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1 Acta Paediatr
3 Am J Crit Care
4 Anaesth Intensive Care
1 Intensive Care Med
1 Lancet Respir Med

    Acta Paediatr

  1. AXELIN A, Outinen J, Lainema K, Lehtonen L, et al
    Neonatologists can impede or support parents' participation in decision-making during medical rounds in neonatal intensive care units.
    Acta Paediatr. 2018 May 3. doi: 10.1111/apa.14386.
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    Am J Crit Care

  2. SIMONS KS, Boeijen ERK, Mertens MC, Rood P, et al
    Effect of Dynamic Light Application on Cognitive Performance and Well-being of Intensive Care Nurses.
    Am J Crit Care. 2018;27:245-248.
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  3. COLWELL BRL, Williams CN, Kelly SP, Ibsen LM, et al
    Mobilization Therapy in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Initiative.
    Am J Crit Care. 2018;27:194-203.
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  4. YOUNG DL, Seltzer J, Glover M, Outten C, et al
    Identifying Barriers to Nurse-Facilitated Patient Mobility in the Intensive Care Unit.
    Am J Crit Care. 2018;27:186-193.
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    Anaesth Intensive Care

  5. HOFFMAN KR, Loong B, Mitchell I, Van Haren F, et al
    Discrepancy between factors associated with long-term outcome in very old patients referred to the intensive care unit, and prevalence of treatment limitations.
    Anaesth Intensive Care. 2018;46:344-346.
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    Thinking beyond routine daily pathology testing in the intensive care unit.
    Anaesth Intensive Care. 2018;46:257.
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  7. DHANANI JA, Barnett AG, Lipman J, Reade MC, et al
    Strategies to reduce inappropriate laboratory blood test orders in intensive care are effective and safe: a before-and-after quality improvement study.
    Anaesth Intensive Care. 2018;46:313-320.
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  8. EBMEIER SJ, Barker M, Bacon M, Beasley RC, et al
    A two centre observational study of simultaneous pulse oximetry and arterial oxygen saturation recordings in intensive care unit patients.
    Anaesth Intensive Care. 2018;46:297-303.
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    Intensive Care Med

  9. SAJJAD A, Wolters AE, Veldhuijzen DS, Peelen LM, et al
    Psychopathology prior to critical illness and the risk of delirium onset during intensive care unit stay.
    Intensive Care Med. 2018 Apr 30. pii: 10.1007/s00134-018-5195.
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    Lancet Respir Med

  10. PAGE VJ
    Does sedation related delirium matter?
    Lancet Respir Med. 2018;6:167-168.
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