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Articles published in
    January 2021
  1. BOWLING EA, Wang JH, Gong F, Wu W, et al
    Spliceosome-targeted therapies trigger an antiviral immune response in triple-negative breast cancer.
    Cell. 2021 Jan 13. pii: S0092-8674(20)31753-0. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.
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    November 2020
  2. KRUG K, Jaehnig EJ, Satpathy S, Blumenberg L, et al
    Proteogenomic Landscape of Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis and Targeted Therapy.
    Cell. 2020 Nov 16. pii: S0092-8674(20)31400-8. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.
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    April 2020
  3. ZHOU AY
    Choosing a New Direction on a One-Way Street.
    Cell. 2020;181:212-218.
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    Reaching for the Brass Ring.
    Cell. 2020;181:8-14.
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    March 2020
  5. LU Y, Zhao Q, Liao JY, Song E, et al
    Complement Signals Determine Opposite Effects of B Cells in Chemotherapy-Induced Immunity.
    Cell. 2020;180:1081-1097.
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    November 2019
  6. HOLLERN DP, Xu N, Thennavan A, Glodowski C, et al
    B Cells and T Follicular Helper Cells Mediate Response to Checkpoint Inhibitors in High Mutation Burden Mouse Models of Breast Cancer.
    Cell. 2019;179:1191-1206.
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    June 2019
  7. WANG H, Xiang D, Liu B, He A, et al
    Inadequate DNA Damage Repair Promotes Mammary Transdifferentiation, Leading to BRCA1 Breast Cancer.
    Cell. 2019;178:135-151.
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    April 2019
  8. WAGNER J, Rapsomaniki MA, Chevrier S, Anzeneder T, et al
    A Single-Cell Atlas of the Tumor and Immune Ecosystem of Human Breast Cancer.
    Cell. 2019 Apr 10. pii: S0092-8674(19)30267-3. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2019.
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    September 2018
  9. KEREN L, Bosse M, Marquez D, Angoshtari R, et al
    A Structured Tumor-Immune Microenvironment in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Revealed by Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging.
    Cell. 2018;174:1373-1387.
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    April 2018
  10. KIM C, Gao R, Sei E, Brandt R, et al
    Chemoresistance Evolution in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Delineated by Single-Cell Sequencing.
    Cell. 2018 Apr 13. pii: S0092-8674(18)30365-9. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.
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    January 2018
  11. CASASENT AK, Schalck A, Gao R, Sei E, et al
    Multiclonal Invasion in Breast Tumors Identified by Topographic Single Cell Sequencing.
    Cell. 2018;172.
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    December 2017
  12. SACHS N, de Ligt J, Kopper O, Gogola E, et al
    A Living Biobank of Breast Cancer Organoids Captures Disease Heterogeneity.
    Cell. 2017 Dec 5. pii: S0092-8674(17)31319-3. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.
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    November 2017
  13. YU W, Goncalves KA, Li S, Kishikawa H, et al
    Plexin-B2 Mediates Physiologic and Pathologic Functions of Angiogenin.
    Cell. 2017;171:849-864.
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