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17 November 2014

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Osinusi A, Kohli A, Marti MM, Nelson A, et al.
    Re-treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1 Infection After Relapse: An Open-Label Pilot Study.
    Ann Intern Med 2014;161:634-8.

  1. Lopez AS, Cardemil C, Pabst LJ, Cullen KA, et al.
    Two-Dose Varicella Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 7 years - Six Sentinel Sites, United States, 2006-2012.
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2014;63:174-7.

  2. Wu C , Zanker D, Valkenburg S, Tan B, et al.
    Systematic identification of immunodominant CD8+ T-cell responses to influenza A virus in HLA-A2 individuals.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011.

  3. Jepsen P, Vilstrup H, Andersen PK.
    The clinical course of cirrhosis: The importance of multi-state models and competing risks analysis.
    Hepatology 2014.

  4. Hodi FS, Lee S, McDermott DF, Rao UN, et al.
    Ipilimumab plus sargramostim vs ipilimumab alone for treatment of metastatic melanoma: a randomized clinical trial.
    JAMA 2014;312:1744-53.

  1. Charlton BM, Rich-Edwards JW, Colditz GA, Missmer SA, et al.
    Oral contraceptive use and mortality after 36 years of follow-up in the Nurses' Health Study: prospective cohort study.
    BMJ 2014;349:g6356.

  2. McAuley DF, Laffey JG, O'Kane CM, Perkins GD, et al.
    Simvastatin in the acute respiratory distress syndrome.
    N Engl J Med 2014;371:1695-703.

  3. Hoelzer D, Walewski J, Dohner H, Viardot A, et al.
    Improved outcome of adult Burkitt lymphoma/leukemia patients with rituximab and intensive chemotherapy: report of a large prospective multicenter trial.
    Blood 2014.

  4. Villar L, Dayan GH, Arredondo-Garcia JL, Rivera DM, et al.
    Efficacy of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in Children in Latin America.
    N Engl J Med 2014.

  5. Maddox TM, Stanislawski MA, Grunwald GK, Bradley SM, et al.
    Nonobstructive coronary artery disease and risk of myocardial infarction.
    JAMA 2014;312:1754-63.

  1. Pappone C, Vicedomini G, Manguso F, Saviano M, et al.
    Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome in the era of catheter ablation: insights from a registry study of 2169 patients.
    Circulation 2014;130:811-9.

  2. Krol E , Wandzik I, Gromadzka B, Nidzworski D, et al.
    Anti-influenza A virus activity of uridine derivatives of 2-deoxy sugars.
    Antiviral Res 2013.

  3. Kalantarian S, Ay H, Gollub RL, Lee H, et al.
    Association Between Atrial Fibrillation and Silent Cerebral Infarctions: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Ann Intern Med 2014;161:650-8.

  4. Griebeler ML, Morey-Vargas OL, Brito JP, Tsapas A, et al.
    Pharmacologic Interventions for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: An Umbrella Systematic Review and Comparative Effectiveness Network Meta-analysis.
    Ann Intern Med 2014;161:639-49.

  5. Katsura H , Iwatsuki-Horimoto K, Fukuyama S, Watanabe S, et al.
    A replication-incompetent virus possessing an uncleavable hemagglutinin as an influenza vaccine.
    Vaccine 2012.

  1. Arora P, Song Y, Dusek J, Plotnikoff G, et al.
    Vitamin D Therapy in Individuals with Pre-Hypertension or Hypertension: The DAYLIGHT Trial.
    Circulation 2014.

  2. Perlmutter JS, Norris SA.
    Neuroimaging biomarkers for Parkinson disease: Facts and fantasy.
    Ann Neurol 2014.

  3. Vanelderen P, Van Zundert J, Kozicz T, Puylaert M, et al.
    Effect of Minocycline on Lumbar Radicular Neuropathic Pain: A Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind Clinical Trial with Amitriptyline as a Comparator.
    Anesthesiology 2014.

  4. Tarantino I, Warschkow R, Worni M, Cerny T, et al.
    Prognostic Relevance of Palliative Primary Tumor Removal in 37,793 Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Population-Based, Propensity Score-Adjusted Trend Analysis.
    Ann Surg 2014.

  5. Pena J, Ibarretxe-Bilbao N, Garcia-Gorostiaga I, Gomez-Beldarrain MA, et al.
    Improving functional disability and cognition in Parkinson disease: Randomized controlled trial.
    Neurology 2014.


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