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Arch Pediatr
    July 2017
  1. GOUTTE S, Sauron C, Mestrallet G, Chambon M, et al
    [Video: An innovation for developmental care in the neonatal intensive care unit].
    Arch Pediatr. 2017 Jul 25. pii: S0929-693X(17)30243.
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  2. BOIRON E, Merlot E, Loron G, Durrmeyer X, et al
    [A survey on premedication prior to intubation in very preterm infants (28-32WG) with respiratory distress syndrome in French neonatal intensive care units].
    Arch Pediatr. 2017 Jul 19. pii: S0929-693X(17)30244.
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    January 2017
  3. BROSSIER D, Villedieu F, Letouze N, Pinto Da Costa N, et al
    [Management of patients under 18years of age by adult intensive care unit professionals: Level of training, workload, and specific challenges].
    Arch Pediatr. 2017 Jan 25. pii: S0929-693X(16)30610.
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  4. BERANGER A, Pierron C, de Saint Blanquat L, Jean S, et al
    [Communication, information, and roles of parents in the pediatric intensive care unit: A review article].
    Arch Pediatr. 2017 Jan 25. pii: S0929-693X(16)30600.
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    December 2016
  5. KUHN P, Dillenseger L, Cojean N, Escande B, et al
    [Palliative care after neonatal intensive care: Contributions of Leonetti Law and remaining challenges].
    Arch Pediatr. 2016 Dec 29. pii: S0929-693X(16)30545.
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  6. COJEAN N, Strub C, Kuhn P, Calvel L, et al
    [Neonatal palliative care at home: Contribution of the regional pediatric palliative care team].
    Arch Pediatr. 2016 Dec 19. pii: S0929-693X(16)30530.
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    July 2016
  7. DOLLAT C, Pierron C, Keslick A, Billoir E, et al
    [Single-donor protocol: Transfusion practices and multiple transfusion risk factors in neonatal intensive care unit].
    Arch Pediatr. 2016 Jul 18. pii: S0929-693X(16)30288.
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    June 2016
  8. SERVEL AC, Rideau Batista Novais A
    [Single-family rooms for neonatal intensive care units impacts on preterm newborns, families, and health-care staff. A systematic literature review].
    Arch Pediatr. 2016 Jun 28. pii: S0929-693X(16)30255.
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  9. BENJAMIN MD, Jolivet E, Desbois N, Pignol J, et al
    [Fungal colonization in preterm neonates weighing less than 1500g admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit].
    Arch Pediatr. 2016 Jun 27. pii: S0929-693X(16)30258.
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    December 2015
  10. OULMAATI A, Hmami F, Hida M, Bouharrou A, et al
    [High prevalence of hypothyroidism among children hospitalized in a neonatal intensive care unit in Morocco].
    Arch Pediatr. 2015 Dec 3. pii: S0929-693X(15)00400.
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  11. AMBROSI X, Lamothe L, Heming N, Orlikowski D, et al
    [Respiratory and intensive care aspects of muscular dystrophies].
    Arch Pediatr. 2015;22.
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    August 2015
  12. VAN DEN HENDE K, Durand S, Mesnage R, Filleron A, et al
    [Congenital myotonic dystrophy type I in a very premature neonate: Ethical concerns].
    Arch Pediatr. 2015 Aug 25. pii: S0929-693X(15)00278.
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    June 2015
  13. MORTAMET G, Simonds C, Hattab A, Delpy S, et al
    [Clowns in the pediatric intensive care unit in France].
    Arch Pediatr. 2015 Jun 2. pii: S0929-693X(15)00160.
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    May 2015
  14. GARGOURI L, Safi F, Mejdoub I, Maalej B, et al
    [Auto-immune hepatitis in chronic granulomatous disease in a 2-year-old girl].
    Arch Pediatr. 2015;22:518-22.
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    July 2014
  15. MILESI C
    [Is it acceptable in 2014 that three-quarters of infants are intubated without any sedation in the delivery room?]
    Arch Pediatr. 2014 Jul 19. pii: S0929-693X(14)00291.
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