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    Acta Cytol

  1. GLASS R, Rosen L, Chau K, Sheikh-Fayyaz S, et al
    Analysis of the Cytomorphological Features in Atypical Urine Specimens following Application of The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology.
    Acta Cytol. 2018;62:54-61.
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  2. RENSHAW AA, Gould EW
    High-Grade Urothelial Carcinoma on Urine Cytology Resembling Umbrella Cells.
    Acta Cytol. 2018;62:62-67.
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    Am J Med Sci

  3. CHAAYA G, Morales J, Castiglioni A, Subhani N, et al
    Paraganglioma of the Urinary Bladder: A Rare Cause of Hypertension and Urinary Tract Infections.
    Am J Med Sci. 2018;355:191-194.
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    Am J Transl Res

  4. YANG X, Shi Y, Yan J, Fan H, et al
    Downregulation of FoxM1 inhibits cell growth and migration and invasion in bladder cancer cells.
    Am J Transl Res. 2018;10:629-638.
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    Ann Pharmacother

  5. GWYNN ME, DeRemer DL
    The Emerging Role of PD-1/PD-L1-Targeting Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma.
    Ann Pharmacother. 2018;52:60-68.
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    Anticancer Res

  6. MICHALSKA M, Schultze-Seemann S, Kuckuck I, Katzenwadel A, et al
    Impact of Methadone on Cisplatin Treatment of Bladder Cancer Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:1369-1375.
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  7. MIYATA Y, Matsuo T, Nakamura Y, Yasuda T, et al
    Expression of Class III Beta-tubulin Predicts Prognosis in Patients with Cisplatin-resistant Bladder Cancer Receiving Paclitaxel-based Second-line Chemotherapy.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:1629-1635.
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    Arch Esp Urol

  8. UNA OREJON R, Mateo Torres E, Huercio Martinez I, Jofre Escudero C, et al
    Application of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and laparoscopic surgery in the management of patients with bladder cancer.
    Arch Esp Urol. 2018;71:178-186.
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    Biomed Res Int

  9. CHEN PY, Chiang PH
    Comparisons of Quality of Life and Functional and Oncological Outcomes after Orthotopic Neobladder Reconstruction: Prostate-Sparing Cystectomy versus Conventional Radical Cystoprostatectomy.
    Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:1983428.
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    Braz J Med Biol Res

  10. LIU C, Shui CL, Wang Q, Luo H, et al
    Mechanism of hif-1alpha mediated hypoxia-induced permeability changes in bladder endothelial cells.
    Braz J Med Biol Res. 2017;51:e6768.
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    Cancer Lett

  11. XIE H, Zhan H, Gao Q, Jianfa Li, et al
    Synthetic artificial "long non-coding RNAs" targeting oncogenic microRNAs and transcriptional factors inhibit malignant phenotypes of bladder cancer cells.
    Cancer Lett. 2018 Mar 1. pii: S0304-3835(18)30179.
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    Cancer Sci

  12. ASANO T, Ohnishi K, Shiota T, Motoshima T, et al
    CD169-positive sinus macrophages in the lymph nodes determine bladder cancer prognosis.
    Cancer Sci. 2018 Mar 9. doi: 10.1111/cas.13565.
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    Clin Cancer Res

  13. FU H, Zhu Y, Wang Y, Liu Z, et al
    Identification and Validation of Stromal Immunotype Predict Survival and Benefit from Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer.
    Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Mar 7. pii: 1078-0432.CCR-17-2687.
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    Clin Genitourin Cancer

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder: A SEER Database Analysis.
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017;15:e463-e468.
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  15. JUNG K, Ghatalia P, Litwin S, Horwitz EM, et al
    Small-Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder: 20-Year Single-Institution Retrospective Review.
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017;15:e337-e343.
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  16. MARTINI T, Gilfrich C, Mayr R, Burger M, et al
    The Use of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder: Current Practice Among Clinicians.
    Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017;15:356-362.
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    Clin Nucl Med

  17. PAREKH A, Hagan I, Capaldi L, Lyburn I, et al
    Incidental Papillary Bladder Carcinoma on 18F-Fluoromethylcholine PET/CT Undertaken to Evaluate Prostate Malignancy.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2017 Jul 6. doi: 10.1097/RLU.0000000000001754.
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    Eur J Pharmacol

