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08 July 2013

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Hankey GJ .
    Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Acute Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke.
    N Engl J Med 2013.

  1. .
    Cardiovascular Effects of Intensive Lifestyle Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes.
    N Engl J Med 2013.

  2. Wang Y , Wang Y, Zhao X, Liu L, et al.
    Clopidogrel with Aspirin in Acute Minor Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack.
    N Engl J Med 2013.

  3. Broeders M , de Bie RM, Velseboer DC, Speelman JD, et al.
    Evolution of mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson disease.
    Neurology 2013.

  4. Parsons JP , Hallstrand TS, Mastronarde JG, Kaminsky DA, et al.
    An official American Thoracic Society clinical practice guideline: exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2013;187:1016-27.

  1. Jackson K , Barisone GA, Diaz E, Jin LW, et al.
    Amylin deposition in the brain: A second amyloid in Alzheimer's disease?
    Ann Neurol 2013.

  2. Wongso D , Fuchs M, Plutschow A, Klimm B, et al.
    Treatment-Related Mortality in Patients With Advanced-Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Analysis of the German Hodgkin Study Group.
    J Clin Oncol 2013.

  3. Gupta S , Tyagi S, Almeida D, Maiga M, et al.
    Acceleration of Tuberculosis Treatment by Adjunctive Therapy with Verapamil as an Efflux Inhibitor.
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2013.

  4. Benhamou Y , Moussalli J, Ratziu V, Lebray P, et al.
    Telaprevir Activity in Treatment-Naive Genotype 4 Hepatitis C-Infected Patients: A Randomized Trial.
    J Infect Dis 2013.

  5. Baccarani M , Deininger MW, Rosti G, Hochhaus A, et al.
    European LeukemiaNet recommendations for the management of chronic myeloid leukemia: 2013.
    Blood 2013.

  1. Nguyen QN , Levy LB, Lee AK, Choi SS, et al.
    Long-term outcomes for men with high-risk prostate cancer treated definitively with external beam radiotherapy with or without androgen deprivation.
    Cancer 2013.

  2. Redaniel MT , Martin RM, Cawthorn S, Wade J, et al.
    The association of waiting times from diagnosis to surgery with survival in women with localised breast cancer in England.
    Br J Cancer 2013.

  3. Podlesniy P , Figueiro-Silva J, Llado A, Antonell A, et al.
    Low CSF concentration of mitochondrial DNA in preclinical Alzheimer's disease.
    Ann Neurol 2013.

  4. Ranasinghe S , Cutler S, Davis I, Lu R, et al.
    Association of HLA-DRB1-restricted CD4 T cell responses with HIV immune control.
    Nat Med 2013.

  5. Stellbrink HJ , Reynes J, Lazzarin A, Voronin E, et al.
    Dolutegravir in antiretroviral-naive adults with HIV-1: 96-week results from a randomized dose-ranging study.
    AIDS 2013;27:1771-1778.

  1. Stark SL , Roe CM, Grant EA, Hollingsworth H, et al.
    Preclinical Alzheimer disease and risk of falls.
    Neurology 2013.

  2. Bar-Or A , Gold R, Kappos L, Arnold DL, et al.
    Clinical efficacy of BG-12 (dimethyl fumarate) in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: subgroup analyses of the DEFINE study.
    J Neurol 2013.

  3. Tandon R , Gaebel W, Barch DM, Bustillo J, et al.
    Definition and description of schizophrenia in the DSM-5.
    Schizophr Res 2013.

  4. Haider BA , Olofin I, Wang M, Spiegelman D, et al.
    Anaemia, prenatal iron use, and risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    BMJ 2013;346:f3443.

  5. Stemmer SM , Klang SH, Ben-Baruch N, Geffen DB, et al.
    The impact of the 21-gene Recurrence Score assay on clinical decision-making in node-positive (up to 3 positive nodes) estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients.
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2013.


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