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Chronic Renal Failure

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Semin Nephrol
    May 2018
  1. JEGATHEESAN D, Cho Y, Johnson DW
    Clinical Studies of Interventions to Mitigate Cardiovascular Risk in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients.
    Semin Nephrol. 2018;38:277-290.
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  2. HENAUT L, Chillon JM, Kamel S, Massy ZA, et al
    Updates on the Mechanisms and the Care of Cardiovascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2018;38:233-250.
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    March 2018
  3. LI DY, Tang WHW
    Contributory Role of Gut Microbiota and Their Metabolites Toward Cardiovascular Complications in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2018;38:193-205.
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    November 2017
  4. ESTRELLA MM, Parekh RS
    The Expanding Role of APOL1 Risk in Chronic Kidney Disease and Cardiovascular Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:520-529.
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    July 2017
    Menopause and Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:404-411.
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    Pregnancy in Renal Transplant Recipients and Donors.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:370-377.
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    Chronic Kidney Disease and Pregnancy.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:337-346.
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  8. AHMED SB, Vitek WS, Holley JL
    Fertility, Contraception, and Novel Reproductive Technologies in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:327-336.
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  9. DIAZ-GONZALEZ DE FERRIS ME, Alvarez-Elias AC, Ferris MT, Medeiros M, et al
    Female Adolescents with Chronic or End-Stage Kidney Disease and Strategies for their Care.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:320-326.
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    May 2017
  10. CHUENGSAMAN P, Kasemsup V
    PD First Policy: Thailand's Response to the Challenge of Meeting the Needs of Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:287-295.
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  11. LUYCKX VA, Miljeteig I, Ejigu AM, Moosa MR, et al
    Ethical Challenges in the Provision of Dialysis in Resource-Constrained Environments.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:273-286.
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  12. CARRERO JJ, Hecking M, Ulasi I, Sola L, et al
    Chronic Kidney Disease, Gender, and Access to Care: A Global Perspective.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:296-308.
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  13. DAVIDS MR, Caskey FJ, Young T, Balbir Singh GK, et al
    Strengthening Renal Registries and ESRD Research in Africa.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:211-223.
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    March 2017
  14. RIVARA MB, Mehrotra R
    Timing of Dialysis Initiation: What Has Changed Since IDEAL?
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:181-193.
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  15. MOIST LM, Lok CE
    Incident Dialysis Access in Patients With End-Stage Kidney Disease: What Needs to Be Improved.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:151-158.
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  16. BANSAL N
    Evolution of Cardiovascular Disease During the Transition to End-Stage Renal Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:120-131.
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  17. FOLEY RN
    Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Early Mortality After Dialysis Initiation.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:114-119.
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    Optimizing the Transition to End-Stage Renal Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:113.
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  19. WAGNER LA, Fink JC
    Ensuring Patient Safety During the Transition to ESRD.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:194-208.
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    Advance Care Planning for Patients Approaching End-Stage Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:173-180.
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  21. SHESHADRI A, Johansen KL
    Prehabilitation for the Frail Patient Approaching ESRD.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:159-172.
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  22. SUMIDA K, Kovesdy CP
    Disease Trajectories Before ESRD: Implications for Clinical Management.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:132-143.
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    January 2017
  23. CHO Y, Struijk DG
    Peritoneal Dialysis-Related Peritonitis: Atypical and Resistant Organisms.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:66-76.
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  24. LI PK, Ng JK, Mcintyre CW
    Inflammation and Peritoneal Dialysis.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:54-65.
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  25. KIM YL, Biesen WV
    Fluid Overload in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:43-53.
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  26. SZETO CC, Johnson DW
    Low GDP Solution and Glucose-Sparing Strategies for Peritoneal Dialysis.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:30-42.
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  27. CRABTREE JH, Chow KM
    Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:17-29.
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  28. YU X, Mehrotra R, Yang X
    Components of A Successful Peritoneal Dialysis Program.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:10-16.
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  29. ALSTON H, Fan S, Nakayama M
    Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:93-102.
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  30. BAJO MA, Del Peso G, Teitelbaum I
    Peritoneal Membrane Preservation.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:77-92.
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  31. LI PK, Kwong VW
    Current Challenges and Opportunities in PD.
    Semin Nephrol. 2017;37:2-9.
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    November 2016
  32. BREYER MD, Susztak K
    Developing Treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease in the 21st Century.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:436-447.
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    September 2016
  33. ABAD CL, Razonable RR
    alpha Herpes Virus Infections Among Renal Transplant Recipients.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:344-350.
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    July 2016
  34. WANG V, Vilme H, Maciejewski ML, Boulware LE, et al
    The Economic Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:319-30.
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    Established and Emerging Strategies in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:331-42.
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  36. HSU RK, Hsu CY
    The Role of Acute Kidney Injury in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:283-92.
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  37. COLLISTER D, Ferguson T, Komenda P, Tangri N, et al
    The Patterns, Risk Factors, and Prediction of Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Narrative Review.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:273-82.
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  38. PANWAR B, Gutierrez OM
    Disorders of Iron Metabolism and Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:252-61.
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    March 2016
  39. SHAH HH, Hazzan AD, Fishbane S
    Ferric Pyrophosphate Citrate: A Novel Iron Replacement Agent in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:124-9.
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  40. PANDEY R, Daloul R, Coyne DW
    Iron Treatment Strategies in Dialysis-Dependent CKD.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:105-11.
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  41. BLOCK GA
    Ferric Citrate in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:130-5.
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    Balance of Benefit and Risk in Intravenous Iron Treatment in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:119-23.
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    Diagnosis of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:94-8.
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  44. GANZ T, Nemeth E
    Iron Balance and the Role of Hepcidin in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:87-93.
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    Introduction: Iron Management in Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Semin Nephrol. 2016;36:85-6.
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