  18. SEABRA AB, Duran N
    Nitric oxide donors for prostate and bladder cancers: Current state and challenges.
    Eur J Pharmacol. 2018 Mar 1. pii: S0014-2999(18)30126.
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    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci

  19. WU J, Wang J
    HMGN5 expression in bladder cancer tissue and its role on prognosis.
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2018;22:970-975.
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    Eur Urol

  20. WANG L, Sustic T, Leite de Oliveira R, Lieftink C, et al
    A Functional Genetic Screen Identifies the Phosphoinositide 3-kinase Pathway as a Determinant of Resistance to Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors in FGFR Mutant Urothelial Cell Carcinoma.
    Eur Urol. 2017;71:858-862.
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  21. CHEVALIER MF, Bohner P, Pieraerts C, Lhermitte B, et al
    Immunoregulation of Dendritic Cell Subsets by Inhibitory Receptors in Urothelial Cancer.
    Eur Urol. 2017;71:854-857.
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    Int Braz J Urol

  22. ALTOK M, Sahin AF, Gokce MI, Ekin GR, et al
    Ureteral orifice involvement by urothelial carcinoma: long term oncologic and functional outcomes.
    Int Braz J Urol. 2017;43:1052-1059.
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  23. ZEQUI SC
    The Middle Term.
    Int Braz J Urol. 2017;43:577-578.
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    Int J Oncol

  24. LIU J, Zhai R, Zhao J, Kong F, et al
    Programmed cell death 4 overexpression enhances sensitivity to cisplatin via the JNK/c-Jun signaling pathway in bladder cancer.
    Int J Oncol. 2018 Mar 5. doi: 10.3892/ijo.2018.4303.
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    Int J Surg

  25. CHEN J, Zhang H, Sun G, Zhang X, et al
    Comparison of the prognosis of primary and progressive muscle-invasive bladder cancer after radical cystectomy: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Int J Surg. 2018 Feb 26. pii: S1743-9191(18)30580.
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  26. CHEN S, Zhang N, Shao J, Wang X, et al
    Maintenance versus non-maintenance intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin instillation for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials.
    Int J Surg. 2018;52:248-257.
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    Int J Urol

  27. MIYAZAKI J, Onozawa M, Takaoka E, Yano I, et al
    Bacillus Calmette-Guerin strain differences as the basis for immunotherapies against bladder cancer.
    Int J Urol. 2018 Mar 5. doi: 10.1111/iju.13538.
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    Investig Clin Urol

  28. PIAO XM, Byun YJ, Kim WJ, Kim J, et al
    Unmasking molecular profiles of bladder cancer.
    Investig Clin Urol. 2018;59:72-82.
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  29. MUTO S, Kitamura K, Ieda T, Shimizu F, et al
    A preliminary oncologic outcome and postoperative complications in patients undergoing robot-assisted radical cystectomy: Initial experience.
    Investig Clin Urol. 2017;58:171-178.
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    IUBMB Life

  30. DONG L, Li Y, Xue D, Liu Y, et al
    PCMT1 is an unfavorable predictor and functions as an oncogene in bladder cancer.
    IUBMB Life. 2018 Mar 8. doi: 10.1002/iub.1717.
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    J Cancer Res Ther

  31. UN S, Turk H, Dindar AS, Zorlu F, et al
    Does preoperative neutrophil/lymphocyte rate have an effect on survival of the bladder cancer patients who received radical cystectomy?
    J Cancer Res Ther. 2018;14:432-436.
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    J Cell Mol Med

  32. SU Q, Tao T, Tang L, Deng J, et al
    Down-regulation of PKM2 enhances anticancer efficiency of THP on bladder cancer.
    J Cell Mol Med. 2018 Mar 7. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.13571.
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  33. DU L, Duan W, Jiang X, Zhao L, et al
    Cell-free lncRNA expression signatures in urine serve as novel non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosis and recurrence prediction of bladder cancer.
    J Cell Mol Med. 2018 Mar 8. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.13578.
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    Medicine (Baltimore)

