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18 March 2019

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Dombkowski KJ, Cowan AE, Reeves SL, Foley MR, et al.
    The impacts of email reminder/recall on adolescent influenza vaccination.
    Vaccine 2017.

  1. Gupta RK, Abdul-Jawad S, McCoy LE, Mok HP, et al.
    HIV-1 remission following CCR5Delta32/Delta32 haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.
    Nature 2019.

  2. Thybo KH, Hagi-Pedersen D, Dahl JB, Wetterslev J, et al.
    Effect of Combination of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen vs Either Alone on Patient-Controlled Morphine Consumption in the First 24 Hours After Total Hip Arthroplasty: The PANSAID Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA 2019;321:562-571.

  3. Paavola M, Malmivaara A, Taimela S, Kanto K, et al.
    Subacromial decompression versus diagnostic arthroscopy for shoulder impingement: randomised, placebo surgery controlled clinical trial.
    BMJ 2018;362:k2860.

  4. Kwong AJ, Kim WR, Flemming JA.
    De Novo Hepatocellular Carcinoma Among Liver Transplant Registrants in the Direct Acting Antiviral Era.
    Hepatology 2018.

  1. Regan AK, Gissler M, Magnus MC, Haberg SE, et al.
    Association between interpregnancy interval and adverse birth outcomes in women with a previous stillbirth: an international cohort study.
    Lancet 2019.

  2. Williamson JD, Pajewski NM, Auchus AP, Bryan RN, et al.
    Effect of Intensive vs Standard Blood Pressure Control on Probable Dementia: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA 2019;321:553-561.

  3. Ridker PM, Everett BM, Pradhan A, MacFadyen JG, et al.
    Low-Dose Methotrexate for the Prevention of Atherosclerotic Events.
    N Engl J Med 2019;380:752-762.

  4. Berenguer J, Gil-Martin A, Jarrin I, Montes ML, et al.
    Reinfection by hepatitis C virus following effective all-oral direct-acting antiviral drug therapy in HIV/hepatitis C virus coinfected individuals.
    AIDS 2019;33:685-689.

  5. Hamdane N, Juhling F, Crouchet E, El Saghire H, et al.
    HCV-induced Epigenetic Changes Associated With Liver Cancer Risk Persist After Sustained Virologic Response.
    Gastroenterology 2019.

  1. Block GA, Rosenbaum DP, Yan A, Chertow GM, et al.
    Efficacy and Safety of Tenapanor in Patients with Hyperphosphatemia Receiving Maintenance Hemodialysis: A Randomized Phase 3 Trial.
    J Am Soc Nephrol 2019.

  2. Huiting ED, Gittens K, Justement JS, Shi V, et al.
    Impact of treatment interruption on HIV reservoirs and lymphocyte subsets in individuals who had initiated antiretroviral therapy during the early phase of infection.
    J Infect Dis 2019.

  3. .
    Long-term virological suppression on first-line efavirenz + tenofovir + emtricitabine/lamivudine for HIV-1.
    AIDS 2019;33:745-751.

  4. Weinberger DR.
    Thinking About Schizophrenia in an Era of Genomic Medicine.
    Am J Psychiatry 2019;176:12-20.

  5. Vinogradova Y, Coupland C, Hill T, Hippisley-Cox J, et al.
    Risks and benefits of direct oral anticoagulants versus warfarin in a real world setting: cohort study in primary care.
    BMJ 2018;362:k2505.

  1. Bhatnagar A, Maziak W, Eissenberg T, Ward KD, et al.
    Water Pipe (Hookah) Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.
    Circulation 2019.

  2. Carlisle LA, Turk T, Kusejko K, Metzner KJ, et al.
    Viral diversity from next-generation sequencing of HIV-1 samples provides precise estimates of infection recency and time since infection.
    J Infect Dis 2019.

  3. Zuluaga MI, Otero-Romero S, Rovira A, Perez-Hoyos S, et al.
    Menarche, pregnancies, and breastfeeding do not modify long-term prognosis in multiple sclerosis.
    Neurology 2019.

  4. Rubin DT, Ananthakrishnan AN, Siegel CA, Sauer BG, et al.
    ACG Clinical Guideline: Ulcerative Colitis in Adults.
    Am J Gastroenterol 2019;114:384-413.

  5. Burdett S, Boeve LM, Ingleby FC, Fisher DJ, et al.
    Prostate Radiotherapy for Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer: A STOPCAP Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Eur Urol 2019.


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