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Colorectal Neoplasms

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Articles published in
Semin Oncol
    February 2017
  1. NEUGUT AI, Lebwohl B
    Commentary: Choosing how to screen for colorectal cancer.
    Semin Oncol. 2017;44:45-46.
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  2. CHOI Y, Sateia HF, Peairs KS, Stewart RW, et al
    Screening for colorectal cancer.
    Semin Oncol. 2017;44:34-44.
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    October 2016
  3. STOFFEL EM, Yurgelun MB
    Genetic predisposition to colorectal cancer: Implications for treatment and prevention.
    Semin Oncol. 2016;43:536-542.
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    February 2016
  4. WOJTOWICZ ME, Dunn BK, Umar A
    Immunologic approaches to cancer prevention-current status, challenges, and future perspectives.
    Semin Oncol. 2016;43:161-72.
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  5. WALCOTT FL, Patel J, Lubet R, Rodriguez L, et al
    Hereditary cancer syndromes as model systems for chemopreventive agent development.
    Semin Oncol. 2016;43:134-45.
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    The microbiome and its potential as a cancer preventive intervention.
    Semin Oncol. 2016;43:97-106.
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