20 May 2024

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HIV Infection

20 May 2024 | n=29

  1. Weiser SD, Sheira LA, Weke E, Zakaras JM, et al.
    An agricultural livelihood intervention is associated with reduced HIV stigma among people living with HIV.
    AIDS 2024.

  2. Matthews LT, Jaggernath M, Kriel Y, Smith PM, et al.
    Oral PrEP uptake, adherence, and persistence during periconception periods among women in South Africa: an intervention study.
    AIDS 2024.

  3. Kelly NK, Ranapurwala SI, Pence BW, Hightow-Weidman LB, et al.
    The relationship between anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and HIV prevention among sexual and gender minoritized youth.
    AIDS 2024.

  4. Xia Q, Edelstein ZR, Katz B, Bertolino D, et al.
    Impact of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis prescriptions on HIV diagnoses in New York city.
    AIDS 2024.

  5. Trickey A, Zhang L, Rentsch CT, Pantazis N, et al.
    Care interruptions and mortality among adults in Europe and North America: a collaborative analysis of cohort studies.
    AIDS 2024.

  6. Tagliaferri Rael C, Giguere R, Bryndza Tfaily E, Sutton S, et al.
    The Global Impact of Diversifying PrEP Options: Results of an International Discrete Choice Experiment of Existing and Potential PrEP Strategies with Gay and Bisexual Men (GBM) and Physicians.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2024.

  7. Mishra T, Phillips S, Maldonado C, Stapleton J, et al.
    Antiretroviral therapy suppresses RNA N6-methyladenosine modification in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from HIV-1-infected individuals.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2024.

  8. Guo L, Fu Y, Xie X, Yan W, et al.
    Comparative on the Efficacy and Safety of ANV-Based Versus EFV-Based ART in the Management of Persons Living with HIV: A Real-World Study in Guizhou, China.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2024.

  9. Woolley G, Kroll K, Hoffman K, Ward A, et al.
    The Climate Change Burden on Immune Health: Are Persons Living With HIV More at Risk?
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2024.

  10. Konu YR, Takassi E, Peytavin G, Dapam N, et al.
    Pharmaco-virological outcomes and genotypic resistance profiles among children and adolescents receiving a DTG-based regimen in Togo.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  11. Burke RM, Nyirenda SK, Mtenga T, Twabi HH, et al.
    Enhanced tuberculosis diagnosis with computer-aided chest X-ray and urine LAM in adults with HIV admitted to hospital (CASTLE study): A cluster randomised trial.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  12. Carlucci JG, Huntington T, Technau KG, Yotebieng M, et al.
    High Prevalence of Unconfirmed Positive HIV PCR Test Results among African Infants with HIV Exposure in the International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Consortium.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  13. Shah NS, Kityo C, Hughes MD, McCarthy C, et al.
    Effectiveness of double-dose dolutegravir in people receiving rifampin-based tuberculosis treatment: an observational, cohort study of people with HIV from six countries.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024.

  14. Unigwe I, Goodin A, Lo-Ciganic WH, Cook RL, et al.
    Trajectories of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Adherence Among Commercially Insured Individuals.
    Clin Infect Dis 2024;78:1272-1275.

  15. Herbert C, Manabe YC, Filippaios A, Lin H, et al.
    Differential Viral Dynamics by Sex and Body Mass Index During Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Results from a Longitudinal Cohort Study.
    Clin Infect Dis 2023.

  16. McKenna M.
    Produce Prescriptions Sound Good, but Data to Support Them Are Lacking-That Could Soon Change.
    JAMA 2024;331:1433-1436.

  17. Gardner LS, Vaughan L, Avery DT, Meyts I, et al.
    Development of EBV Related Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma in Deficiency of Adenosine Deaminase 2 with Uncontrolled EBV Infection.
    J Clin Immunol 2024;44:118.

  18. McCluskey SM, Muyindike WR, Nanfuka V, Omoding D, et al.
    Population Effectiveness of Dolutegravir Implementation in Uganda - A Prospective Observational Cohort Study (DISCO): 48-week Results.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  19. Smith CL, Didion E, Aung H, Tamilselvan B, et al.
    Longitudinal analysis of nursing home residents' T cell responses after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations shows influence of biological sex and SARS-CoV-2 infection history.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  20. Masia M, Garcia JA, Garcia-Abellan J, Padilla S, et al.
    Distinct gut microbiota signatures associated with progression of atherosclerosis in people living with HIV.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  21. Motsoeneng BM, Dhar N, Nunes MC, Krammer F, et al.
    Hemagglutinin stalk-specific Fc-mediated functions are associated with protection against influenza-illness after seasonal influenza vaccination in pregnant women.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  22. Serrano-Villar S, Martinez E.
    The Gut Microbiome: Another Piece in the Puzzle of HIV-Associated Atherosclerosis.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  23. Pathela P, Townsend MB, Kopping EJ, Tang J, et al.
    Serological Evidence of Mpox Virus Infection During Peak Mpox Transmission in New York City, July to August 2022.
    J Infect Dis 2024.

  24. Hwang JH, Hwang JH.
    Is a 2-week regimen of tecovirimat sufficient for the treatment of Mpox (monkeypox) in advanced HIV patients with a low CD4 cell count?
    J Med Virol 2024;96:e29617.

  25. Kenneally AM, Bates BN.
    Accidental Raltegravir Overdose in a Neonate: Case Report and Review of Literature.
    Pediatr Infect Dis J 2024.

  26. Sanders RW, Moore JP.
    Progress on priming HIV-1 immunity.
    Science 2024;384:738-739.

  27. Xie Z, Lin YC, Steichen JM, Ozorowski G, et al.
    mRNA-LNP HIV-1 trimer boosters elicit precursors to broad neutralizing antibodies.
    Science 2024;384:eadk0582.

  28. Steichen JM, Phung I, Salcedo E, Ozorowski G, et al.
    Vaccine priming of rare HIV broadly neutralizing antibody precursors in nonhuman primates.
    Science 2024;384:eadj8321.

  29. Falcaro M, Soldan K, Ndlela B, Sasieni P, et al.
    Effect of the HPV vaccination programme on incidence of cervical cancer and grade 3 cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by socioeconomic deprivation in England: population based observational study.
    BMJ 2024;385:e077341.

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  1. Geraghty LE, Dunne EA, Ni Chathasaigh CM, Vellinga A, et al.
    Video versus Direct Laryngoscopy for Urgent Intubation of Newborn Infants.
    N Engl J Med. 2024 May 5. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa2402785.

  2. Kuriyama K, Murakami K, Masuda T, Sugiura K, et al.
    Immunogenicity and safety of a single booster dose of NVX-CoV2373 (TAK-019) in healthy Japanese adults who had previously received a primary series of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine: Primary analysis report of a phase 3 open-label trial.
    Vaccine. 2023 May 8:S0264-410X(23)00519-4. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2023.

  3. Costalat V, Jovin TG, Albucher JF, Cognard C, et al.
    Trial of Thrombectomy for Stroke with a Large Infarct of Unrestricted Size.
    N Engl J Med. 2024;390:1677-1689.

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