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02 July 2012

Multidisciplinary Journal Club

  1. Davalos A , Alvarez-Sabin J, Castillo J, Diez-Tejedor E, et al.
    Citicoline in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke: an international, randomised, multicentre, placebo-controlled study (ICTUS trial).
    Lancet 2012.

  1. Louzada ML , Carrier M, Lazo-Langner A, Dao V, et al.
    Development of a Clinical Prediction Rule for Risk Stratification of Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism in Patients with Cancer: Associated Venous Thromboembolism.
    Circulation 2012.

  2. Gler MT , Skripconoka V, Sanchez-Garavito E, Xiao H, et al.
    Delamanid for multidrug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis.
    N Engl J Med 2012;366:2151-60.

  3. Vanholder R , Davenport A, Hannedouche T, Kooman J, et al.
    Reimbursement of Dialysis: A Comparison of Seven Countries.
    J Am Soc Nephrol 2012.

  4. Chappell LC , Gurung V, Seed PT, Chambers J, et al.
    Ursodeoxycholic acid versus placebo, and early term delivery versus expectant management, in women with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy: semifactorial randomised clinical trial.
    BMJ 2012;344:e3799.

  1. Felker GM , Mentz RJ.
    Diuretics and ultrafiltration in acute decompensated heart failure.
    J Am Coll Cardiol 2012;59:2145-53.

  2. Chlebowski RT , McTiernan A, Wactawski-Wende J, Manson JE, et al.
    Diabetes, Metformin, and Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women.
    J Clin Oncol 2012.

  3. Frederick T , Homans J, Spencer L, Kramer F, et al.
    The Effect of Prenatal Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) on the Transmission of Congenital and Perinatal/Early Postnatal Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Among HIV-Infected and Exposed Infants.
    Clin Infect Dis 2012.

  4. Durante C , Montesano T, Attard M, Torlontano M, et al.
    Long-Term Surveillance of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patients Who Do Not Undergo Postoperative Radioiodine Remnant Ablation: Is There a Role for Serum Thyroglobulin Measurement?
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012.

  5. Schlom J .
    Therapeutic cancer vaccines: current status and moving forward.
    J Natl Cancer Inst 2012;104:599-613.

  1. Aschner P , Chan J, Owens DR, Picard S, et al.
    Insulin glargine versus sitagliptin in insulin-naive patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus uncontrolled on metformin (EASIE): a multicentre, randomised open-label trial.
    Lancet 2012.

  2. Blackwell KL , Burstein HJ, Storniolo AM, Rugo HS, et al.
    Overall Survival Benefit With Lapatinib in Combination With Trastuzumab for Patients With Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: Final Results From the EGF104900 Study.
    J Clin Oncol 2012.

  3. Petrelli F , Borgonovo K, Cabiddu M, Lonati V, et al.
    Mortality, leukemic risk, and cardiovascular toxicity of adjuvant anthracycline and taxane chemotherapy in breast cancer: a meta-analysis.
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2012.

  4. Levine JE , Logan BR, Wu J, Alousi AM, et al.
    Acute graft-versus-host disease biomarkers measured during therapy can predict treatment outcomes: a Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network study.
    Blood 2012.

  5. .
    n-3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Dysglycemia.
    N Engl J Med 2012.

  1. Ouali SE , Barkun AN, Wyse J, Romagnuolo J, et al.
    Is routine second-look endoscopy effective after endoscopic hemostasis in acute peptic ulcer bleeding? A meta-analysis.
    Gastrointest Endosc 2012.

  2. Xu-Monette ZY , Medeiros LJ, Li Y, Orlowski RZ, et al.
    Dysfunction of the TP53 tumor suppressor gene in lymphoid malignancies.
    Blood 2012;119:3668-83.

  3. Deffenbacher KE , Iqbal J, Sanger W, Shen Y, et al.
    Molecular distinctions between pediatric and adult mature B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas identified through genomic profiling.
    Blood 2012;119:3757-66.

  4. Sun JM , Lee KH, Kim SW, Lee DH, et al.
    Gefitinib versus pemetrexed as second-line treatment in patients with nonsmall cell lung cancer previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy (KCSG-LU08-01): An open-label, phase 3 trial.
    Cancer 2012.

  5. Gallwitz B , Guzman J, Dotta F, Guerci B, et al.
    Exenatide twice daily versus glimepiride for prevention of glycaemic deterioration in patients with type 2 diabetes with metformin failure (EUREXA): an open-label, randomised controlled trial.
    Lancet 2012.


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