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Anesth Prog
    October 2021
  1. TAKAISHI K, Otsuka R, Fujiwara SJ, Eguchi S, et al
    A Retrospective Case Series of Anesthetic Patients With Epiglottic Cysts.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:168-177.
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  2. KISHIMOTO N, Otsuka A, Tsurumaki T, Seo K, et al
    Unexpected Anesthetic Circuit Leak Attributed to Improper Use of a Tube Holder: A Case Report.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:154-157.
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  3. LEE S, Guthrie DB, Epstein RH
    Kawasaki Disease and General Anesthesia for Dental Treatment: A Case Report.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:146-153.
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  4. SHIONOYA Y, Nakamura E, Tsujimoto G, Koyata T, et al
    Hemodynamic Impact of Drug Interactions With Epinephrine and Antipsychotics Under General Anesthesia With Propofol.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:141-145.
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  5. KAMEKURA N, Hojo T, Nitta Y, Hase Y, et al
    Anesthetic Management of a Rett Syndrome Patient at High Risk for Respiratory Complications.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:163-167.
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  6. MAEKAWA M, Yasuda M, Sasaki H, Tachinami Y, et al
    Anesthetic Management of a Patient With Ring 18 Syndrome.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:178-179.
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  7. SHIBUYA M, Iwamoto R, Kimura Y, Dds NK, et al
    Anesthetic Management of a Patient With Citrullinemia Type I During Dental Treatment.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:158-162.
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    A Review of Current Literature of Interest to the Office-Based Anesthesiologist.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:188-190.
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    June 2021
  9. KUSHNIR B, Fowler S, Drum M, Nusstein J, et al
    Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Effect on IANB Injection Pain and Mandibular Pulpal Anesthesia in Asymptomatic Subjects.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:69-75.
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  10. SHIN J
    Anesthetic Management of the Pregnant Patient: Part 2.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:119-127.
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  11. HASHIMOTO M, Okumura Y, Sato A, Tachi N, et al
    A Case of Childhood-Onset Basedow-Graves' Disease Diagnosed as a Result of the Fourth Time of General Anesthesia for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:114-116.
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  12. YASUDA A, Miyazawa N, Inoue E, Imai T, et al
    Anesthetic Management of a Juvenile Hyaline Fibromatosis Patient With Trismus and Cervical Movement Limitation.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:117-118.
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  13. WONG M
    Ambulatory Anesthesia for a Case of Idiopathic Bronchiolitis Obliterans.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:98-106.
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    March 2021
  14. SHIN J
    Anesthetic Management of the Pregnant Patient: Part 1.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:52-62.
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  15. SAXEN MA, Orr DL
    A Review of Current Literature of Interest to the Office-Based Anesthesiologist.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:63-65.
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  16. KOJIMA Y, Sugimura M
    Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block for Intubation in Patients With COVID-19.
    Anesth Prog. 2021;68:50-51.
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    December 2020
  17. SAXEN MA
    A Review of Current Literature of Interest to the Office-Based Anesthesiologist.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:248-250.
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    Local Anesthetics: A Century of Progress.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:235-244.
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  19. SAKAMIZU A, Yaguchi E, Hamaguchi S
    Anesthetic Management for an Adult With Glycogen Storage Disease Type 0.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:233-234.
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  20. OHSHITA N, Yamagata K, Himejima A, Kaneda K, et al
    Anesthetic Management of a Patient With Restless Legs Syndrome: A Case Report.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:226-229.
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  21. HAYASHI R, Maeda S, Hideki T, Higuchi H, et al
    Pulmonary Aspiration During Induction of General Anesthesia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:214-218.
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  22. CHRISTENSEN C, Arnason SC, Oates R, Crabtree M, et al
    Efficacy of Pulpal Anesthesia Using a Needle-less Syringe.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:200-206.
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  23. MUNDLURU T, Saraghi M
    Anesthetic Management of a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Patient With Ketamine.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:219-225.
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    Recent Changes to Anesthesia Progress.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:191-192.
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  25. KAUSHIK M, Mehra N, Sharma R, Moturi K, et al
    Comparing the Efficacy of Twin Mix and Lidocaine for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks in Patients With Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:207-213.
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    September 2020
  26. KOJIMA Y, Furuse K, Murouchi T, Hirabayashi K, et al
    Ultrasound-Guided Local Anesthetic Nerve Blocks in a Forehead Flap Reconstructive Maxillofacial Procedure.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:164-169.
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  27. HOJO T, Kimura Y, Ohiwa D, Fujisawa T, et al
    A Case of Methemoglobinemia Thought to Have Been Caused by the Combined Use of Propitocaine and Nitroglycerin During General Anesthesia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:170-171.
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  28. ICHINOHE T, Akiike Y, Saito N, Koike M, et al
    Effects of Stellate Ganglion Blockade on Muscle Blood Flow During Hypercapnia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:135-139.
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    June 2020
  29. CHANPONG B, Tang M, Rosenczweig A, Lok P, et al
    Aerosol-Generating Procedures and Simulated Cough in Dental Anesthesia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020 Jun 18. pii: 438304. doi: 10.2344.
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  30. HOJO T, Shibuya M, Kimura Y, Otsuka Y, et al
    Refractory Hypotension During General Anesthesia Despite Withholding Telmisartan.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:86-89.
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  31. TOM J
    Infection Control in Dental Anesthesiology: A Time for Preliminary Reconsideration of Current Practices.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:109-120.
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    The History of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:67-71.
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  33. YAMASHITA K, Kibe T, Kohjitani A, Higa Y, et al
    General Anesthesia During Lip Repair and Palatoplasty After Glenn Surgery.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:107-108.
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  34. SAXEN MA
    Literature Review for Office-Based Anesthesia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:121-123.
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  35. TSUTSUI Y, Sunada K
    Adding Dexmedetomidine to Articaine Increases the Latency of Thermal Antinociception in Rats.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:72-78.
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    March 2020
  36. DOWDY RAE, Mansour ST, Cottle JH, Mabe HR, et al
    Cardiac Arrest Upon Induction of General Anesthesia.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;68:38-44.
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  37. GARCIA-BLANCO M, Scanlan S
    Accidental Intravascular Local Anesthetic Injection of the Facial Artery.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;68:29-32.
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  38. ERIGUCHI A, Matsuura N, Koukita Y, Ichinohe T, et al
    Effects of Remifentanil on Cardiovascular Stimulation Caused by Local Anesthetic With Epinephrine: A Power Spectral Analysis.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;68:10-18.
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  39. SHIBUYA M, Kimura Y, Takuma S, Dds NK, et al
    Cardiovascular Considerations in Anesthetic Management for a Patient With Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Decreased Cardiac Function: A Case Study.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;68:33-37.
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  40. HALLING F, Neff A, Ziebart T
    Local Anesthetic Usage Among Dentists: German and International Data.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;68:19-25.
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  41. MATSUI R, Wong M, Waters B
    Alternative Transoral Application of Nasopharyngeal Airways.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:39-44.
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  42. ASAHI Y, Hyodo M, Ikai S, Deki I, et al
    An Avulsed Tooth Detected Prior to Insertion of a Laryngeal Mask Airway.
    Anesth Prog. 2020;67:35-38.
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