  34. ZENG XT, Liu XP, Liu TZ, Wang XH, et al
    The clinical significance of COL5A2 in patients with bladder cancer: A retrospective analysis of bladder cancer gene expression data.
    Medicine (Baltimore). 2018;97:e0091.
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    Mol Imaging Biol

  35. ESCORCIA FE, Steckler JM, Abdel-Atti D, Price EW, et al
    Tumor-Specific Zr-89 Immuno-PET Imaging in a Human Bladder Cancer Model.
    Mol Imaging Biol. 2018 Mar 5. pii: 10.1007/s11307-018-1177.
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    Mol Med Rep

  36. MIN J, Geng H, Liu Z, Liang Z, et al
    ERK5 regulates tobacco smokeinduced urocystic epithelialmesenchymal transition in BALB/c mice.
    Mol Med Rep. 2017;15:3893-3897.
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    Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao

  37. ZHANG Y, Li F, Yang F, Zeng WL, et al
    [Prognostic value of preoperative serum albumin in patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer undergoing transurethral resection of bladder tumor].
    Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao. 2018;38:192-197.
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    Nat Rev Urol

  38. THOMA C
    Bladder cancer: Mechanisms of anti-PDL1 resistance.
    Nat Rev Urol. 2018 Mar 6. pii: nrurol.2018.28. doi: 10.1038/nrurol.2018.
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    Oncol Rep

  39. LIU X, Kong C, Zhang Z
    miR-130b promotes bladder cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting VGLL4.
    Oncol Rep. 2018 Mar 6. doi: 10.3892/or.2018.6300.
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  40. LIU S, Jiang H, Wen H, Ding Q, et al
    Knockdown of tyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein zeta (YWHAZ) enhances tumorigenesis both in vivo and in vitro in bladder cancer.
    Oncol Rep. 2018 Mar 5. doi: 10.3892/or.2018.6294.
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    Oncology (Williston Park)

  41. BOURLON MT, Velazquez HE, Luna-Santiago R, Vazquez-Manjarrez S, et al
    Is This Patient With Metastatic Bladder Cancer a Candidate for Second-Line Immunotherapy Treatment?
    Oncology (Williston Park). 2018;32:64-8.
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  42. SUNDARARAGHAVAN VL, Sindhwani P, Hinds TD Jr
    Glucuronidation and UGT isozymes in bladder: new targets for the treatment of uroepithelial carcinomas?
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:3640-3648.
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  43. MIAO C, Liang C, Zhu J, Xu A, et al
    Prognostic role of matrix metalloproteinases in bladder carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Oncotarget. 2017;8:32309-32321.
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  44. KITTLER R, Shiang C, Hutchinson R, Kollipara RK, et al
    Grade progression in urothelial carcinoma can occur with high or low mutational homology: a first-step toward tumor-specific care in initial low-grade bladder cancer.
    Oncotarget. 2018;9:9415-9424.
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    Pharmacol Res

  45. AQUILA L, Ohm J, Woloszynska-Read A
    The role of STAG2 in bladder cancer.
    Pharmacol Res. 2018 Mar 1. pii: S1043-6618(18)30004.
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    Turk J Urol

  46. ALTUNKOL A, Savas M, Dilmec F, Utangac MM, et al
    Detection of CYP1A1 and GSTP1 gene polymorphisms in bladder cancer patients in a Turkish population using a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism method.
    Turk J Urol. 2018;44:125-131.
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  47. SEFIK E, Gunlusoy B, Aydogdu O, Topcu YK, et al
    Predictive role of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio on upstaging of organ-confined invasive urothelial bladder cancer to non-organ-confined disease.
    Turk J Urol. 2018;44:119-124.
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    Urol Int

  48. CERRUTO MA, D'Elia C, Siracusano S, Saleh O, et al
    Health-Related Quality of Life after Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer in Elderly Patients with Ileal Orthotopic Neobladder or Ileal Conduit: Results from a Multicentre Cross-Sectional Study Using Validated Questionnaires.
    Urol Int. 2018 Mar 7. pii: 000487644. doi: 10.1159/000487644.
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  49. DOGAN S, Hennig M, Frank T, Struck JP, et al
    Acceptance of Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer in Germany: A Survey of Current Practice.
    Urol Int. 2018 Mar 6. pii: 000487405. doi: 10.1159/000487405.
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    Urol Oncol

