12 April 2021

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HIV Infection

12 April 2021 | n=43

  1. Kalmin MM, Westreich D, Drummond BM, Sun J, et al.
    Incident obstructive lung disease and mortality among HIV-positive and negative persons with a history of injecting drugs.
    AIDS 2021.

  2. Sandamann L, Stoll M, Behrens GMN.
    Hypophosphatemia in people living with HIV: No benefit when switching from TDF to TAF.
    AIDS 2021.

  3. Sekabira R, Mcgowan I, Yuhas K, Brand RM, et al.
    Higher colorectal tissue HIV infectivity in cisgender women compared with MSM before and during oral preexposure prophylaxis.
    AIDS 2021.

  4. Jenness SM, Knowlton G, Smith DK, Marcus JL, et al.
    A decision analytics model to optimize investment in interventions targeting the HIV PrEP cascade of care.
    AIDS 2021.

  5. Gianotti N, Galli L, Poli A, Torre LD, et al.
    Residual viremia in HIV-infected patients who continue a 2-drug or switch to a 3-drug integrase strand transfer inhibitor-based regimen.
    AIDS 2021.

  6. Sadouni M, Durand M, Boldeanu I, Danielli C, et al.
    Association of Epicardial Fat with Non-Calcified Coronary Plaque Volume and With Low Attenuation Plaque in People Living with HIV.
    AIDS 2021.

  7. Kariuki SM, Selhorst P, Abrahams MR, Rebe K, et al.
    Neutralization sensitivity of genital tract HIV-1: shift in selective milieu shapes the population available to transmit.
    AIDS 2021.

  8. Bastard JP, Pelloux V, Alili R, Fellahi S, et al.
    Altered subcutaneous adipose tissue parameters after switching ART-controlled HIV+ patients to raltegravir/maraviroc.
    AIDS 2021.

  9. Apornpong T, Grinsztejn B, Hughes M, Ritz J, et al.
    Antiretroviral Hair Levels, Self-Reported Adherence and Virologic Failure in Second-Line Regimen Patients in Resource-Limited Settings.
    AIDS 2021.

  10. Macbrayne CE, Rutstein RM, Wiznia AA, Graham B, et al.
    Etravirine in treatment-experienced HIV-1 infected children 1-<6 years of age.
    AIDS 2021.

  11. Kumwenda T, Buleya S, Matanje B, Heller T, et al.
    Cardiovascular risk assessment for primary prevention in Malawian HIV patients on ART: are measurements of glycated hemoglobin and lipids worth the effort?
    AIDS 2021;35:997-999.

  12. Laparra A, Lerolle N, Gerin M, Cheret A, et al.
    Tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors for extended or severe neurological immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV-infected patients.
    AIDS 2021;35:995-997.

  13. Taramasso L, Stapleton JT, Siedner MJ.
    Weight gain and aging in people with HIV.
    AIDS 2021;35:987-989.

  14. Chakraborty R.
    Maternal HIV infection and antiretroviral exposure during pregnancy in fetuses and newborns: when solving one problem opens up a Pandora's box of new conundrums.
    AIDS 2021;35:985-986.

  15. Anderson K, Kalk E, Madlala HP, Nyemba DC, et al.
    Preterm birth and severe morbidity in hospitalized neonates who are HIV exposed and uninfected compared with HIV unexposed.
    AIDS 2021;35:921-931.

  16. Shade SB, Osmand T, Kwarisiima D, Brown LB, et al.
    Costs of integrating hypertension care into HIV care in rural East African clinics.
    AIDS 2021;35:911-919.

  17. Leal VNC, Reis EC, Fernandes FP, Soares JLDS, et al.
    Common pathogen-associated molecular patterns induce the hyper-activation of NLRP3 inflammasome in circulating B lymphocytes of HIV-infected individuals.
    AIDS 2021;35:899-910.

  18. Franco S, Buccione D, Tural C, Martinez MA, et al.
    Circulating microRNA signatures that predict liver fibrosis progression in patients with HIV-1/HCV co-infections.
    AIDS 2021.

  19. Berglov A, Moseholm E, Katzenstein TL, Johansen IS, et al.
    Prevalence and association with birth outcomes of low Vitamin D levels among pregnant women living with HIV.
    AIDS 2021.

  20. Morgello S, Cortes EP, Gensler G, Meloni G, et al.
    HIV disease duration, but not active brain infection, predicts cortical amyloid beta deposition.
    AIDS 2021.

  21. Rava M, Bisbal O, Dominguez-Dominguez L, Aleman MR, et al.
    Late presentation for HIV impairs immunological but not virological response to antiretroviral treatment.
    AIDS 2021.

  22. Maxi JK, Foret BL, Amedee A, Mcdaniel LS, et al.
    ART administration reduces neuroinflammation without restoring BDNF signaling in alcohol-administered SIV-infected macaques.
    AIDS 2021.

