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10 May 2021

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Trifan G, Gorelick PB, Testai FD.
    Efficacy and Safety of Using Dual Versus Monotherapy Antiplatelet Agents in Secondary Stroke Prevention: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials.
    Circulation 2021.

  1. Boncoraglio GB, Del Giovane C, Tramacere I.
    Antihypertensive Drugs for Secondary Prevention After Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Stroke 2021.

  2. Alig S, Macaulay CW, Kurtz DM, Duhrsen U, et al.
    Short Diagnosis-to-Treatment Interval Is Associated With Higher Circulating Tumor DNA Levels in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma.
    J Clin Oncol 2021.

  3. Dawson J, Liu CY, Francisco GE, Cramer SC, et al.
    Vagus nerve stimulation paired with rehabilitation for upper limb motor function after ischaemic stroke (VNS-REHAB): a randomised, blinded, pivotal, device trial.
    Lancet 2021;397:1545-1553.

  4. Rajamaki K, Taira A, Katainen R, Valimaki N, et al.
    Genetic and epigenetic characteristics of inflammatory bowel disease associated colorectal cancer.
    Gastroenterology 2021.

  1. Lamoth F, Akan H, Andes D, Cruciani M, et al.
    Assessment of the Role of 1,3-beta-d-Glucan Testing for the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections in Adults.
    Clin Infect Dis 2021;72:S102-S108.

  2. Grobbel HP, Merker M, Kohler N, Andres S, et al.
    Design of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment regimens based on DNA sequencing.
    Clin Infect Dis 2021.

  3. Kilgore LJ, Yi M, Bevers T, Coyne R, et al.
    Risk of Breast Cancer in Selected Women with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia Who do not Undergo Surgical Excision.
    Ann Surg 2021.

  4. Butler SS, Mahal BA, Moslehi JJ, Nohria A, et al.
    Risk of cardiovascular mortality with androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer: A secondary analysis of the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian (PLCO) Randomized Controlled Trial.
    Cancer 2021.

  5. Gasperi C, Hapfelmeier A, Daltrozzo T, Schneider A, et al.
    Systematic Assessment of Medical Diagnoses Preceding the First Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
    Neurology 2021.

  1. Grover I, Gunjan D, Singh N, Benjamin J, et al.
    Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Vitamin D Level and Bone Mineral Density in Patients With Cirrhosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Am J Gastroenterol 2021.

  2. Leonardi MC, Scognamiglio IR, Maisonneuve P, Dicuonzo S, et al.
    Mastectomy alone for pT1-2 pN0-1 breast cancer patients: when postmastectomy radiotherapy is indicated.
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2021.

  3. Pierrat V, Marchand-Martin L, Marret S, Arnaud C, et al.
    Neurodevelopmental outcomes at age 5 among children born preterm: EPIPAGE-2 cohort study.
    BMJ 2021;373:n741.

  4. Relangi D, Somashekar S, Jain D, Vanbuskirk S, et al.
    Changes in PDA Treatment Strategy and Respiratory Outcomes in Premature Infants.
    J Pediatr 2021.

  5. Brandts J, Dharmayat KI, Vallejo-Vaz AJ, Azar Sharabiani MT, et al.
    A meta-analysis of medications directed against PCSK9 in familial hypercholesterolemia.
    Atherosclerosis 2021;325:46-56.

  1. Johansson I, Joseph P, Balasubramanian K, McMurray JJV, et al.
    Health-Related Quality of Life and Mortality in Heart Failure: The Global Congestive Heart Failure Study of 23,000 Patients from 40 Countries.
    Circulation 2021.

  2. Wenzel SE.
    Severe Adult Asthmas: Integrating Clinical Features, Biology and Therapeutics to Improve Outcomes.
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2020.

  3. Sharma S, Labib SB, Shah SP.
    Electrocardiogram Criteria to Diagnose Cardiac Amyloidosis in Men With a Bundle Branch Block.
    Am J Cardiol 2021;146:89-94.

  4. Riou A, Houvenaghel JF, Dondaine T, Drapier S, et al.
    Functional Role of the Cerebellum in Parkinson Disease: A PET Study.
    Neurology 2021.

  5. Mercier T, Castagnola E, Marr KA, Wheat LJ, et al.
    Defining Galactomannan Positivity in the Updated EORTC/MSGERC Consensus Definitions of Invasive Fungal Diseases.
    Clin Infect Dis 2021;72:S89-S94.


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