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26 September 2016

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Byrd-Leotis L, Galloway SE, Agbogu E, Steinhauer DA, et al.
    Influenza HA stem region mutations that stabilize or destabilize the structure of multiple HA subtypes.
    J Virol 2015.

  1. Marso SP, Bain SC, Consoli A, Eliaschewitz FG, et al.
    Semaglutide and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.
    N Engl J Med 2016.

  2. Bleecker ER, FitzGerald JM, Chanez P, Papi A, et al.
    Efficacy and safety of benralizumab for patients with severe asthma uncontrolled with high-dosage inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting beta2-agonists (SIROCCO): a randomised, multicentre, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial.
    Lancet 2016.

  3. Ghavami Y, Bhatt J, Maducdoc M, Yau A, et al.
    Loudness and acoustic parameters of popular children's toys.
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2015.

  4. Mariette X, Seror R, Quartuccio L, Baron G, et al.
    Efficacy and safety of belimumab in primary Sjogren's syndrome: results of the BELISS open-label phase II study.
    Ann Rheum Dis 2015;74:526-31.

  1. Smolen JS, Breedveld FC, Burmester GR, Bykerk V, et al.
    Treating rheumatoid arthritis to target: 2014 update of the recommendations of an international task force.
    Ann Rheum Dis 2015.

  2. Maury S, Chevret S, Thomas X, Heim D, et al.
    Rituximab in B-Lineage Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
    N Engl J Med 2016;375:1044-53.

  3. Raphael MJ, Biagi JJ, Kong W, Mates M, et al.
    The relationship between time to initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy and survival in breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2016.

  4. Ghiasvand R, Weiderpass E, Green AC, Lund E, et al.
    Sunscreen Use and Subsequent Melanoma Risk: A Population-Based Cohort Study.
    J Clin Oncol 2016.

  5. Milano F, Gooley T, Wood B, Woolfrey A, et al.
    Cord-Blood Transplantation in Patients with Minimal Residual Disease.
    N Engl J Med 2016;375:944-53.

  1. Choi MS, Heo J, Yi CM, Ban J, et al.
    A novel p38 mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) specific inhibitor suppresses respiratory syncytial virus and influenza A virus replication by inhibiting virus-induced p38 MAPK activation.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2016.

  2. Eng LG, Dawood S, Sopik V, Haaland B, et al.
    Ten-year survival in women with primary stage IV breast cancer.
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2016.

  3. Farrar D, Simmonds M, Bryant M, Sheldon TA, et al.
    Hyperglycaemia and risk of adverse perinatal outcomes: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ 2016;354:i4694.

  4. Hamdy FC, Donovan JL, Lane JA, Mason M, et al.
    10-Year Outcomes after Monitoring, Surgery, or Radiotherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer.
    N Engl J Med 2016.

  5. Bolinder J, Antuna R, Geelhoed-Duijvestijn P, Kroger J, et al.
    Novel glucose-sensing technology and hypoglycaemia in type 1 diabetes: a multicentre, non-masked, randomised controlled trial.
    Lancet 2016.

  1. Pramanik S, Muthusamy N, Gera R, Laxminarayan R, et al.
    Vaccination coverage in India in 2011: A small area estimation approach.
    Vaccine 2015.

  2. Azoulay D, Audureau E, Bhangui P, Belghiti J, et al.
    Living or Brain-dead Donor Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Multicenter, Western, Intent-to-treat Cohort Study.
    Ann Surg 2016.

  3. Donovan P, McLeod D, Little R, Gordon L, et al.
    Cost-Utility Analysis Comparing Radioactive Iodine, Antithyroid Drugs and Total Thyroidectomy for Primary Treatment of Graves' Disease.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2016.

  4. Halazun KJ, Najjar M, Abdelmessih RM, Samstein B, et al.
    Recurrence After Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A New MORAL to the Story.
    Ann Surg 2016.

  5. Driessen AH, Berger WR, Krul SP, van den Berg NW, et al.
    Ganglion Plexus Ablation in Advanced Atrial Fibrillation: The AFACT Study.
    J Am Coll Cardiol 2016;68:1155-65.


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