  23. Kojima N, Klausner JD.
    Preexposure prophylaxis is effective on a national level, but is it enough.
    AIDS 2021;35:691-692.

  24. Wang Y, Lin X, Wen Y.
    Organizing pneumonia-presenting acute respiratory distress syndrome because of paradoxical tuberculosis-immune reconstitution disease?
    AIDS 2021;35:351-354.

  25. Sherman KE, Kottilil S, Rouster SD, Abdel-Hameed EA, et al.
    Hepatitis E Infection in a Longitudinal Cohort of HCV and HCV/HIV Coinfected Persons.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2021.

  26. Brown TR.
    The London Patient.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2020;36:251-252.

  27. Guimaraes MDC.
    Caution on the Interpretation of Respondent-Driven Sampling Results.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2020;36:253.

  28. Sirajee R, Conroy AL, Namasopo S, Opoka RO, et al.
    Growth Faltering and Developmental Delay in HIV-Exposed Uninfected Ugandan Infants: A Prospective Cohort Study.
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2021;87:730-740.

  29. Lefebvre M, Walencik A, Allavena C, Billaud E, et al.
    Rate of DRESS Syndrome With Raltegravir and Role of the HLA-B*53: 01 Allele.
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2020;85:e77-e80.

  30. Eisinger RW, Lerner AM, Fauci AS.
    HIV/AIDS in the Era of COVID-19: A Juxtaposition of Two Pandemics.
    J Infect Dis 2021.

  31. Raffenberg M, Engel T, Schoepf IC, Kootstra NA, et al.
    Impact of Delaying Antiretroviral Treatment during Primary HIV Infection on Telomere Length.
    J Infect Dis 2021.

  32. Kenyon C.
    Dual azithromycin/ceftriaxone therapy for gonorrhoea in PrEP cohorts results in levels of macrolide consumption that exceed resistance thresholds by up to 7-fold.
    J Infect Dis 2021.

  33. Jansen K, Selb R, Banhart S, Buder S, et al.
    Reponse to Kenyon.
    J Infect Dis 2021.

  34. Patel UK, Malik P, Li Y, Habib A, et al.
    Stroke and HIV-Associated Neurological Complications: A Retrospective Nationwide Study.
    J Med Virol 2021.

  35. Bulfoni M, Pravisani R, Dalla E, Cesselli D, et al.
    miRNA expression profiles in liver grafts of HCV and HIV/HCV infected recipients, six months after liver transplantation.
    J Med Virol 2021.

  36. Liu Q, Zhang P, Miao H, Lin Y, et al.
    Rational engraftment of quaternary-interactive acidic loops for anti-HIV-1 antibody improvement.
    J Virol 2021.

  37. Gao W, Li G, Zhao S, Wang H, et al.
    Deubiquitinating enzyme USP21 inhibits HIV-1 replication by downregulating Tat expression.
    J Virol 2021.

  38. Alto A, Natesampillai S, Chandrasekar AP, Krogman A, et al.
    The combination of venetoclax and ixazomib selectively and efficiently kills HIV infected cell lines, but has unacceptable toxicity in primary cell models.
    J Virol 2021.

  39. Van de Perre P, Goga A, Ngandu N, Nagot N, et al.
    Eliminating postnatal HIV transmission in high incidence areas: need for complementary biomedical interventions.
    Lancet 2021;397:1316-1324.

  40. Lockman S, Brummel SS, Ziemba L, Stranix-Chibanda L, et al.
    Efficacy and safety of dolutegravir with emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide fumarate or tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, and efavirenz, emtricitabine, and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate HIV antiretroviral therapy regimens started in pregnancy (IMPAA
    Lancet 2021;397:1276-1292.

  41. Gilleece Y, Krankowska D.
    ART in pregnant women living with HIV.
    Lancet 2021;397:1240-1241.

  42. Katz IT, Weintraub R, Bekker LG, Brandt AM, et al.
    From Vaccine Nationalism to Vaccine Equity - Finding a Path Forward.
    N Engl J Med 2021;384:1281-1283.

  43. Paes BA, Saleem M, Li A, Lanctot KL, et al.
    Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prophylaxis in Immunocompromised Children: Outcomes From the Canadian RSV Evaluation Study of Palivizumab Registry Over Twelve Seasons (2005-2017).
    Pediatr Infect Dis J 2020;39:539-545.

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  1. Rosebraugh M, Voight EA, Moussa EM, Jameel F, et al.
    Foslevodopa/foscarbidopa: a new subcutaneous treatment for Parkinson's disease.
    Ann Neurol. 2021 Mar 26. doi: 10.1002/ana.26073.

  2. Ashina M, Terwindt GM, Al-Karagholi MA, de Boer I, et al.
    Migraine: disease characterisation, biomarkers, and precision medicine.
    Lancet. 2021 Mar 25. pii: S0140-6736(20)32162.

  3. Baliashvili D, Gandhi NR, Kim S, Hughes M, et al.
    Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among household contacts: a multinational study.
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