and Poststroke Cognitive Impairment to 2035 in Ireland.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA121034005. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.121.034005.
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  40. PUCCIARELLI G, Lyons KS, Petrizzo A, Ambrosca R, et al
    Protective Role of Caregiver Preparedness on the Relationship Between Depression and Quality of Life in Stroke Dyads.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA120034029. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.034029.
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  41. IKEHARA S, Iso H, Kokubo Y, Yamagishi K, et al
    Peanut Consumption and Risk of Stroke and Ischemic Heart Disease in Japanese Men and Women: The JPHC Study.
    Stroke. 2021 Sep 9:STROKEAHA120031212. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.120.031212.
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