  50. ZUIVERLOON TCM, van Kessel KEM, Bivalacqua TJ, Boormans JL, et al
    Recommendations for follow-up of muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients: A consensus by the international bladder cancer network.
    Urol Oncol. 2018 Feb 26. pii: S1078-1439(18)30036.
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  51. D ANDREA D, Abufaraj M, Susani M, Ristl R, et al
    Accurate prediction of progression to muscle-invasive disease in patients with pT1G3 bladder cancer: A clinical decision-making tool.
    Urol Oncol. 2018 Mar 2. pii: S1078-1439(18)30040.
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  52. VON LANDENBERG N, Aziz A, von Rundstedt FC, Dobruch J, et al
    Conditional analyses of recurrence and progression in patients with TaG1 non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
    Urol Oncol. 2018 Mar 2. pii: S1078-1439(18)30039.
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  53. EL-BABOULY IM, Desoky EAE, El Sayed D, Ali MM, et al
    The role of neural precursor cell-expressed developmentally down-regulated protein 9 in predicting bacillus Calmette-Guerin response in nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer.
    Urol Oncol. 2018 Mar 5. pii: S1078-1439(18)30042.
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    Urologe A

    [When is a nonsurgical approach possible for metastatic primary tumors and lymph node metastases of the urinary bladder and prostate?]
    Urologe A. 2017;56:570-578.
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  55. BOTTKE D, Bolenz C, Ott S, Cebulla A, et al
    [When should the primary tumor of metastatic bladder or prostate cancer be treated using a nonsurgical regimen?]
    Urologe A. 2017;56:579-584.
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  56. ELLINGER J, Hauser S, Kubler H, Muller SC, et al
    [When is surgical resection of the primary tumor indicated in metastatic urothelial carcinoma of the bladder and what is the scientific rationale?]
    Urologe A. 2017;56:564-569.
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  57. NIEDWOROK C, Rubben H
    [When is surgical treatment indicated in metastatic urothelial carcinoma and what is the scientific rationale?]
    Urologe A. 2017;56:585-590.
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  58. BREAM MJ, Maurice MJ, Altschuler J, Zhu H, et al
    Increased Use of Cystectomy in Patients 75 and Older: A Contemporary Analysis of Survival and Perioperative Outcomes From the National Cancer Database.
    Urology. 2017;100:72-78.
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  59. RUBENWOLF PC, Hampel C, Roos F, Stein R, et al
    Continent Anal Urinary Diversion in Classic Bladder Exstrophy: 45-Year Experience.
    Urology. 2017;100:249-254.
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  60. GOROSPE L, Garcia-Santana E, Jane-Soler P, Gomez-Martinez MDV, et al
    Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Metastases From Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder: Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography Findings.
    Urology. 2017;100:e5-e6.
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  61. ASHRAFI-ASGARABAD A, Ayubi E, Sullman MJ, Safiri S, et al
    Re: Hussein et al.: Development and Validation of a Quality Assurance Score for Robot-assisted Radical Cystectomy: A 10-Year Analysis (Urology 2016;97:124-129).
    Urology. 2017;101:174.
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  62. GOLABESK T, Palou J, Rodriguez O, Parada R, et al
    Long-term Bladder and Upper Urinary Tract Follow-up Recurrence and Progression Rates of G1-2 Non-muscle-invasive Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder.
    Urology. 2017;100:145-150.
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    World J Urol

  63. GRAMANN T, Schwab C, Zumstein V, Betschart P, et al
    Transurethral resection of bladder cancer on the lateral bladder wall without obturator nerve block: extent of adductor spasms using the monopolar versus bipolar technique-a prospective randomised study.
    World J Urol. 2018 Mar 1. pii: 10.1007/s00345-018-2248.
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  64. MAYR R, Fritsche HM, Zeman F, Reiffen M, et al
    Sarcopenia predicts 90-day mortality and postoperative complications after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer.
    World J Urol. 2018 Mar 8. pii: 10.1007/s00345-018-2259.
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  65. BAYNE CE, Farah D, Herbst KW, Hsieh MH, et al
    Role of urinary tract infection in bladder cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    World J Urol. 2018 Mar 8. pii: 10.1007/s00345-018-2257.
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